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Title: Sensible Weight Loss - your Glycemic Index Resource
Author: Mo Mann

How to Lose Weight & Keep it Off Permanently and Learn the Secrets to Weight Loss so you can be Healthier...Without Starving Yourself, Depleting Your Energy or Spending a Fortune!

Here are Some of the Many Benefits You Can Expect to Receive from Eating a Diet High in Low GI Foods...

  • You'll improve your physical appearance and enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror again!
  • You'll change your life and feel better about yourself.
  • You'll delay hunger, reduce constant food cravings and feel fuller for a longer time after a meal and stop eating empty calories
  • You'll reduce your blood cholesterol levels and dramatically reduce your risk of heart disease
  • You'll lose weight and be able to keep it off for good! You will now be able to fit into your smaller size clothes again!
  • You'll improve your mood and well being and be a pleasure to be with. Others will want to be with you and gravitate towards you
  • You'll feel more energetic and be able to get more done at work and home, and enjoy time with your colleagues, friends and family


Here is just some of what you will learn:


  • How to cut through all the weight-loss lies and false information that exists today and instead focus on scientific knowledge tips that are sure to help you
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Category: Diet, Fitness, Weight Loss

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Title: How To Feel Good Naked In 26 Days
Author: Colin F. Watson

I Had Just Had Enough of...

Those So called Weight Loss "Experts" Who's Scams Left Me Still Fat, Frustrated and Down Right Pissed Off... So I Flipped Them "The Bird" Did Some Research And Uncovered A Simple Natural Molecule That Melts Fat And Reveals Muscle In As Little As 26 Days!

"Discover The Secret To How YOU Can Finally Get Redemption From ALL The Weight Loss Scams And Unscrupulous Diet Programs Full Of Empty Promises And Finally See INCREDIBLE Weight Loss Results Using The Same Program That Helped Me Drop 46 Pounds Of Ugly, Unwanted Fat..."

...and why I'm Convinced the Same Could Happen to You Too!

You see, this program is the "holy grail" of fat loss you've been waiting for. In it, you'll discover things like: 

  • Why you live and die not by your workout - but what you do outside of the gym
  • The most effective combination of 'specific' exercises that will help you melt down your problem areas -- FAST
  • The "can't miss" way to drop unwanted pounds from your waist - without spending HUNDREDS on ab gadgets
  • No more mood swings or uncontrollable food cravings!
  • The exact combination of exercises, repetitions, and rest periods you'll need to transform your body with in as little as 60 minutes - PER WEEK
  • Simple - sometimes even
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Category: Body, Fitness, Weight Loss

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Title: Fat Loss For Keeps
Author: Carolyn Hansen

How would you like to discover the secret to burning fat and keeping it off from someone who actually knows what they're talking about?


NO! This is not another Diet Book.


Let me show you how to put an end to dieting, double the calories you burn, and Lose Weight WITHOUT Feeling Hungry!

Here's what you'll discover...

  • It's not all about what you eat. What you drink is important too.
  • Do you like to eat out in restaurants? Go ahead, but read my mini restaurant survival guide first.
  • Think fat-free is a good thing? Think again.
  • Need ready-made meals plans so you don't have to spend time figuring out what to eat? I'll give you plenty.
  • How ancestral genetics impact what we eat today.
  • How to kick-start your natural metabolism and create a fat-burning engine.
  • The secrets to creating an eating plan that matches your lifestyle.
  • Hate to measure portions? Me too. That's why I show you how to "eyeball" portion sizes with uncanny accuracy.
  • Too busy to prepare homemade meals every day? Check out this neat time-saving trick.
  • Think there's no room for the word indulge when it comes to eating right? Ha! Live large and still lose weight.
  • You probably think you should eat a lot of this if you want to consume healthy foods -- but you'd be dead wrong.
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Category: Diet, Weight Loss

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Title: The Cheat Your Way Thin Complete Program
  • Discover How You Can Join The Thousands
  • Dieters Can At Best Dream About
  • Inches From Their Own Hard-to-Lose Problem Areas-
  • "Cheating" System to Effortlessly Strip Away Countless
  • All While Regularly Eating Ice Cream, Devouring Juicy
  • Of Others Who Have Already Used My Proven
  • Burgers, And Indulging In Foods That Most Other

The Science Beyond The Cheat

Another really interesting thing I discovered while sorting through the research is how strongly correlated the body's starvation mechanisms are with carbohydrate intake.

In fact, I've found they're so closely connected that it's possible to make strategic manipulations in both carbohydrate type and amount-even during "diet" time-to further increase metabolism and avoid starvation mode.

This is where Cheat Your Way Thin gives you a double dose of metabolism stimulation and protection.

First, you get the powerful metabolism boosting effects of highly-strategic dietary cheating; then, on top of it, you further preserve metabolism at other times via a few extremely simple tweaks to your daily menu each day-tweaks that give you more options, more variety, and most importantly, more results.

I'll also show you:

  • Why eliminating carbohydrates from your diet is perhaps the biggest mistake you could ever make while attempting to lose fat, and how you can strategically use this the "right" carbs to
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Category: Food, Health, Weight Loss

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Title: The Bulletproof Keto Diet
Author: Peter Kay

When people achieve ketosis, they not only lose weight, but they get a nice burst of energy; they think more clearly and their skin improves. There is a whole long list of tremendous health benefits of this diet.

This ebook will help you adopt the keto dietand recalibrate your metabolism for sustainable weight loss.

You will learn:

the basics of a keto diet

How to switch gradually from your existing diet to a ketogenic diet

How to avoid psychological internal resistance to your lifestyle change

How to lose pounds and keep them gone..

Topics Covered.

How does weight loss normally work ?

The standard american diet and why you can't lose weight

The keto alternative

Keep this mind before you start your keto diet

Keto diet step number 1: Displace,Do Not Replace

Keto diet meal plan strategies that work

Wind down on carbs

Turbocharge your keto lifestyle results with these following tweaks

Take things to the next level with this modification

Loose the weight and reboot your metabolism



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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Diet, Weight Loss

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Title: The Fat Burning Kitchen
Author: Mike Geary & Catherine Ebeling

You may be surprised that many of the foods in your cabinets that you thought were "health foods" are actually making you fatter...

Inside this brand new program, you'll find:

  • whole eggs or egg whites? easy answer
  • A surprising healthy fat in some animal products that actually helps you burn fat and build muscle
  • the real deal on saturated fat and cholesterol, and why they are essential in your diet -- pg.59
  • which protein bars or energy bars are actually candy bars in disguise and which bars are actually good for you
  • the true secret to making calorie-counting obsolete... this is the same principle that will automatically eliminate your cravings and control your appetite permanently (it's the same reason that I personally haven't had a real "craving" in at least 6 years)
  • A type of saturated fat that actually helps to stimulate your metablism
  • why soymilk, tofu, and veggie burgers could be increasing your belly fat
  • Are sports drinks stifling your fat-burning?
  • which fruits and veggies are okay to choose non-organic
  • Is whole milk actually better for you than skim milk? there's more to the story
  • why that skim milk may not be so good for you after all
  • the one time when tilapia and salmon are NOT health foods
  • the "whole grain" deception and why whole grain crackers, breads, and cereals could be packing on
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Category: Men, Weight Loss

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Title: Customized Fat Loss For Men
Author: Kyle Leon

Customized Fat Loss for Men is a weight loss program exclusively for men because it consists of unique nutrition and training strategies designed to work with the male metabolism in order to support healthy weight loss and optimize the release and effectiveness of naturally occurring male hormones.

Rather, with Customized Fat Loss for men you’re provided a complete nutrition and training program along with a custom nutritional software designed to help your body optimize fat loss by systematically allocating calories and macronutrients at specific times based around you as an individual….

Customized Fat Loss for men is designed to provide a healthy, natural and fully customized solution to help men reach their weight loss goals.

Customized Fat Loss for Men is a professional, truly customized nutrition approach to male fat loss. When this system is combined with proper exercise, men can experience quick, natural and safe fat loss while preserving lean muscle mass.

The system is designed to give your body exactly what it needs, when it needs it in order to shed body fat without experiencing muscle loss. You'll also be provided with easy to understand charts and graphs that track your transformation progress in order to make sure you are on the fastest pace possible to your new, leaner physique.

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Category: Diet, Weight Loss

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Title: The 30 Day Paleo Transformation
Author: Robb Wolf

Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Paleo Transformation is a complete guide to your first 30 days on the Paleo diet. Featuring a 30 day meal plan, shopping lists, exercise guide with videos and more, this guide will set you on the road to success.

Paleo eating plus smart exercise and lifestyle adjustments will help you lose fat and get healthy. It’s easy, and this guide will show you how.

A full 4-week meal plan with options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Plus a shopping list broken down day by day to help you along your first 30 days.

Here’s just a quick summary of what you will find inside:

  • Totally transformed: real people, real results. - Totally true stories (with before and after pictures) of people whose lives, bodies, and health have been transformed by the Paleo diet.
  • What is the Paleo diet? - A primer on the Paleo diet. What is it? What foods can you eat and what should you avoid?
  • Why does it work? - Listen to audio files of Robb Wolf talking about why the Paleo diet works – including his thoughts on sleep, stress, neuro-regulation of appetite, and why the Paleo diet turns your body into a lean, mean, fat-burning machine.
  • Real food & real life - What does a week of Paleo eating look like? What considerations should you know about over the next 30 days? And why you should throw out your scale right now.
  • Paleo Nutrition - How to eat. Robb will answer your questions about carbs, protein, fat, and fiber. He’ll tell you how to shop, and an easy formula for cooking meals.
  • Exercise - How to move. Includes an exercise matrix to form endless combinations of smart workouts, as well as video demonstrations of each exercise Robb recommends.
  • 30 Days of Paleo Meals - A 4-week meal plan with options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Plus helpful info on putting it all together: Cleaning out the pantry, what to toss in a pantry cleanout, and how to get ready to shop.
  • Paleo Recipes - A printable PDF with all the recipes from the 30 day meal plan. Includes options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.
  • Troubleshooting & Resources - If you’re not losing weight, we’ll help you figure out why. Plus we've got lots of links to blogs, podcasts, sites, more guides, and other cool stuff like shirts and kitchen gear to help you along your journey.
... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Diet, Weight Loss

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Title: Pro Thinspiration Diet

“Learn How To Shed 12 Pounds Within 14 Days And Keep It Off Forever!”

It doesn't matter how much weight you want to lose… A SLIM, WELL-TONED and ATTRACTIVE body is just a few days away! Read on to find out the secrets that all stunning models keeps about powerful Thinspiration diets!!

  • Are you sick and tired of being overweight and unfit? Sick of all the little comments and remarks about your body and weight?
  • Are you tired of training at the gym without see any results?
  • Are you sick and tired of staying at home watching TV while all the popular girls go out every weekend?
  • Are you one of the many girls who are painfully overweight and has stopped enjoying life because of it?
  • Have you had enough of those mean little remarks and jokes you hear about your weight?
  • Have you resorted to unhealthy methods that involve starving yourself or binge dieting?

If answers are YES then let's sit back for a moment and think...

You might think that this is too good to be true and that is alright.

I am sure you must have been told hundreds of advice on losing weight and have read countless of books on starting a new life with no significant results.

You may already be tired of weight loss programs that have only made things worse.

I know how you feel… I know this because I have experienced this myself and now I am here

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Category: Diet, Weight Loss

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Title: 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan
Author: Shaun Hadsall

Macro-Patterning™ Breakthrough Proves It Works."

Now You Can Feast On LOTS Of Your Favorite Carbs While You Legitimately TARGET Stubborn Belly Fat To Be Your Daily “Go-To” Energy Source And Visually See Your Stomach Get Flatter Day-By-Day And You'll Do It In As Little As 14 Days!

And you can do it in only 14 short days…

  • Without living in a huge calorie deficit and feeling hungry all the time.
  • Without ridiculous, low carb crash dieting
  • Without feeling run down and carb depleted with zero energy.
  • Without counting calories, grams, or points.
  • Without depriving yourself of your favorite carbs and all the foods you love to eat day after day.
  • Without feeling like a “weirdo” because you can’t eat what everybody ELSE eats at social events, parties, and family gatherings every weekend.
  • Without suppressed fat burning hormones that block your body from burning fat.
  • Without a sluggish and slowing metabolism.
  • Without losing strength or lean, calorie burning muscle.
  • Without unhealthy obsessions over food and constantly worrying about what you’re putting in your mouth.

Here’s a taste of what’s inside the 14 day rapid fat-loss guide that will lead you through two weeks of your fastest fat loss ever…

  • The 3 Day Macro-Patterning™ Solution where you use a strategic
... Click here to read the full description!

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