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Category: Travel, Jobs, Aviation

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Title: Flight Attendant Training

In this article, I discuss what to expect while attending initial flight attendant training.

I worked in the airline industry for over 25 years. I worked as an airline flight attendant for over 17 years with America West Airlines, Comair, and Chautauqua Airlines.

Attending initial flight attendant training is challenging, difficult and stressful. However, it is necessary to get through and pass all the required examd to enable you to begin your airline flight attendant career. The airline flight attendant training, is between 4-8 weeks in length. The training is usually held at that airline's main headquarters. As an example, when I went through the initial flight attendant training with Comair, the training was held in a building right next to Comair's headquarters located in Erlanger, KY, very close to the CVG Airport.

My advice to anyone attending initial flight attendant training is, to put everything else on hold. You will need to focus your energy solely on passing the exams, and learning the material. While attending initial flight attendant training with Comair, we started out with 53 people in our class. However, at the conclusion of the 4 1/2 week training, only 27 people actually graduated. It is a very intense, and challenging training course. However, if you can pass all the exams, and get through training successfully, you will look back at this training as a time you will

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Computers, Entertainment, How To

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Title: Under $500 Gaming PC Setup - Step by Step
Author: antonio patrick

We dealt with everyone burning questions, about what the best PC at $499.

We talked throught the part told you our reasoning and sent it to the wilds of the internet.

However we are not done yet, we just dont recommend the part and call it a day.

Pretty excited we are not, we just dont recommend a full PC of a parts and call it a day.

Just like i expecting that its not that easy to choose the best part for $499 PC.

We share our idea to our comrade, and we dont expected how much ideas we got from.

Because i have my own reasoning and so it not just about rehasing.

Its also about building it getting it up and running and playing some games to see this little beast.

Regardless of how it look and im throwing some cables extensions to make it look b-roll.

Because even through is, its even i saying that CPU and GPU were the most critical here with the GPU being most important.

A lot of the parts had quickly gone out of stock now, i've added additionals link in the stock.

But these are volatiles time.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Beauty, Beauty, Body

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Title: Casual Plus
Author: irenebryant

The Casual Plus is about the Plus Size Clothing in which many things are involved like how to dress up yourself in the best way. Even you have plus size body you will look beautiful because you should have confidence in yorself. Its not about the what you are wearing, its about how you carry yourself.

First, when you carry yourself be confident on it.

Second, Always try to wear clothes which suits to your body.

Third, You need to always wear a skinny wear, before you wear any dress.

Fourth,You need to wear jewelry.

Fifth,You always have to carry handbags.

Sixth, Try always wear jackets,it covers all your body fat.

Seventh,Wear knee length or full length dresses, this types of dresses will cover your heavy portion of your body.

Eight, Try to wear pencil heels, falts or platform heels.It gives you curvy figure.

Nineth, If you wear a jeans try to carry it with shrugs,it also cover some fat from hip portion.

Hope this will helps you.

If you want some more details about this you can click here also:

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Science Fiction, Thrillers, Mystery

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Title: Astronomicon: The Beginning
Author: Paul Vincent

Three space craft, 240 colonists, 25 trillion miles and a discovery that will change everything.

This is the first novel in the Astronomicon science fiction series, charting the first human steps into interstellar space. A colonisation mission to Proxima Centauri is in danger of failing when the colonists discover that the extreme distance and harsh conditions are not all that stand between them and survival. What should have been a momentous landing becomes a near catastrophic crash.

A chance discover on their new home planet becomes the strongest evidence yet that mankind is not alone in the cosmos. The Astronomicon could become a source of information vital for mankind's ongoing survival, but only if the authorities can be made to believe its importance.

We also find out about some of the political machinations that are unfolding back on Earth, which threaten to end space exploration permanently. With established colonies on the inner planets and a thriving mining community on the Jovian moons, will everyone want to come home?

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Relationships, Men, Self Help

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Reviewed by Chuck Boney on 2015-11-13
My Rate 5
This is a great e-book,because i have been through some really,i mean really bad relationships,retlationships so bad they made me feel as though everything i said and did was wrong,but it was the woman. i need this book to find that wake up call next time.

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Title: The Social Interaction
Author: Bobby Singh

The social Interaction Is a online website based free guide book. The pupose of me writing this guide book is to help those people who face social awkardness in their life especially when it comes to interacting with woman. But I will not suggest you to  limit this knowledge only interacting with women. as guide explains step by step process how any conversation can be made in natural way with any person you like. If done correctly it would be helpful in business relations too . Guide is focused on how to make connection with the people you just met, using diffrent tools such as body language . with the help of body laguage users will able to undersatnd comfort and discomfort of their conversation partner. it does not only limited to that but also helps you to teach how you can respond to those body signals to make your partner feel more comfortable. usres will also learn how to embrace their confidence by using body language , and special tip to boost confidenec by using body language.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Rating: (5 after 1 votes)
Category: Business, E-Business, E-Marketing

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Title: Free eBook for Starting an Online Newspaper
Author: Mike Fak

Free eBook for starting an online newspaper. Grab a free copy of online newspaper success guide to kick-start your online news business. Download complete guide to start a successful online newspaper.

This eBook will help you choose;

  • right newspaper host
  • choosing a proper online newspaper template
  • business model for a successful online newspaper business
  • revenue generation from online newspaper
  • setting up your organization
  • marketing strategies for your online publications

If you want to start an online newspaper business and need guidance for setting-up successful newspaper publishing business then this is a right guide for you. Read the real story of Mike Fak who started his newspaper business. You will find many helpful tips In this complete guide to start online newspaper.

Now starting an online newspaper has become easier like never before with the help of TechCruiser Newspaper CMS. So take your first step and download this complete guide right now for free at  

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Finance

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Title: Payday Loans Ebook
Author: Solution Loans

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Finance

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Title: Personal Loans Ebook

Did you know a personal loan is unsecured meaning that it does not require the borrower to put up a form of security as a guarantee for the lender. The lender bases a decision on whether the borrower will be able to repay the loan. Personal loans are available from a wide range of lenders, applicants are not restricted to the traditional High Street banks. 

So how do personal loans work, should you apply for a personal loan, what are the downsides? These are all questions that we look into and more from the Payday Loans Ebook. This is a perfect guide for those looking to take out their first personal loan or for someone that may need more information on the subject of personal loans. 

This Ebook also lets you know how much you could get for a personal loan and what the rules are from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and what the pay back scales are and how these work. 

In any money borrowing circumstance make sure you understand the rules and the implications this may have on you and your credit rating. 

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Young Adult, Fiction, Women

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Title: Diary of a Human Target (Book One)
Author: Isidora Vey

Since early childhood, Yvonne has had plenty of reasons to believe she is different from the others:

She often has strange dreams and metaphysical experiences.

She is gifted with high intelligence and a vivid imagination.

She is eminent for her good character, politeness and innocence.

Probably for this reason, the other people often underestimate her and show it to her at the first oppurtunity.

During adolescence, new problems appear:

Gangs of hostile persons seem to be lurking for her everywhere, terrorizing her without any apparent reason.

She is constantly dogged by negative omens, bad luck and odd coincidences.

Every time things seem to be getting better, finally everything goes wry and she ends up worse than before.

She comes to believe that she is a target of evil forces.

Reaching adulthood, her life takes an unhoped turn for the better. Her wildest dreams seem to be on their way to materialization.

But is it really so?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Self Help, Fiction, Spirituality

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Title: Diary of a Human Target (Book Two)
Author: Isidora Vey

Leaving back her traumatic past, Yvonne makes any possible effort to dispose of old obsessions and live a normal life.

She also feels the need to develop her psychic abilities and approach cosmic truths.

She seeks guidance in various sects but she soon questions their beliefs and intentions.

Therefore, she begins to teach herself and develp her spiritual powers.

However, she still feels lonely, insecure and dissatisfied: She has a permanent, yet dead-end job; she has plenty of friends, all of whom are wayward and enigmatic; she suffers extreme noise pollution all around her house; she is still dogged by negative omens, bad luck and odd coincidences; she gradually comes to certain conclusions about the secret construction of the human society.

Although she knows she is still a target, she doesn't hesitate to discuss her ideas and experiences to anybody who seems to be interested - maybe because she can't imagine the consequences..


Also available by Amazon Kindle

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