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Your Complete Guide To Hepatitis C Ebook

Your Complete Guide To Hepatitis C
Category: Health
Ebook cover: Your Complete Guide To Hepatitis C


Title: Your Complete Guide To Hepatitis C
Separating Fact From Fiction

Have you or a loved one been recently diagnosed with Hepatitis C?  If so, you probably already know that it targets the liver.  What you may not know is that more than four million people around the world are victims of Hepatitis C.

There are some serious considerations when you are diagnosed with Hepatitis C but there are also serious misconceptions.  Did you know that it is an infection?  To be accurate it is blood-borne virus, HCV.

Hepatitis C is spread through contact with the blood of someone who is already infected.  in fact, what makes this infectious disease so insidious is that treatment is often overlooked because the patient doe snot experience serious symptoms until well after the acute stage.

Sadly, diagnosis usually does not occur until extensive liver damage has already occurred.  This is why early detection is so vital. The bottom line here is that we all need to be aware of this condition.

"Your Complete Guide to Hepatitis C" gives you the answers to the tough questions - even to the questions you don't know to ask, like some of these:

  • What causes Hepatitis C infection.
  • What is Hepatitis C?
  • What are the first symptoms of HCV infection?
  • What medical complications can Hepatitis C cause?
  • How can people get infected with HCV?
  • Who can get Hepatitis C infection?
  • What are the treatment options for Hepatitis C?
  • Is there any vaccination for Hepatitis C?
  • What are preventive measures for Hepatitis C infection?
  • Can Hepatitis C spread through sexual contact?
  • Can an HCV-infected Mother pass on line?
  • Can an HCV-infected person donate blood?
  • What about tattoos and piercings?
  • How is it spread?

All About Women and Hepatitis C

Do you know all about how Hepatitis C interacts with menstruation, pregnancy and contraception?  There is an entire chapter devoted to just this topic.   

You need answers to these and the multitude of other questions if you are to be armed with the right ammunition when suspecting the blood-borne infection in yourself or a loved one.

Early diagnosis is crucial!  Waiting can be extremely serious and is not recommended.  Each day that you delay causes more and more danger.  Get it done and get it done now!

"Your Complete Guide to Hepatitis C" is no replacement for medical advice and should not be construed as such.  Rather, it is a valuable tool to arm yourself with important information regarding the diagnosis and treatment of this disorder.

Remember, Hepatitis C is not a mental illness.  Yes it is contagious.But good personal hygiene is a tool against the risk!

Again, if you or a loved one suspects they have Hepatitis or are diagnosed with it, you need answers.

"Your Complete Guide to Hepatitis C" is just what you need to become informed.  Order your copy now and have your answers in minutes!

About the Author

Phil Allard, a former journalist, was asked by a close friend to find information about hepatitis C when that person was diagnosed with it.

Phil was surprised by the lack of knowledge and amount of hearsay that was circulating about the condition, its treatment and the prospects of anyone that had the disease.

He was particularly alarmed when he heard the mis-information that many people accepted as fact with regard to supposed risks when mixing with people that had the condition.

He's written this book to pass on what he has found out and hopes that it will help patients, their friends and families and also replace some of the hearsay with up-to-date information.


1. Hepatitis C - An Overview

  • Detection of Hepatitis C

2. What is Hepatitis C?

  • Chronic hepatitis
  • Acute hepatitis

3. What are the Causes of Hepatitis C?

4. How is Hepatitis C Spread?

  • Drug Injections
  • Body Piercing and Tattoos
  • Dental exposure

5. Types of Hepatitis

  • Types of Hepatitis

6. What are the Signs and Symptoms of Hepatitis C?

  • Chronic Stage of Hepatitis C
  • Acute Stage of Hepatitis C

7. Is Hepatitis C a Serious Problem?

8. Risk Factors for Hepatitis C

  • Other Health Risks due to Hepatitis C

9. Who Gets Hepatitis C?

10. Hepatitis C in Children

  • Hepatitis C Education

11. Hepatitis C in Adults

  • Hepatitis C Treatment Options

12. Hepatitis C in Women

  • Menstruation
  • Acquisition of HCV
  • Pregnancy
  • Contraception Methods

13. How is Hepatitis C Diagnosed?

  • Blood Test
  • Diagnosis of Hepatitis C
  • Enzyme Immunoassay Test
  • Recombinant Immunoblot Assay Test
  • HCV RNA Test
  • Genotype Tests
  • Other Tests
  • Liver Biopsies

14. What to Expect During Hepatitis C Tests?

  • Anti-HCV tests
  • Conclusions from Different Hepatitis C Tests
  • HCV RIBA test
  • Viral Genotype tests
  • Viral Load or Quantitative HCV tests
  • Qualitative HCV Assays
  • Blood Diagnostic Tests
  • Liver Biopsy

15. Myths and Facts about Hepatitis C

16. Is Hepatitis C Curable?

17. How is Hepatitis C Treated?

  • Treatment Duration
  • Treatment for Hepatitis C
  • Side Effects
  • Limitations of Combination Therapy
  • Treatment for Severe Liver Disease Patients
  • Necessity for Emergency Help
  • Other Treatment Options for Hepatitis C
  • Success of Combination Therapy Treatment

18. Prognosis of Hepatitis C

19. Management of Hepatitis C

  • Possible Causes of Hepatitis C Infection
  • Start of Hepatitis C Infection
  • Treating and Managing Hepatitis C Infection Conditions
  • Hepatitis C Infection Awareness

20. Alternative Treatments for Hepatitis C

21. Will Hepatitis C Herbal Remedies Work for You?

22. How do I Prevent Hepatitis C?

23. Handling Your Emotions after Hepatitis C Diagnosis

24. Coping with Hepatitis C Related Stress

25. Simple Cures and Lifestyle Changes

  1. Your Food Will Decide Your Health
  2. Your Immune System
  3. Your Stress Management
  4. Time is on Your Side
  5. Take Care of Your Liver
  6. Your Thoughts Will Make You
  7. Information Helps Healing
  8. Hand in Hand with Body and Mind
  9. Support Helps
  10. Do Not Wait for a Magic Bullet

26. Your Diet for Hepatitis C

27. Nutrition and Exercise

  • Exercise and Hepatitis C
  • Nutritious Food and Hepatitis C

28. Hepatitis C - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What causes hepatitis C infection?
  • What is hepatitis C?
  • What are the first symptoms of HCV infection?
  • What are the main symptoms of hepatitis C?
  • How can people get infected with HCV?
  • What medical complications can Hepatitis C cause?
  • Is there any vaccination for Hepatitis C?
  • Who can get hepatitis C infection?
  • What are the treatment options for hepatitis C?
  • Can an HCV-infected mother pass on virus at childbirth?
  • What are preventive measures for hepatitis C infection?
  • Can hepatitis C spread through sexual contact?
  • Can an HCV-infected person donate blood?


Ebook cover: Your Complete Guide To Hepatitis C
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