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The eBook Success Blueprint Ebook

The eBook Success Blueprint
Category: E-Business
Ebook cover: The eBook Success Blueprint


Title: The eBook Success Blueprint
"Discover Exactly How You Can Quickly and Easily Create and Sell Your Own eBooks Online and Get Rich in the Process!"

Dear Friend

"It made me absolutely sick........."

I purchased ebook after ebook, trying to find just one that contained all the information you need to create and sell your own ebooks online.

Each one just left me feeling more unsure of what to do and to be perfectly honest, left me more confused about how and where to begin. I just could'nt find a complete guide.

Does this sound familiar?

In the end, I got so fed up with all the fluff, filler and poor quality of these ebooks, I decided to put an end to it and create my own ebook that shows you exactly what you need to know, in great detail without all the fluff and filler.

It made me so mad and I was damn sure that there must be lots of other people feeling the same way. So, just for you......


"The eBook Success Blueprint"

The ONLY eBook you'll ever need on this subject

In this book, I leave nothing out. You'll discover all the latest killer information you'll need, from developing, to creating, to marketing your own ebooks online.

Who is this ebook suitable for?

"The eBook Success Blueprint" is suitable for......

  • Anyone with or without any writing experience
  • Internet newcomers or seasoned internet marketers
  • People of all ages
  • People who deserve more than what they have at the moment but until now have'nt found the answer to what they were looking for
  • Anyone looking to make extra money online

In short, this book is for you.

Here's a brief summary of what is included in "The eBook Success Blueprint"....

  • How to get someone else to write the ebook for you, for free!
  • The hidden resources, you can use for free to choose your ebook topic
  • How to create your ebook. (Choose the wrong option and you'll be losing sales immediately)
  • How to create your website without learning HTML
  • How to create a killer sales letter. (We'll show you exactly how, with copywriting tips from the experts)
  • You'll discover all the no cost and low cost ways to market your ebook. (Forget FFA pages, safelists and classified ads, we'll show you how to really make money)
  • How to test and track all your marketing efforts with 100% deadly accuracy. So you can guarantee you'll make money with everything you do!
  • How to take your ebook to the next level of success. (Most people fail without this knowledge)

and lots more..........

What are thousands of people searching for?

There are thousands of new people coming online every single day.

All searching for one thing - INFORMATION.

With "The eBook Success Blueprint" I'll show you exactly how to find what these people are searching for and then how to create an ebook and sell it to them. It really is that simple.

I'll go one step further.....

I'll show you how to set it all up so that it runs completely hands free!

Imagine waking up each morning to find that you've made money whilst you were sleeping!

Here's more of what you'll discover:

  • The "Quick and easy layout formula" you will use for your ebooks, that makes it ultra simple to write a huge amount, without even realising it! (You'll never have to worry about not having enough to write about again)
  • A hidden resource that will send you the top searched for words and phrases from the search engines, direct to your inbox every single week, absolutely free! With this information, you'll easily create an ebook that will be in high demand.
  • How to create PDF ebooks that can be used on any computers (ie PC and MAC compatible) without buying Adobe Acrobat Writer. You'll discover the "7 Quick and Easy Headline Formulas - Your Instant Reference Guide To Creating Dynamic, Attention-Getting Headlines."
  • How to create a professional, formatted web page to sell your ebook, without learning HTML. (This is so easy, even a child could do it!)
  • How to write killer ad copy just like the professionals. Learn this and you'll have people falling over themselves to give you their credit card details!
  • How you can easily accept credit card payments. (Takes less than 5 minutes to set up and you have no monthly or annual fees)
  • The quick and easy FTP guide. Discover how to easily transfer your files to and from your server, with full simple instructions and even pictures!
  • How to avoid the one fatal error many people make, when choosing their hosting package. (If you don't avoid this error, your site will be shut down)

I have literally, packaged all the information I learned from the many ebooks I purchased and included only the good stuff from each one to make "The eBook Success Blueprint".

I have done this to save you making the same mistakes that I made. You'll not have to search through hundreds of dollars worth of ebooks to actually find all the information you need.

Here's more of what is included:

  • How to price your ebook for maximum profit.
  • How to choose the perfect domain name.
  • The "Irresistable Joint Venture Formula." This lets you fly under the radar of large ezine owners and have them more than willing to announce your ebook to their list.
  • How to optimize your website for a high search engine position. (Make sure you don't lose out on all that free traffic)
  • The hidden resource that you can use to advertise to lists of 100,000+ for just $20. (This has nothing to do with safelists, FFA pages, free classified ads or spam. This actually works!)

Learn from my mistakes.....

Never buy an ebook on the subject of how to create and sell your own ebooks UNLESS it answers the following questions:

  • How do I make my ebook a success, when so many others are failures?
  • How do I find a target market, that is actively searching for my product,even before I have created it?
  • I don't know how to write books, can I still be successful?
  • How do I generate "targeted traffic" to my website?
  • How do I convince other people to announce my ebook to their lists?
  • How can I create my website without learning complicated HTML?
  • How can I start my own affiliate program for free and get hundreds or even thousands of people selling my ebooks for me?
  • How can I accept credit card payments without a merchant account?
  • How can I guarantee my ebook can be viewed on all computers?
  • How is it possible to create and sell my ebook, even though I have'nt written it myself? (HINT: This has nothing to do with ghostwriters)
  • (i.e PC and MAC compatible)

My ebook answers all these questions and much, much more.......

Not only will I show you how to create and sell your own ebooks, I'll show you how the REAL money is made online by using advanced techniques.

Here's even more of what's included:

  • "The Money Is In The List."
  • How to create your own ezine and build a list of potentially thousands of people, who you can market to over and over again. It really is true -
  • How to use autoresponders effectively. These are one of the easiest and best tools you can use to make huge profits.
  • The "Big Mistake" many people make with their online businesses. This mistake is the key between success and failure. If you avoid this mistake, you'll make tons more money and make it a lot faster!
  • How to start your own affiliate program and get hundreds or even thousands of people selling your ebooks for you. Imagine having your own huge sales team that you only ever pay when they make a sale. You simply cannot lose. I'll do even better than that, I'll show you how you can set up your own affiliate program, for free! In no time at all, you'll have people selling your ebooks for you. All you will be doing is counting the money that will be coming in!

In short, what you are getting with "The eBook Success Blueprint" is all the essential information I have learned from over a dozen other ebooks on the same subject.

I desperately want to save you money and stop you having to buy lots of incomplete, fluff filled ebooks, just to get all the information you need.

That is why I created this ebook.

You'll discover everything you need to know about developing, creating and marketing your own ebooks and get rich in the process!

The HUGE 58 page ebook giving you step by step detailed information.

A combination of information from over a dozen other ebooks on the same subject. It is packed with everything you need to know about creating and selling your own ebooks online.

Ebook cover: The eBook Success Blueprint
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P.S. - Don't forget, take advantage of the special marketing test I am running at present. The price could go up at any time. It may have changed the next time you visit this website.

P.S. - Don't forget, take advantage of the special marketing test I am running at present. The price could go up at any time. It may have changed the next time you visit this website.

Price: $14.95
Ebook Type: PDF
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