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The Six Figure Explosion Ebook

The Six Figure Explosion
Category: E-Business
Ebook cover: The Six Figure Explosion


Title: The Six Figure Explosion

How I Discovered A SECRET FORMULA To Online Money-Making That Let Me
Quit My Job FAST ...

... And How YOU Can Use This Proven Formula To Make Boat Loads Of Your OWN Cash So That You Can Fire Your Boss, Achieve Financial Freedom, And Live Life On Your OWN Terms... Once And For All!

WARNING! Much Of This Information Is Hard-Hitting And Only For Serious Marketers Looking To Powerfully Generate Six Figures Online!

Dear Money Maker,

Do you get angry with all the empty promises online that seemingly always under-deliver?

Do you get that festering feeling of disgust every time you go buy some product or take some advice... just to find out the person has no idea what he's talking about?

I admit it. I had experienced all of the same frustrations trying to make money online that literally had me pulling out my hair... wondering if success online was ever really possible.

I eventually cracked the code to online success. In just a minute, I'll share with you some of what I did to make a multiple six-figure income in almost no time.

... But first

Before I share the methods, I wanted to share with you something that is even more important than the methods to striking it rich online... and that is mind set.

See, before I was successful onlnine I bounced around. You know, wasting too much time on forums, reading countless eBooks, and keeping up on the latest Guru gossip.

Then I would get those annoying questions from friends asking, 'So how's the 'online thing' going?"

These questions always seemed to come in a half sarcastic tone that would just make my blood boil inside. But I would keep cool in front of them and play it off with something like, "Oh, it's unbelievable." Or other phrases that would allow me to answer the humiliating questions, while being honest and pretending like it didn't bother me.

Sound familiar?

I would sometimes experience depression as I felt like a caged beast at my cubicle from
9-to-5... almost like I was an adult that needed babysitting to make sure I was getting my work done.

Deep down I knew that I could achieve my dreams of six-figures online... if I could just find the "missing link."

... That's when it happened.

I Discovered The Explosive Success Factor Of Virtually All Rich People!

And that is the "You Factor"...

That's right. Now, I had heard this before but for some reason it really hit the core of me as I was sitting there in my cubicle, feeling anger and disgust at where my job was taking me... like I didn't have control over my independence anymore.

That's when I got serious.

I scratched everything I had worked on before and decided that I was going to make it happen... I looked in at my business online and who was running it and I decided that I needed to make a drastic change.

So I Fired Myself!

Yep, then I hired myself right back on one condition: I was going to get the job done... no matter what!

Once I realized that so much of this depended on me, it totally changed my mind set... it was like taking the pressure of 150 lbs off my back.

I quickly realized that my success was depending upon 2 things:

... Mind Set

... Methods

So I became a student of so many things online. I devoured info products, read tons of self-help books, put in countless hours and I figured out something real fast.

FACT: A Lot Of "Stuff" Out There Is Total B.S.

Because I was determined to be successful quickly and with long-term results, I instantly developed powerful "B.S. Detectors." So many things out there are not actionable. They are theory that ends up wasting your time searching for the Holy Grail to personal independence.

... And some of it is just down right "hocus pocus."

So I developed this rule: If I couldn't apply a certain mind set strategy in my life right away, I ditched it.

I "canned" the non-sense and learned exactly what to pay attention to and use.

The mind set strategies I could apply became like gold and amplified my success with a sonic boom effect.

Then I Discovered The 6-Figure "EXPLOSION!"

I went to work reviewing all sorts of information, spending countless hours testing and tweaking.

I found the "who, what, where, when and why" of making money online. Much of what it takes to be successful online with marketing is based on basic marketing fundamentals... just with its own "twist."

Then I mixed all this together with the mind set strategies and BAM!

... An Explosion Occurred!

Using this tremendously powerful formula of specific and actionable mind set strategies and profit-producing methods... I created a success mixture that created the synergy necessary to explode my bank account and let me quit my job quickly.

Just imagine taking your current income level at your job, replacing it online and then injecting profit-producing steroids into it that causes an explosion... the type that can make you rich, happy and personally independent.

I discovered what works and what doesn't work. Countless hours where invested in that 5 month period of time.

... And when it was all over, I discovered:

The Shocking Truth: It's Not That Hard For YOU To Make 6 Figures Online!

I know, I know... it sounds like hype.

But I found 3 key ingredients for someone like you, looking to make six-figures from home, in your pajamas:

... Follow a proven formula

... Build some rock-solid "B.S. Filters"

... Know how to identify and avoid the major pitfalls

That makes sense, doesn't it?

Next, I Took My Golden Formula To The "Printing Press" For YOU!

So after my success I was able to move to my dream location and spend my time as I pleased. Friends would become jealous that we could no longer share the traffic horror stories that they were still experiencing.

... Heck, even my dog wishes I'd leave home to work more often so he can have something to get excited about when I come back!

But in all seriousness, people wanted to know how I had achieved such significant success in so little time.

So I sat down and mapped out what I share with my coaching clients (some of whom pay over $1,000 per month to have me school them about internet marketing).

I made it simple and real to the point... so anyone can understand and apply what I teach.

Announcing: The No Fluff Six Figure Explosion Formula!

In this tremendous resource, I start out by taking all of the mind set principles and showing you how to use them.

None of these are going to help you unless you can put them into action... so I show you exactly how to do that! Plus, I've weeded through all the crap out there to reveal to you exactly what I personally use on a daily basis... that's proven.

You literally get a "Rich Person's Brain Transfusion."

... But what I don't do is just turn on a fire hose of information, flooding your brain with more than it can handle. Nope, just the real nuts 'n bolts of what works... building a strong foundation of what basically all rich people have in common.

After all, that's what you really want to know, isn't it?

Look, here are just 3 examples of the powerful traits I'm going to reveal to you:

  • ... My 7 Golden Success Laws
  • ...The specific reason why most people fail online... and what to do about it
  • ... The one success principle that is absolutely imperative to your success (Most people unknowingly violate this daily!)

Next, I Reveal The *Explosive* 6 Figure Formula For YOU!...
(Broken Down Into Simple Steps)

I show you exactly what I personally did to crush my frustration, gain my independence, and become among the top 1% of all income earners in the US.

This is not some overly complicated formula that you need to use your graphing calculator to decipher. It is also not based on stuff that I "thought up" or "think about" or that I read in a book.

These are the proven and tested methods that I have personally used over and over to generate 6 figures from my home.

... And it's all served up fresh for you so that you don't have to go through the thousands of hours of trial and error, pain and suffering, and personal time away from family and fun to MAYBE figure it all out on your own.

Here is just a little glimpse of what's inside:

  • ... How to find and assess niches for maximum profitability.
  • ... The proven way to be able to get out of your job FAST! (Hint: this is exactly what I did myself).
  • ... How to set stuff up online to run on auto-pilot... so that you get the maximum income with the least amount of your time.
  • ... How to get your own feeling of personal satisfaction while doing something you enjoy... from home!

This Is YOUR Short-Cut To Success!

Look: I don't even care if you can't spell "Internet Marketing"!

Whether you're a total newbie or experienced marketer trying to take things to the next level, The No Fluff Six To Figures Formula will short cut your learning curve to success.

I will provide you with the hard hitting facts of what it takes to get the job done, while avoiding the major pitfalls... and crushing any excuses that are holding you back so that you can get create the income and lifestyle you dream about.

Quite frankly, The No Fluff Six To Figures Formula is different because it actually works.

You see, not everything out there is BS, but a lot is...

You will be able to get in my mind and look around... figuring what I do to generate six figures, how I do it, and most importantly, WHY I do certain things.

You really can't find a faster path to success.

Plus: You Get To Use All This... Today!

This isn't some resource where you need a Ph.D. to understand it and no batteries are required!

It's all to the point: "Less is more."

The last thing you probably want is another 100 page eBook that leaves you more confused than before you started.

These philosophies and this formula can charter your business to be on course with success... right now.

Look: If you pass this up, you'll find yourself still sitting there with that festering frustration and disgust!

  1. Spending money and time with no results...
  2. Feeling owned by your job with no real control
  3. Having too much month at the end of the money once again...
  4. Still having that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach every Sunday night when the weekend hallucination of freedom comes to an end!

Don't miss out on the ultimate feeling of freedom... the kind that comes when you look back and just know that you're free, that you got the job done, and that you will never have to return to the traffic, bosses, and BS.

... Knowing that you're in control... for GOOD!

Let me help you to get there once and forever!

Do Yourself That Itching Favor You Deserve!

Get Started Right Now!

Ebook cover: The Six Figure Explosion
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