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The Niche Porduct JUKEBOX Ebook

The Niche Porduct JUKEBOX
Category: E-Marketing
Ebook cover: The Niche Porduct JUKEBOX


Title: The Niche Porduct JUKEBOX
"It's Simple - Download The Niche Product Jukebox & Get Instant Access To The Most Powerful, High-Demand Niche Products To Be Found On The Internet. Mix & Match Them, Create Your Own Super-Niche Packages Or Simply Sell The Entire Jukebox As A High-Profit

If you're into niche resale rights products then listen up - you're about to get instant access to a huge collection of premium niche products with full resale rights and professionally designed sales pages & graphics. Plug in the Niche Product Jukebox and create a new, highly profitable resale rights package everyday. OR just sell the entire jukebox yourself as a stand-alone package. There's no limit to what you can do with this resource. Master resale rights to all the niche products as well as the jukebox itself are included!

Are You A Reseller Of Products? Ignore This Message At Your Own Risk!

Dear Friend,

If you're a reseller of info-products then pay close attention to this message - you're about to grab hold of a powerful arsenal of high-demand, niche products with full resale rights that you can profit from instantly. If you've been trying to sell the standard "marketing stuff" then my guess is that you've not been doing very well. Sure the odd sale may come in, but if you've been trying to market the same "make money online" products as everyone else I bet you're not nearly seeing the kind of profits that you really want. Don't get me wrong - it really is possible to make good money with internet marketing products, but I wonder if you're aware of exactly how much of pure profit potential there is with certain unexplored niches that have an immense demand for fresh infoproducts. I'm sure you've heard of the term "niche product marketing" that so many of the internet gurus have been actively participating in of late - but have you actually explored it, or asked yourself why so many of the "gurus" are now selling niche products (like the ones you're about to get instant resale rights to) in subject areas that have nothing to do with internet marketing? It's because these niche topics (again, like the ones you're getting with this package) are an absolute goldmine of untapped cash. These niche topics have millions of prospective buyers who would pay top dollar for high quality information. What if you could start selling to these hungry niches...quite literally in 10 minutes time? What if you got instant access to thousands of dollars worth of premium niche products, all with high-quality, ready to go sales pages and graphics? Do you think you could treble your daily sales?

Welcome To The Niche Product Jukebox - Get Ready To Sell An Entire Vault Of Premium Information Products To High Profit Niche Areas That Have Been Neglected By The Rest Of The Internet!

It's about time someone shared this strategy with you - targeting high profit niche markets is where the money will be in the near future. Take full heed of this next sentence very carefully as it could literally make you outrageously wealthy:

"Be the first to enter into a new niche market and you can make an absolute fortune in practically no time at all!"

Do you remember a few years back when internet marketing was not all that over-populated? A few gurus saw the potential of this market, moved in first, created high quality marketing resources and made an absolute fortune online (and still continue to do so). These gurus never have to worry about money again - but the thing is there are literally thousands of similar niches, with millions of people, that are crying out for an info-product guru. If you can identify one or two of these niches, and be one of the first to sell to these hungry markets you can repeat the same mega-success of these gurus. You just need to supply these markets with high-quality information products, making them purchase using high impact sales pages and that's your instant recipe for success right there. Guess what - you have an entire suite of high-demand niche products with expertly crafted sales pages waiting for you inside the Niche Product Jukebox. Just one or two of these niches has the potential to create substantial income streams for you long into the future. Are you ready to find out what they are?

Have A Drink On Me Before We Begin...

A while ago I had created a neat little info-product called "How To Make Perfect Wines & Spirits From Home!" - it was only after I had started to sell this relatively obscure little ebook that I fully understood the true power of niche product marketing. You can check out the ebook here. Do a search in Google for "wine" or "wine newsletter" and you'll see a huge number of results - there are an endless number of wine and spirit related websites, newsletters and of course a massive market of people who are interested in wine/spirit recipes. The possibilities to market the product is so huge that it was impossible for me to reach even the smallest fraction of market that would be interested in the product. The "How To Make Perfect Wines & Spirits From Home!" is included with the Niche Product Jukebox along with the exact same sales page and graphics.

You'll Never Run Out Of Quality Niche Info-Products When You Purchase The Niche Product Jukebox - How's This For Another Premium Product With A HUGE Market...

On the whole the products in the Niche Product Jukebox are not in "make money from home" markets - but there's one product that is very much one of the best "make money" resources out there. Have you heard about the concept of "arbitrage"? You may well not have. It's an ancient technique and the biggest banks in the world have been using it for centuries. Well when the internet became available to ordinary people like you and me something incredible happened - the arbitrage technique became available to anyone with a PC and an internet connection. That basically means that people can use this simple little method to earn money practically anytime they want. You can quite easily try this technique yourself to produce an additional stream of income for yourself, but from a resellers point of view the profit potential of this package is tremendous! Guess what - you're getting the exact same arbitrage package as you see here. I've sold this product individually for $97 - simply because this is highly powerful information that works very well. This package practically sells itself - it has an outstanding sales page and the potential market will remain ripe for years into the future. This is a product that you really must have in your arsenal of resale rights products. This is an outstanding offer because a product in this niche, of such high quality would cost you several hundred dollars were you to purchase the master resale rights (see here)'re getting them for a fraction of that price along with a powerful array of additional niche products. So what else do you get?

Here's A Summary Of Everything That's In The Ultimate Niche Resale Rights Package The Internet Has Ever Seen - The Niche Product Jukebox!

1. How To Make Perfect Wines & Spirits From Home

An outstanding niche that is just waiting to be exploited. This neat e-Book is crammed full of techniques demonstrating how anyone can make high quality wines and spirits from the comfort of their own homes.

Full Master Resale Rights (Actual Value $97)

2.Sports Arbitrage - How To Make 9% On Your Capital In Just 2 Hours...Over & Over Again!

A resellers dream - highly desirable subject topic and a high-ticket product. This is one product you badly need in your resellers collection.

Full Master Resale Rights (Actual Value $169)

3. Organic Secrets

A fine niche ebook that focuses on one of the most profitable niches - health. Organic Secrets shows how anyone can produce healthy organic foodstuffs from their own back garden. A lot of potential here.

Full Master Resale Rights (Actual Value $49)

4. 5 Red Hot Income Streams

This highly powerful (yet unknown) little e-Book comes with full master resale rights and discloses five sure-fired ways of earning an income immediately using nothing but a PC and internet connection.

Full Master Resale Rights (Actual Value - $97)

5. Profitable Crafts Volumes 1-4

Go into any public library and you'll find an endless number of ebooks covering many different types of crafts. With this full set you'll be able to sell to a market that covers millions of people worldwide. The set not only teaches crafts but (as importantly for many people) how to turn homemade crafts into a profitable pass time. The set includes an intriguing additional bonus - "How To Turn Trash Into Profits" - a very good resource to have.

Full Master Resale Rights (Actual Value - $49)

6. Wonderful Wedding Favours And Gifts

Weddings are big business! If you're married you know all too well how expensive weddings are. The market for wedding related products is absolutely huge (and the supply of info-products very sparse at this point).

Full Master Resale Rights (Actual Value - $29)

7. 20 Vintage Crochet Patterns

This guide is perfect for sale alongside the Profitable Crafts package. It can be included as a bonus or offered as an additional product once you build a list of customers interested in crafts.

Full Master Resale Rights (Actual Value - $9.97)

8. Smoothies For Athletes

Everyone loves smoothies - and recipes/food/health is another niche that is brimming with potential. This neat niche ebook provides 120 mouth-watering yet healthy smoothie recipies. Oh, and you get a further two e-Books with this package - "Amazing Weight Loss & Health Tips" as well as "Summer Party Cooking Recipes".

Full Master Resale Rights (Actual Value - $9.97)

9. Cat Head Biscuits & Garlic Fried Chicken

One of the best eCookbooks out there with 180 highly tempting southern recipes.

Full Master Resale Rights (Actual Value - $9.97)

10. The Bread And Biscuit Baker's And Sugar-Boiler's Assistant

The perfect companion to anyone who wishes to make breads, cakes and pastries. Over 80 pages with 260 yummy recipes.

Full Master Resale Rights (Actual Value - $19.97)

11. How To Stop Smoking Forever

An excellent e-Book, with a very potent market.

Full Master Resale Rights (Actual Value - $9.97)

12. Three Surprise Bonus Packages In Three High Profit Niches

These will rock you - all of these niches are multi-billion-dollars-a-year industries - you'll immediately have instant info-products to sell in these high profit niches. The only downside is that these do not have ready made sales pages (hint - two of the niches are in golf and trading...that's all your getting to maintain the surprise!)

Full Master Resale Rights (Actual Value - $49)

Sell The Niche Products Individually Using Their Own Professionally Written Sales Pages Or Sell The Niche Product Jukebox As A Stand-Alone Package Using This Sales-Page...It's Your Call!

The possibilities are endless once you secure your copy of the Niche Product Jukebox. You can use the highly professional sales pages that come with each niche product, or if you prefer you can even sell the entire Niche Product Jukebox using this sales page (you get master resale rights not only to each of the products but also to the entire Niche Product Jukebox package too!)

If you're a serious reseller - if you want to create an instant, outrageously profitable niche info-product empire literally overnight then you simply cannot afford to miss out on this package. You're getting full ownership (master resale rights) to 11 outstanding, premium niche info-products with professionally written sales pages, graphics, ecovers and banners. All the hard work - the research, the heavy writing, the graphics/copywriting production has all been done for you and presented in one easy package. Were you to create all of these products yourself it would literally take you several years in research and thousands of dollars to hire copywriters to create sales pages so good that your niche prospects are almost forced to buy from you. Yet you are getting all of this ready made - as long as you actually use it, this is an insanely powerful profit making resource...and you're getting it at a shockingly low price.


Ebook cover: The Niche Porduct JUKEBOX
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Price: $49.95
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