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The MySpace Invaders Handbook Ebook

The Space Invader's Handbook
Category: E-Marketing
Ebook cover: The MySpace Invaders Handbook


Title: The MySpace Invaders Handbook

Finally someone reveals online moneymaking techniques that get you into profit from day one...

"Introducing The Cut-Throat Moneymaking Guide That Myspace Tried To Ban..."

The Techniques & Strategies I Reveal In This Manual Are So Effective That Myspace Tried To Ban Me From Revealing Them To The Public!

Dear online marketer...
Myspace marketing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money on the whole internet. If you didn't already know that, you're about to get a crash course...

Where else can you get thousands and thousands of targeted visitors within days or hours of starting out? And what about getting traffic like that for hardly any effort?

You need to forget everything you've learned about IM so far.

Forget SEO. Forget PPC. PPC is for suckers.

Why bother with any of that time consuming, expensive junk when Myspace can easily supply you with all the traffic you need for just about any niche?

You have heard of Myspace right? Everyone has. It's huge. There are hundreds of millions of members, and more joining each day. Most people have no idea how easy it is to make a ton of money from though.

AND even most internet marketers are in the dark about this.

Let me tell you, the guys that are in the know...well let's just say they aren't too keen on this stuff becoming public knowledge...

The Perfect Solution For A Struggling Newbie Marketer

When I first started trying to make money online, I had no idea what I was doing. I'd bought a ton of manuals and e-books that claimed to make me rich in 5 minutes flat...and obviously none of them worked.

It was so frustrating, I just seemed to be bouncing from one thing to another...

I tried everything, list building, PPC, simple SEO, joint ventures, just about every idea I could find.

The problem was that none of it really did what I needed it to do: Make me a ton of money in a short time without me spending weeks learning the ropes and building things up.

Sure, stuff like that is great for some people...I mean the whole internet marketing thing is just a hobby for some...but not me. I wanted money, and I wanted it fast.

But it never occurred to me to use the social networks. To be honest, I was completely blinkered about such places. It wasn't until some guy on a forum tried to sell me a way to make money from Myspace that I even checked the place out.

Call me ignorant or whatever, but I had no real idea what "Myspace" was. I thought it was just some kind of website for teenage girls to chat or whatever, so I'd always completely avoided it.

Embarrassing huh?

So anyway I bombarded the poor guy with questions.

To be honest, I think he just got sick of my constant questions, so he put together an email with a quick outline of a simple method of making money from Myspace.

I ran with it, and I was completely shell-shocked when it actually made me some cash. Not a huge amount, maybe like $10 or something from those first couple of hours, but that was enough to make me realize there was some potential here...after all, if you can make $10 online you can make $10,000...

Finally My Crazed Obsessive Compulsive Nature Was Paying Off...

From there it got intense. You could say I got obsessed. Okay I'll level with you...I got totally obsessed...

I put in hour after hour, trying new ideas, new techniques, old ideas with a new spin, just about everything I could think of.

Before I knew it I was making regular commissions and affiliate sales...I got my first ever commission check through the mail due to Myspace.

I'd dreamed about getting that first check for months. I used to see people flashing their Clickbank screenshots on forums and stuff, and I was crazy jealous. Believe me, when that first check actually arrived I was hooked.
It was about that time that I started seeing a few Myspace marketing manuals being released. This got me even more excited...what's better than adding to your current income by including someone else's ideas and angles on things? Unfortunately it didn't turn out quite that good...

You see, the marketing manuals, every single one that I read, were just full of junk. Useless junk. So full of filler that it wasn't funny. And even the actual techniques they were teaching were so lame they would barely work. I mean you could literally get better information for free from just about any marketing forum online...

I guess people were just churning them out quickly because Myspace was the hot thing at the time...

The Brutal Truth Is That These Guys Were Taking People For A Ride

And that got me thinking...all around I was hearing people saying how tough it is to market on Myspace. I'm hearing things about the Myspace Police, closed accounts, blocked IPs and you name it, when the whole time I was raking in commissions every day from my own techniques I developed myself.

I'm basically an honest guy, and I really wasn't too happy with the way that the other everyday honest folk like me were being taken for a ride with all the second rate information out there. It really bothered me, until one day I decided to put together my own manual.

I decided to forget about all the tired, crappy manuals out there telling you to do all the same old recycled junky things, and instead put down every single technique that I'd learned and developed myself.

In short, I opened up and gave away every single piece of Myspace marketing gold that I use every day to make those fat checks.

And that's what you're looking at today...


The Space Invader's Handbook

This Manual Is So Devastatingly Effective That Myspace Threatened To Take Me To Court Over It!

It's true...The Space Invader's Handbook is so effective that I got threatened with a court case! Not even a month after I originally released this ground breaking manual I got a C & D letter from the Myspace legal team...

Yes you read that right...this thing is so effective that Myspace themselves are worried about how much money the users can make...

Here are just a few of the exact secrets they didn't like:

  • The secret to expanding your profits by automating the friend adding process
  • How to get to the $100-$200 per day profit level within just a few days
  • Why smart users can fill even a brand new Myspace account with thousands of friends within a day.
  • Easy things to promote to make some quick cash...if you've already got a Myspace account you can cash in on this within minutes...
  • The 6 best methods to start making regular money from Myspace as fast as possible.
  • How to use Myspace to funnel tons of visitors to your website...whatever your niche
  • How to fill a Myspace account with thousands of friends in just hours and make money from them immediately...you can use this technique to have even a brand new domain making money within 12 hours
  • When Myspace can be an easy route to more Adsense clicks

And that's not even just the highlights...that's a tiny percentage of what's on offer here. This thing is 117 pages long...that's 117 pages of pure money-making content.

I'll take you by the hand and show you exactly how to earn hundreds of dollars a day using Myspace...think about it for a second...

Wouldn't a few hundred dollars a day make life a little easier for you? Let me tell you, bringing in your first few thousand really makes a difference in your life.

The day job is usually the first thing to go. Firing your boss is SWEET. It's something you'll never forget.

Then there's the new things you'll be able to afford. You'll never want for anything again. Your family will enjoy the finer things in life. Want sports cars? Buy them. Want video games? Buy them too. Heck, when you're making disposable income like this you can afford almost everything you've ever wanted...

And I'm willing to bet you'll absolutely love the feeling of providing more for your family too. What could be better than moving them to a better home, or into a nicer neighborhood? From my own experience, using the money I make online to move my family to an area with much less crime is one of the best things I ever did.

That's what I'm giving you here...how you make the money isn't important, that's just details...the important part is that you're getting the power to take control of your LIFE for good.

Think About This:

If you can master the income secrets in this e-book even just a tiny amount, you'll never have to worry about recessions or anything else like that ever again.

How safe is your job in the current economy? Big companies are closing left and right. Home Depot has cut 7,000 jobs. Sprint Nextel has cut 8,000 jobs. Caterpillar have cut 20,000 jobs. Even Starbucks, one of the greatest business successes of all time is cutting 3000 jobs.

Regular joes like us are getting cut all the time. How would that effect you?

Do you have enough cash in the bank to get by? Can you imagine what that will do to your family?

Thankfully, right now you're looking at one of the only ways left to make sure that nothing like that EVER happens to you...

You'll no longer be relying on some big corporation to come through with your wage check each month...you won't be stuck in traffic every morning...you'll no longer be forced to spend your time doing a job you hate for a boss that doesn't deserve you...

No. Never again.

Because you'll be able to tell him where he can shove his job and his pathetic salary. You'll be making a regular income elsewhere...

Here's another sneak peak of what's inside:

  • How to use Myspace to get very tightly targeted traffic for just about any niche you want
  • The 3 simple steps to making a Myspace account that drags in huge amounts of friends...and more friends = more money
  • The top secret principle to effectively doubling your marketing profits from the same amount of effort
  • Excellent no-lose wording for your comments and bulletins to make cash - proven wordings that have made me hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a regular basis
  • How open minded folk can make a ton of money from Adult websites and Myspace
  • The 5 things you must know to build profitable Myspace accounts
  • How to use Myspace to build a monster, targeted opt in list...for free
  • How to use Myspace & dating sites to generate serious recurring monthly income
  • Why a certain part of Myspace is an absolute dream come true for a smart marketer...once you know this, the door is open for five figure paydays...

If you've ever struggled to make money online, this manual contains literally everything you need to start making money right now, today.

But let's put the brakes on for a minute...

This all seems a little too good to be true right now doesn't it?

You're thinking that you've heard horror stories about Myspace closing people's accounts and chasing all the marketers out of town aren't you?

Well let me tell you. Yes, Myspace do make it hard for people to market there. If they catch you they can do anything from closing your account to blocking your IP.

But you know what?

That just makes it better. That gets rid of all the idiots. Removes all the marketing wannabes, and leaves the battleground clear for guys like us. Professionals.

Guys that know how to stay undetected, how to creep under the radar, all the while draining buckets of cash from right under their noses. I'll teach you how to keep everything so covered up that Myspace won't even look twice at you...

Here's just a few of the top secret stealth tactics you'll be armed with...

  • The golden rules...Find out exactly how many bulletins, comments, and friend requests you can send each day and still stay hidden...
  • How to turn the tables and have accounts that drag in friends requests like you wouldn't believe...and when people are sending YOU the requests, Myspace will leave you well alone...
  • When it becomes "safe" to start monetizing...start grabbing the cash at the wrong time and the whole thing will crash and burn, wasting all your efforts!
  • Exactly how to customize your Myspace account to give it complete camouflage so it blends in with all the "real" users...
  • How to make money from the messages other people send you...you get bombarded with crappy messages on Myspace right? Imagine being able to make money from each one...

With tricks like that up your sleeve, you're going to be almost invisible to the Myspace spies. You'll be so stealthy that Myspace won't even know you're there...

All the dumb marketers will be losing accounts and lists left and right, you'll be quietly cleaning up and cashing paycheck after paycheck, each bigger than the last.

You see, that's the key with the whole Myspace thing...keeping it all under wraps and not letting anyone know what you're really doing. People assume that making money from Myspace and the other social networks is just a quick fix...

But it really doesn't have to be that way.

If you're smart, and you follow the crystal clear, cookie cutter examples I'm going to give you, you'll see exactly how you can turn this into a long term, high profit and low cost business.

This thing is a goldmine, it's just that most people don't have the right tools to mine it.

Well congratulations, you just found those tools, and they'll make you rich if that's what you want...

But Before You Go On, You Need To Get One Thing Straight...

Listen, before I reveal how you can get your hands on this powerful guide, there's something we need to get straightened out between ourselves- something very important you need to understand:

The Space Invader's Handbook is not some cheesy "let's all be friends and make money online" ebook.

Not at all. You won't find any junk in here about sticking to what you love, and writing e-books about your hobbies, and all that other garbage the so called gurus try to stiff you with.

This is cut throat stuff. Grey hat, black hat, call it whatever color you want...I just call it profitable. Ridiculously profitable.

Where else can you enter into a niche and make money on your very first day? Build up a list of thousands of legit opt in subscribers in just a few weeks...for free?

This is hardcore...you're going to know the real heavyweight secrets that will let you push the other marketers around and bully them right out of Myspace altogether...


  • Why Myspace?
  • What Is Social Networking?
  • Why Can't We Just Be Friends?
  • Buying Your Friends
  • Attack Of The Robots
  • All Aboard!
What To Do Once You Have Thousands of Friends

Where to Begin
  • A Few Things To Take Note of
  • Stage One- Opening Accounts
  • Stage One Part One- Creating Fake People
  • Stage One Part Three- Give It Some Zing
  • Stage One Part Two- Bringing Fake People To Life
  • So What Else To Put On Your Profile?
  • Summary Of Account Creation
Stage Two- If You Build It, Sales Will Come
  • Targeting Friends With Groups
  • Targeting Friends With Browse
  • The Adding Process
  • There Are Limits?
Okay So Now What?
  • The Options
  • What To Sell?
  • Paydotcom Survey Affiliate
  • Dating Websites
  • Adult Website Memberships
  • Google Adsense/Resource Sites
  • Other Affiliate Schemes
How To Sell

Guerrilla Warfare-Advanced Tactics To Really Reap The Rewards!
  • Generating A Legitimate Opt In List
  • The Fast Way To Profit
  • Target Prospects With Laser Precision.
  • Using Outsourcers To Clean Up

The Last Word



Ebook cover: The MySpace Invaders Handbook
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