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The Complete, No BS, No Fluff Guide To Making A Fortune On eBay Ebook

The Complete, No BS, No Fluff Guide To Making A Fortune On eBay
Category: E-Marketing
Ebook cover: The Complete, No BS, No Fluff Guide To Making A Fortune On eBay


Title: The Complete, No BS, No Fluff Guide To Making A Fortune On eBay

If You Want To Join The Thousands Of People Making Fortunes By Selling Products On eBay, You'll Love...

"The Complete, No BS, No Fluff Manual To Making A Fortune On eBay...From Starting Out, To Finding Wholesale Suppliers For Anything You Want, To Listing Killer Auctions...This Manual Is All You Need! "

As you read this message, hundreds of thousands of people are making a fortune by selling everything from antiques to consumer electronics to information products on eBay. And if you want to join them, you have come to the right place.

Because you are about to discover absolutely everything you need to know about starting your eBay business AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. You will discover everything from starting your business to listing killer Auctions that ruthlessly convert visitors to bidders to finding wholesale suppliers and drop shippers all over the world for any product you want!

Dear friend,

I am going to get straight to business. I am just a regular person, but what does make me "different" is that I have spent the last 8 months researching everything there is to know about becoming a successful eBay seller.

I have worked with over 50 of the biggest sellers currently doing business on eBay and got them to reveal the "secrets" to their success, the most important things about doing business on eBay and even exactly where they find the products they sell to make their outrageous online fortunes.

I have dealt with hundreds of suppliers from all around the world and learned exactly where and how to find a wholesale supplier for any product I want in just a few minutes.

I even bought other eBay info products, just to see what they teach. Most of the stuff I read was useless garbage. The stuff I did find useful I researched, tested and stuck it into my manual!

And after all that research, experience and advice from the top Power Sellers on eBay I have compiled a complete manual to eBay success that doesn't just tell you what to do, it tells you exactly how to do it!


The Complete, No BS, No Fluff Manual To Making A Fortune On eBay

Here is just a small list of what you are about to discover...

  • Choosing what to sell. After you find out exactly where to find virtually any product you want, you will simply be overwhelmed with too many choices! This part of the manual will teach you the advantages and disadvantages of selling different kinds of products, as well as which products bring in the most profits.
  • Why an eBay business is one of the most realistic and easy ways to make your dreams come true (eBay is no scam, it's for real and millions of people are finding this out first hand at this very moment).
  • Why even if you follow half of the advice in this manual, you will become a Power Seller.
  • The things you absolutely must avoid when starting out on eBay (these deadly mistakes are some of the biggest reasons most aspiring eBay sellers never make it past their first auction).
  • How to easily find a wholesale supplier, manufacturer, or drop shipper for virtually any product you just a few minutes. No looking for suppliers for months, no stupid wholesale membership sites. Just exactly where and how to find wholesale suppliers for anything you want, for free.
  • The huge importance of partnerships in eBay business and why even if you don't like sharing your money, with a partner you will have 10 times more money to share!
  • The absolute easiest way to start a profitable eBay business if you have no money to begin with.
  • The exact method for finding outrageously profitable products that can NOT be bought from a regular wholesale supplier. (This is the technique used by Power Sellers to get their hands on stuff like real Rolex watches, ipods, exotic car accessories etc.)
  • How to easily get around a wholesale suppliers minimum order quantities (guess what, if you don't want to spend a fortune buying a boat load of products, you can easily convince the suppliers to buy them one by one).
  • The "secret" resources power sellers use to find a reliable supplier for any product they want. (with these resources, you will have the power to choose any product you want to sell instead of simply taking what's available).
  • The absolute most important rule you need to know when negotiating a deal with a supplier, this can mean thousands of dollars in extra profits in literally minutes worth of "work".

But Wait, This Is Not Even Half of the Things You Are About to Discover...We Are Just Getting Started!

Setting up an eBay account, getting your first sale for experience and finding profitable products to sell is not everything there is to know about becoming a successful eBay seller. It's a big part but not everything.

And while other eBay info products simply say "now all you need to do is find a product to sell, so just go find it" this manual actually tells you where to find the products. It teaches you what to do and how to do it.

Here are the other crucial things you are about to discover in the next few minutes:

  • How to write the perfect auction listing title that will clearly stand out among all the other listings in shopper's search results. Plus short abbreviations to use in your titles that will get truck loads of visitors to your auctions.
  • The simple step by step formula to eBay success. This is so simple it's funny and so powerful you will have no choice but to follow it.
  • How to write the perfect product description that will make your visitors believe your product is 10 times better than the other guy's...even if you are selling the same thing!
  • How to take the perfect photographs and make your product look more valuable than it really is.
  • How to make any flaw in your product seem like an overwhelming bonus to your potential bidders! Is there a scratch on that camera you are selling? Make that scratch be a major reason to bid!
  • How to turn the shipping and handling information into a huge selling point of your auction (the shipping is actually the part of the sale most customers dread, you will discover how to get them excited about it!)
  • The most effective way to outlay the information and content of your auction listing and why a lot of listings make the visitor click the back button before they even read what you have to say.
  • The one thing every auction listing should never be without (if you don't have this you will scare away half of your customers).
  • The best types of graphic design you should use in your auction listings and why professional graphics will give you a major advantage over the competition.
  • The BIG three factors that make people want to buy from you. You should make sure you have all three if you want to get the maximum amount of bids on all of your auctions.
  • The importance of getting your very own eBay store and everything you need to know about opening one (an eBay store will give you the ability to save money, make more money and take your business to a new level).
  • Everything you need to know about setting a starting price, including "buy it now" reserve and no reserve auctions.
  • Turning one time customers into true assets that buy from you month after month and even refer their friends (this is the smart way to do business on eBay, instead of selling someone something once you should sell it to them over and over again).
  • The absolute best time to list your auctions. Studies have shown that posting your auctions at certain times can actually increase the number of bids you receive by over 25%
  • How to give your customers irresistible reasons to come back and buy from you again. There are 3 major reasons you can give your eBay customers to come back. You will have a detailed break down of each one.
  • Going global with your eBay business and why you absolutely can not afford not to sell internationally.
  • The repeat customer catcher strategy that will pretty much grab your customers right by their shirt and leave them no choice but to buy from you again!

The True Power Seller Tactics That Will Launch You Into eBay Success...

Are still to come! After learning all of the great secrets and strategies listed above you will no doubt have everything you need to become a successful eBay seller. But the stuff that will propel you to the next level is yet to come.

Here are some of the things you will discover that will take you from a successful eBay seller to a Power Seller...

  • The super costly mistake almost all eBay sellers make that prevents them from taking their business to the next level. What ever you do, do NOT make this mistake as it will completely ruin your chances of becoming a Power Seller.
  • The importance of making your business more efficient. This is a major part of taking your business to the next level and coping with all those orders.
  • The one extremely simple theory used by eBay Power Sellers to make millions of dollars a year. If you discover anything about becoming an eBay Power Seller, this theory should be it!
  • How to automate large parts of your eBay business and focus your energy on the more important and profitable parts of making money.
  • Exactly how eBay Power Sellers can make the most amount of money with absolute least amount of effort and how you can do the exact same thing from the start.
  • How to shave hours off answering emails, shipping products and listing auctions. Some Power Sellers spend up to 10 hours a day listing, shipping and answering questions. Little do they know that the time doing all those things can be cut by up to 80%.
  • Exactly how to properly use drop shipping so you can save time, effort and money so you are left with the maximum amount of profit in your pocket every time.
  • How to properly recycle text and photos without jeopardizing the effectiveness of your listing so you don't have to spend a lifetime every time you need to list new auctions.
  • Hiring employees. This is something you will have to do once you reach a high level of eBay success.
  • How to identifying the biggest reasons why you are not making as much money as you should be. Hint: it has nothing to do with the amount of products you sell or what you are selling.
  • The one way you can leave more profit in your pocket without working any harder, raising your prices or changing the products you sell. Some power sellers swear by this tactic!

But Wait, Let Me Sweeten The Offer! Order Now And You'll Get These Great Bonuses Absolutely Free Of Charge:

BONUS 1: Top 10 Reasons Why People Won't Buy From You

If you want to be a successful eBay seller, you should avoid these lethal mistakes at all cost! Manual To Making A Fortune On eBay    
BONUS 2: 5 Easy Ways To Increase The Bids On Your Auction By Up To 50%

These 5 easy but powerful techniques will have bidders fighting like mad over who gets to take your products home!

Ebook cover: The Complete, No BS, No Fluff Guide To Making A Fortune On eBay
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