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The A to Z about RSS Ebook

The A to Z about RSS
Category: E-Business, Internet, SEO and Promotion
Ebook cover: The A to Z about RSS


Title: The A to Z about RSS
What is RSS and how it can make you money?

Content Is King On The Internet So They Say!

Let The Power Of RSS Place Your Content All Over The World Wide Web, Driving You An Endless Supply Of Traffic And Dollars Starting Today...

Long-Awaited, Fabulous E-book that closes down the loopholes of all conventional online marketing methods has finally been released!

Internet Marketers and Publishers, don't stick to the same old slow & tired methods of advertising and publishing when you can have a magnificent strategy called RSS doing all of the hard work for you!!!

Dear Friend,

Its time to sit back on your comfy arm chair and relax--

Stop working so hard and let the power of RSS work for you!

In the next 5 minutes I am going to tell you how you can finally stop working the long hours in front of your computer building high content web sites, and let the power of RSS take over---

Just consider RSS your new best friend, your long lost uncle, and your faithful hard working employee...

Go ahead take the day off- and let the power of RSS work for you today!

You are about to learn:

  • Reach out to much more people without the constraint of having to be able to shell out many dollars for advertising? 
  • How to improve your business through online marketing techniques with RSS? 
  • Carry your ideas and thoughts to tens of thousands of people on the Internet along with any advertisement you wish them to see! 
  • Transform your tired, and slow web site to the best and most sought after one... 
  • And much, much more

The best available solution to your many troubling problems with getting tons of fresh and free traffic to your web site is RSS.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication), is the mantra of the millennium, it's on its way to creating a saga, etching its mark in the marvelous world of the Internet.

Go with the tide and seize this empowering tool and put yourself in par with the current technology, and an incredible new way to drive traffic and dollars to your web site!

We are about to help you explore the various faces of RSS in the fields of marketing and publishing and help you discover the possibilities of expanding your various business opportunities like never before through this incomparable e-book on RSS, "The A To Z About RSS..

  • Get all of your online content and messages delivered to your customers as fresh, unharmed, and unblocked by spam filters as you have desired to for so long...
  • Use RSS to reach new heights and discover the undiscovered depths in your business or marketing field.
  • Give a remarkable face-lift to your web site by taking advantage of the salient features of RSS.
  • Don't worry about having lost past customers, to email deliver ability issues... Chances are that you will win not only them back but also thousands of fresh new prospects with this remarkable tool.
  • Gear up your search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your web site.
  • What's more? Seize this golden opportunity to get your content published on other web sites increasing the number of visitors and widening the exposure of your business 10 fold!
  • Ultimately use RSS to increase your sales in ways you never thought possible before on the internet!
  • Use RSS to build strong customer relationships and enjoy the resulting benefits reflected in your business.

RSS, the simple, easy to use publishing tool for marketers and publishers allows easy and effective delivery of your online content to your subscribers and other web media.

Discover the power of this amazing tool via this e-book which throws light on the salient features no more or no less but accurately, enabling you to finally know the truth about this flourishing online path!!

  • Learn about RSS as a marketing tool. Squeeze out the advantages of the RSS to earn more and more on the Internet Than ever before.
  • Get familiar with the various RSS terminologies. After all, the better you are aware with the terminologies that will soon be ruling the Internet the more proficient you will get with these tools..

Unravel the unknown facts about 'blogging' and how RSS supports blogging in a versatile way.

Most bloggers would love to take a dip in the mighty sea of 'RSS'. With this incredible new powerful tool your blog can bee seen by the world in a whole new way - the traffic RSS can deliver can boost the traffic to your blog to the level of a finely tuned marketing machine..

You will learn:

Useful tips to improve your blogging skills and how to let your blog combined with RSS fuel your marketing efforts like you have never dreamed...

RSS can improve the number of visitors to your site drastically, which will create the end result of more sales which equals dollars in the bank...

Do the terms 'RSS aggregator','RSS radar','RSS Conversations' sound Greek and Latin to you?

Don't you worry!

Glance through the pages of this book and get a clear explanation for of all this and more.

The technical side of this book is written in an easy to understand - no nonsense approach to learning RSS.

Even if you are a complete computer DUNCE- you will know everything you need to know to CASH IN with RSS starting tomorrow!

We will start with the basic descriptions or the terms such as the elements of RSS and proceed through to creating your very own RSS feed

How to build it and how to drive traffic to it, how to read RSS feeds, we tell you everything A to Z - its just a smooth swim across a quiet river! No ambiguity! No confusions!

The illustrated examples prove a clear glass perspective you need to understand the procedures in and out thoroughly!

By the time you finish with The A To Z About RSS- you will know everything you need to know to start building the traffic to your web site and blog like never before..

Its so easy and so simple that you will find it difficult not to understand no matter what your computer learning level is-

  • The Christian Science Monitor has implanted RSS feed in their web site since October 2002 and offers over 25 different RSS feeds
  • Big media like ABC, CNN, Washington post, New york times and BBC have already gone the RSS way for publishing their content. And most of the leading publishers and newspapers are either using RSS or planning to use it.
  • A Nooked-influencer survey states that 87% of their respondents use RSS feeds.
  • Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates conveyed to the 2004 CEO Summit attendees that RSS "...get[s] away from the drawbacks of e-mail - that it's too imposing - and yet the drawbacks of the Web site - that you don't know if there's something new and interesting there -- this is about solving that."

You nee to get your copy of this RSS book today, or be left in the wake of your marketing competitors that do?

What does the power of RSS mean for you?


More ways to make your business reach more people on the World Wide Web.



Chapter 1

  • Limitations of current E-mailing technology:
  • Let us roll the RSS ball
  • Features of RSS:
  • Understanding RSS Document
  • How to go about it?

Chapter 2

  • Loopholes of the existing marketing technology:
  • Why do the existing technologies suck?
  • The search Engines
  • Checking on SPAM:
  • Will E-mails last long?
  • RSS as a marketing tool

Chapter 3

  • A Peep into the RSS Terminology

Chapter 4

  • Unleashing the power of RSS in marketing and publishing
  • Why RSS remains hot now?
  • Prompt delivery of your Internet content to end-users
  • Update your content as often as you want
  • Improving the old and discovering the new

Chapter 5

  • Pod casting and video casting:
  • The technologies that crowns RSS
  • Pod casting
  • Launching Your Audio Files - Hosting
  • How to Record Your Content
  • RSS for personalized/customized database listings:

Chapter 6

  • Honing your existing content delivery efforts
  • Marrying the new without divorcing the old
  • RSS in Direct Marketing
  • Make your contents reach other Web Media
  • Improve your Search Engine Rankings
  • Branded RSS Aggregators
  • Developing your own RSS reader
  • Branded RSS Readers in Real-life
  • Enhance Your web presence
  • The power of the emerging tool - RSS
  • Advertising through RSS
  • Grab the power of RSS - free or at rock-bottom prices

Chapter 7

  • BLOGGING: Who knows, it can be your goldmine
  • Six most unique ways to get connected with readers for dollars
  • Businessman without a story?
  • Are you not interested in politics and current affairs?
  • The ethics you need to know before landing on the blog world
  • a) Stick to the topic:
  • a) Post on current, hot topics:
  • b) Be informative:
  • c) Clarity and simplicity:
  • d) Adhere to a schedule:
  • e) Not only quality, but also quantity matters:
  • f) Frequency:
  • g) Catchy keywords:
  • h) Spell-checking and proof reading:
  • i) RSS
  • j) Choose hot titles
  • Why people go for blogs?
  • Positive Reflections of blogging:
  • Developing ideas:
  • Developing relations with others:
  • Representing oneself and tracing a path:
  • Spotting experts and cross-disciplinary connections:
  • Bonding, building and maintaining connections with others:
  • Blogging for 'dollars' using RSS:
  • A. Affiliate Programs (Product Endorsements)
  • B. Product Promotion
  • C. Banner Ads:
  • D. Advertisements in blog contents:

Chapter 8

  • How to go about with RSS?
  • Let us sail the RSS Boat
  • Which Version of RSS is more Popular?
  • Commonly Used Attributes:
  • Basic Elements of RSS:
  • Creating your own RSS feed:
  • Decide the content that you want to publish
  • So what do I need to know to create a RSS feed?
  • Creating the XML document
  • RSS Creating Software:
  • Publishing your RSS feed
  • How Do I Read RSS Feeds?


Ebook cover: The A to Z about RSS
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