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Sun and Sunless Tanning Ebook

Sun and Sunless Tanning
Category: Body, Health, Women
Ebook cover: Sun and Sunless Tanning


Title: Sun and Sunless Tanning
How to Sizzle With or Without the Sun and Enjoy A Tan All Year Round!

Have you ever wondered about how celebrities always seem to have those gorgeous suntans and wish you knew their secrets?

You've heard all the horror stories about being out in the sun so you use the highest SPF sunscreen you can find and settle for being safe instead of sorry. Maybe you've even tried a tanning booth or lamp.

Even those aren't considered safe so you use one of the tanning lotions that only leave you a horrible shade of orange with nasty looking stains on your hands and clothing. Or maybe your skin even started flaking!

Has this happened to you? You spend just a few hours outdoors in the afternoon only to wake up that night feeling like shish kabob! The sun can be deadly and sunburn is no fun whatsoever!

What's a person to do? One minute you hear that the sun will cause cancer (which it can) and the next minute you hear that the sunscreen you put on two hours ago has already worn off! Where can you get the straight scoop!

Take a few minutes, sit back and relax. We've taken the guesswork out of tanning and put the answers right at your fingertips!

Tanning can be safe, affordable and fun! Learn how with "The Complete Guide to Sun and Sunless Tanning!" Learn how to take charge of your own tanning needs. Discover how you can continue your daily activities without having to worry about what is best for YOU!

Find out how to stay outdoors longer than you intended without it becoming a serious issue. Get help from us and stay in control of your own tanning. Learn how to avoid painful sunburn and serious skin conditions that could raise potential health problems.

Here's what "The Complete Guide to Sun and Sunless Tanning" is all about:

  • Save money and check out our "Sunless Tanning Product Lines Reviewed" before you head to the store.
  • Print out our Tanning Safety and "First Aid" Tips to keep handy on vacations, in your glove box and with your tanning lotions.
  • Learn which tanning products you and your family might want to try.
  • Visit our resource section for additional targeted short-term, long-term or supplemental help and information.
  • Find out which factors need consideration BEFORE you buy.
  • Learn about the different kinds of invisible ultraviolet (UV) rays.
  • Learn how to check out the ingredients in tanning products.
  • Discover information about the different skin types.
  • Determine the SPF you need for your skin.
  • Improve your tanning with our tips.
  • Read our review of tanning products to quickly learn more about them and see if they might be right for you; tanning bronzers, booths, accelerators, pills, lamps, and more.
  • And much, much more

Getting a decent suntan needn't be a hassle or dangerous. You just need to make certain that you understand how to go about it.

Arming yourself with the right information before your fun in the sun is the first step towards a responsible, healthy suntan. "The Complete Guide to Sun and Sunless Tanning" is your must-have guide for healthy year round outdoor fun. Get your copy today!


1. Sun Tanning - An Overview
What is UV?

  • UVB
  • Related Resources

Effects of UVA and UVB rays

  • Is Sun Tanning Fashionable?

Ill Effects of Sun Tanning

  • Conclusion

2. History of Sun Tanning

  • Skin Color as the Differentiator

Growth of Popularity of the Suntan

  • Continuation of the Fashion Statement

3. What is Tanning?

  • How does your skin tan?

4. The Science of Suntans - How Tanning Works

  • Acceptance of Suntan

What are the Effects of Exposure to Sunlight?
Working of Sunlight in the Creation of Suntan

  • How long to get a Suntan?

Is Sun Tanning a Universal Process?

5. The Benefits of Sunlight

6. The Dangers of Sunshine

7. Effects of Sun Tanning
Effects of Sun Tanning
How to Counteract the Effects of Sun Tanning

8. Is Tanning Healthy?
How healthy is Tanning?

9. The Darker Side of Sun and Sunless Tanning
Sun and Sunless Tanning
Side-effects of Sunless Tanning
Side-effects of Tanning in the Sun
Preventive Measures against Possible Suntan

  • The Recent Remedy for Suntan

10. Sun Tanning and Melanoma

  • What is Melanoma?

What causes Melanoma?

  • The Main Casualties of Melanoma

Use of Sunscreens

11. The Dangers of Sunstroke and Dehydration

12. Sunless Tanning Methods

  • Sunless Bronzers
  • Sunless Tanning Booths
  • Tanning Lamps
  • Tanning Beds
  • Self-Tanning Lotions
  • Tanning Pills
  • Tanning Accelerators

13. Comparison of Sunless Tanning Methods

  • Comparison between Different Sunless Tanning Methods

14. Smart Sun Tanning - Avoid Effects of UV Rays

15. Sunless Tanning Products
Different Sunless Tanning Products

16. Sunless Tanning Product Lines Reviewed

17. Sunless Bronzers and Tanning Booths

  • Sunless Tanning Booths
  • Sunless Bronzers

18. Sun Beds

19. Health Benefits of Using a Sun Bed

20. Adverse Health Effects of Using a Sun Bed

21. Should Sun Beds be Banned?
Hard Facts about Sun Beds

  • The Debate Goes On

22. First Aid Tips for Sunburn
First Aid Tips for Sunburns

23. Do's and Don'ts of Safe Tanning
Dos of Safe Tanning
Don'ts of Safe Tanning

24. Skin Types and SPF

25. Protect Yourself from the Summer Sun

26. Protect Yourself from the Winter Sun

27. Sun and Sunless Tanning FAQs

  • What is UV radiation?
  • What is the ultraviolet radiation through tanning lamps?
  • What makes tanning beds safer?
  • Why do people desire a tan?
  • Is Tanning under the Sun Good?
  • What is the difference between a tan and sunburn?
  • Which is the correct path to choose?
  • What are the harmful effects of tanning beds?
  • Why do people still yearn and try for a tan?


Ebook cover: Sun and Sunless Tanning
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P.S. Finally. . .discover the truth about tanning. "The Complete Manual to Sun and Sunless Tanning" dispels the myth and mystery. Get your copy now!

P.S. Finally. . .discover the truth about tanning. "The Complete Manual to Sun and Sunless Tanning" dispels the myth and mystery. Get your copy now!

Price: $17.00
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