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Successful to Healthy Baby Sleep Ebook

Successful to Healthy Baby Sleep
Category: Parenting
Ebook cover: Successful to Healthy Baby Sleep


Title: Successful to Healthy Baby Sleep

Dear Not-Sleeper, do you also have to answer one of the following questions with yes?

  • Does your baby only fall asleep when you give him the breast or the bottle?
  • Do you have the feeling that your baby is tortured because of its sleeping problems and he often cannot stop crying?
  • Are you exhausted and tired that all of your acquaintances and relatives are giving you clever advices, although your baby has his own character?
  • Are you fed up that your baby does not even fall asleep after an hour?
  • Do you have to get up at night several times because your baby cannot sleep through the night and you are having a hard time to calm him down?
  • Would it be a dream for you, that your baby fell asleep on his own and not only in your arms?
  • Does your own lack of sleep already affect your environment negatively? Are you recognizing that your nerves are quite frayed?
  • Are you annoyed as well, that the “Crying it out”-method is trivialised by many and you are searching for a healthy alternative?
  • Are you unsure if your baby can already sleep through the night without getting something to eat at night?

Did you have to answer one or even more questions with yes?

I am completely honest, if someone had asked me these questions when my son was only a few months old, I would have answered every questions with yes.

I am offering you a guidebook that shows you the successful way to healthy baby sleep. I gathered information from nine month and put it in this eBook. From all the expert baby sleep tips I only included the most effective and safe ones. The bad ones and the advice that do not work are segregated.

How your baby falls asleep more easily and how he’ll be fast asleep

  • How your baby falls asleep within half an hour with the help of my 4 ultimate tips (unfortunately, they only work when all four tips are combined).
  • A Check list for the early recognizing of the fatigue.
  • What you should know about the reasons and the countermeasures for early risers. Is your baby also one of those who already would like to be occupied in the early morning? If so, I do have several useful tips for you.
  • It is a very old method that was ignored a long time, but it is one of the most efficient methods when it comes to the topic of falling asleep. There are babies who were able to sleep deeply within 5 minutes (not possible with everyone, to be sure).
  • Why you absolutely should purchase a secret insider-product. With this material you can manage that your baby sleeps at every other place and also on a visit in other houses.
  • One simple Step-by-Step-Guide so your baby falls asleep independently. Many of the parents only forget to do one single detail from the guide without knowing it and falling asleep can last on for hours.
  • One simple trick to encourage your baby to go on sleeping, even when he was not awake at all.
  • The various Falling-Asleep-Rituals: How do they help? Which rituals are there?

Learn more about your baby’s sleeping problems

  • Insider-tip: How do you recognize immediately that your baby has worms and how do you handle with the worm attack?
  • No secret, but a carefully considered method how to clean the small teeth very early without causing any pain.
  • What to do when your little one has nightmares.
  • How you react properly on a night terror that many parents still remember lively. The worst you could do is to panic in this situation.
  • I’ll show you a way how to reduce swellings in the mouth immediately with a trick during the process of teething. It always did wonders with my kids and it helped me so far that I got over the teething very well.
  • Why thumb-sucking can be dangerous. Where it comes from and how to break your baby of that habit.
  • There are problems caused by the environment that are very often disturbing the sleep. For adults, these problems are hard to recognize. I show you the things you should pay attention to and how to protect your baby from those.
  • What you should know about bedwetting and how to handle it. Here you’ll find everything to improve your baby’s situation quickly when he is a bed-wetter.

The best place to sleep so your baby is doing well

  • What you should know about Co-Sleeping! Many people in Germany are criticizing Co-Sleeping. However I show you the advantages and how it is done properly.
  • What your baby experiences through the common sleep in the parental bed. Did you know that physical contact is the most important thing that you can give your baby? Never be sparing with it. You cannot spoil a baby.
  • How common sleep can improve the sleeping behaviour of the whole family.
  • How your baby can sleep near to you without the bed getting too small with the help of my strategy.
  • Concrete ways of behaving that make a risk-free sleep in the family bed possible (when you have a closer look at them).
  • How to pick the right time for moving into the child’s room and which details you should consider as well.
  • What you should absolutely consider when buying a bed and a mattress so your baby can sleep safely in the cot.

Learn about the secrets of sleeping

  • I tell you how breast-feeding at night gets one of the easiest things. Most of the mums think about breast-feeding as a sleep disturber but I would like to show you a very simple tip to solves this problem.
  • Insider’s tip: I reveal you how to gain back missing energy during the day through marginal changes of your habits. If you do not consider this tip and you are tired, I shouldn’t wonder.
  • The secret of REM-Sleep: Why this stage of sleep is that important for the future of your child (did you know that REM sleep encourages intelligence?).
  • How you bring a breath of fresh air to your sex live despite having a baby. Many couples are having less sex after the birth, but with a few rearrangements this does not have to be.
  • The tricky eighth and ninth month: Why almost all babies are stepping backwards in this time and how to deal with it.
  • Why it is important to know exactly how much sleep a baby needs at the respective age.
  • Almost all parents are making one mistake that comes back every night. Wouldn’t you like to know the mistake that almost everyone commits during the day and that is crucial for the whole night’s sleep?
  • How to learn to interpret the various stages of sleep properly with the effect of being able to react directly to the sleeping disorders.
  • Why it is relevant to get to know the sleep-awake rhythm of your baby.

What nutrition has to do with healthy baby sleep

  • How to reduce the risk for cot death explicitly through specific measures.
  • Why food has a special meaning for sleep. You are committing a deciding mistake when you do not pay attention to the right food!
  • How long the afternoon nap should be age-dependently.
  • Every healthy mother has a natural secret weapon, but many do not know about the weapon and its healthy effects.
  • There are certain places where your child should sleep during the day so he is truly relaxed.
Ebook cover: Successful to Healthy Baby Sleep
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