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Scrapbooking Life's Great Moments Ebook

Scrapbooking Life's Great Moments
Category: Crafts, Family
Ebook cover: Scrapbooking Life's Great Moments


Title: Scrapbooking Life's Great Moments
Capture Your Favorite Memories

Learn How To Capture Life's Great Moments In Scrapbooks That Are Works of Art

Dear Future Artist,

Have you caught the bug yet? The scrapbooking bug, that is. It's literally sweeping the country and if you've wondered if it's something you would like to learn you're definitely in the right place.

The only decision you need to make is how to get started. There are scrapbooking classes held in many communities around the country. The challenge with enrolling in a class is scheduling. Most of us have little free time and frankly don't want to spend it away from home.

That's where "Scrapbooking - Life's Great Moments" comes in. You won't find a more comprehensive guide to creating beautiful works of art. Learn how to create timeless treasures that your friends and family will cherish for years, even generations to come.

"Scrapbooking - Life's Great Moments" reveals insider secrets and tips to spare yourself hours of frustration and costly mistakes.

Just take a look:

  • Getting started - how to take that first step
  • Learn the characteristics of a simple scrapbook
  • Planning the design
  • How to write the best text for your pages
  • Selecting just the right photographs
  • Planning your layout
  • Decorations

If you are just beginning there are important tips to keep in mind. For instance:

  • Assembling and organizing your photos
  • How to scrapbook economically
  • Artistic layout
  • How to crop and mat your pictures
  • All about labeling
  • What supplies and accessories you need to begin

Scrapbooks aren't just about photos anymore. Experimenting with different textures and color as well as three dimensional resources is fun and creative.

Learning how to include these elements is must have information and will set your scrapbooks a notch above the normal. "Scrapbooking - Life's Great Moments" takes that extra step by including the how-to of creating themed scrapbooks.

"Scrapbooking - Life's Great Moments" includes common scrapbook layouts for holidays, home, sports and other themes. Plus, one resource you just won't find anywhere else are scrapbooking verses, quotes and sayings for occasions such as:

  • Birthdays
  • Babies
  • Christmas
  • Halloween
  • Fourth of July
  • Romance
  • Mother's Day

and many more

"Scrapbooking - Life's Great Moments" is the ultimate resource for anyone who wants to learn about scrapbooking as well as those whose scrapbooking efforts are running a little "stale."

Listen, you've got every reason to give "Scrapbooking - Life's Great Moments" a fair trial 100% risk free to you. If it doesn't give you everything we've discussed you have our iron-clad money back guarantee for up to 60 days.

No excuses. Grab your copy now and be ready to build your first scrapbook in just long enough to browse the 100 scrapbooking ideas. In just a few short hours you can begin "Scrapbooking - Life's Great Moments" - you'll be glad you did!

About The Author

Ryan and Jan Sawyer

Ryan and Jan live in Maple Valley, Washington with their two energetic sons. Jan loves scrapping. Ryan and Jan Sawyer put together a how to scrapbook downloadable ebook so that people like you can learn how it is done and get ideas to improve your scrapbooks, or to simply learn how to do them.

Ryan and Jan own Wrapcandy.com, a Christian based site and have 1,000s of members who not only love wrapping candies, but many of them enjoy scrapbooking too. It's amazing how their members come up with ideas, and the tremendous creativity they have.

The beauty of doing creative works with scrapbooking is with a little help you soon will be creating beautiful creations. Your scrapbooks will look like a professional did them for you.

Scrapbooking is relaxing. You will enjoy taking experiences from your life, or your grandchildren's life, or your own children's life and turn them into a wonderful scrapbook.

Ryan and his brother's wife, Ava also own the You Scrap Software

Ryan Sawyer is also the author of "Stress the Silent Killer."


Table of Contents

1. Scrapbooking - Hobby, Passion, and Fun

  • Maintaining Scrapbooks
  • Reliving Your Past

2. What is Scrapbooking?

  • The Present Scenario
  • History of Scrapbooking

3. Characteristics of a Simple Scrapbook

4. How to Start Scrapbooking

  • Selection of Photographs
  • Getting Started
  • Planning Your Design
  • Matting Photographs
  • Selection of Stationery
  • Verbal Expressions
  • Decorations and Beautifications
  • Planning the Layout
  • Wrapping up

5. Important Notes for Scrapbook Beginners

6. How to Scrapbook Economically

7. How to Assemble and Organize Your Photos

8. How to Place, Label, Crop and Mat Your Pictures

  • Labeling Your Photographs
  • Placing Photographs and Pictures
  • Cropping Photos
  • Matting Photos

9. Supplies and Accessories to Get You Started

10. Scrapbook Cutting, Cropping Tools and Templates

11. Choosing an Album

12. Packing Your Scrapbook Supplies for a Get Away

13. Embellishing Your Scrapbook Pages

14. Planning Your Scrapbook Layouts

  • Materials Required
  • How to Plan Scrapbooking Layouts
  • Procedure

15. Creating Layouts for Your Scrapbook

  • Getting Scrapbooking Ideas
  • Where to Start

16. Some Examples of Scrapbook Layouts

  • Christmas
  • Common scrapbook layouts include:
  • Homes
  • Heritage
  • Summer
  • Sports
  • Sleeping

17. Explore Your Perfect Scrapbook Style

  • Common Styles of Scrapbooking:

18. How to Make Lumpy Scrapbook Pages

  • How to Care for Scrapbooks with Lumpy Pages

19. Why and How to Journal in a Scrapbook

  • How to Journal Your Scrapbook

20. Ideas to Improve Your Scrapbook Journaling

21. Handwritten vs. Computer Journaling

  • Computer Journaling
  • Handwritten Journaling

22. Making Time for Your Scrapbooking

23. Preserving Your Scrapbook

24. Choosing a Scrapbook Theme

25. Wedding Scrapbook Album

26. Scrapbooking Your Family History

  • Starting the Scrapbook

27. Make a Family Recipe Scrapbook

28. Baby Scrapbooking Thoughts

29. Recollecting Your Love Notes

30. Christmas Memories

31. Halloween Scrapbooking Fun

32. A Father's Day Gift

33. Happy Graduation

34. Summer Vacation

35. The World of Digital Scrapbooking

36. Scrapbooking Verses, Quotes and Sayings for Various Occasions

  • Babies
  • Good Friends
  • Birthdays
  • Fourth of July
  • Christmas
  • Heritage
  • Scrapbooking
  • Halloween
  • New Year's Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Love/Romance
  • Graduation
  • More Ideas
  • Mother's Day


Ebook cover: Scrapbooking Life's Great Moments
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