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Scam Exposed (Ebook)
The less we know, the more we suspect.
Josh Billings

Scam Exposed Ebook

Scam Exposed
Category: Self Defense, Self Help
Ebook cover: Scam Exposed


Title: Scam Exposed
Go behind the Schemes - Know the enemy!

Do Not Respond To Another Request For Money Before Reading This Ebook!
You've Been Warned!

It's Saturday afternoon. After putting in a full week on the job, you now have the delightful task of refilling the family larder. Clutching your fistful of coupons, you are braving your way towards the checkout counter.

You've just spent the last hour scratching and fighting your way through the crowds in the grocery store. Your 18 month old daughter is tired of sitting in the passenger seat and is expressing her unhappiness to anyone within earshot while your 4 year old son is tossing fists full of candy bars into the cart.

You're almost down to the wire. You've stacked your mounds of treasure on the moving counter and eased your way toward that tiny little shelf that's supposed to accommodate your purse and anything else you have in your hands. You manage to work your debit card out of that slot in your wallet that they always make too small and run it through the slide.

Foot tapping, both kids are now screaming at the top of their lungs when the clerk says, "sorry it's declined." What? Can't be, you just deposited your paycheck yesterday. Oh well, it probably hasn't posted yet, right?

Pulling out your number one credit card you slide it through with a flourish. Uh, oh! "Sorry, that's declined too," says the clerk with an impatient shrug of her shoulders. Well, this is just ridiculous. Fishing through your purse for a pen, you pull out the checkbook and scribble out a check with handwriting that would make any doctor proud!

By this time, the clerk just rolls her eyes and says, "Nope!" Scraping the bottom of your purse you manage to pull together enough cash to pay for half your order.

By now you are thoroughly embarrassed and feel the angry line behind you boring holes through your back. Chastened you manage to get the kids and groceries out of the store.

What just happened? Someone has gotten ahold of your financial information and literally cleaned you out. Emptied your checking account and probably maxed out your credit card as well.

If you think this could never happen to you, think again. It happens every day all around the world. The only thing you can do is to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Scams abound, both online and offline. If you aren't doing everything you need to do to protect yourself, it's only a matter of time.

The different types of fraud and scams just lying wait to snatch your cash number in the hundreds. You need to take control. Knowledge is your most valuable tool to combat this growing problem.

Scams Exposed by Elliott Wright is your best defense. He lays it right out for you. What to expect, how to identify it and what to do about it.

Learn some of the scams that have been around since the Middle Ages, like The Feline Pig!

He reveals how unscrupulous con artists take advantage of your charitable nature.

Discover from his in-depth examination of the classics, like:

  • The Big Store
  • The Ponzi
  • Money Laundering

Study what you need to discover about identity theft and the current one "phishing," which is what happened in our scenario above.

Don't waste another minute. The next scheme is just lying in wait for you right around the corner. Knowledge IS power. Take control. You've been warned!

About The Author

Ellis Wright knows far too many lurks and the people who use them.
Ellis says, "To be able to keep doing what I do would be more difficult and much riskier
if I gave any more personal details or my picture for use in the ebook, sorry."
He hopes that this ebook will help reduce the amount scammed from you and many other
people in the future but he says, "It probably won't because of human nature. P.T.
Barnum did not say, 'There's a sucker born every minute!', but he should have!"
He does not have a website where he can help you with questions about the contents of
this ebook or related matters, sorry. But he suggests that you tell the Ebookwholesaler
Member who supplied this e-book to you whether you would like a follow-up to this,
Ellis's first ebook under his own name. Be honest but nice, please - Ellis's feelings are
easy to hurt.



About The Author
The Scammer in The Mirror
The Real Scammer

  • Gentlemen Thieves

Off-line Scams
The Feline Pig
Buried Wealth
The Money Machine
3 Card Trick
In the Name of Charity

  • Charity Related Offers
  • Cars for Charity

Pay Forward
Work At Home

  • Type at Home
  • Simple Work for High payments
  • Envelope Stuffing
  • Home Assembly

Your Own Service Bureau
Model Scams
Pet Scams

  • Steal and Recover
  • Second Time Lucky
  • You Find the Scammer's Pet!

You Have Won

  • Travel Certificates.
  • Little Fish - Small Wins
  • Trip Deferred.
  • Investment Opportunity and Free Holiday

The Classic Scams
The Ponzi - Fools' Money.
The Big Store
"Money Laundering"
Internet Scams

  • Key-logger Spy Programs
  • My Computer was Invaded

Old Time Scammers on the Internet
The e-Nigerian Scam

  • Beating the Phishers

Qualify On-line
Foreign Brides
Identity Theft
How YOU Should Protect Yourself:
What VICTIMS Should Do:
Hoaxes Harm Everyone
What's the Harm in a Hoax?
What You Should Do

  • Email Warning
  • Viruses and Other Nasties
  • Keep Your Knowledge Up-to-date

Simple On-line Checks Save YOU $$$'s

  • Search Engines
  • Net Basics.
  • Import and Other Costs

On the Net for Four Generations

  • Fighting Back
  • Whois really on that Site?

Scam Slang


Ebook cover: Scam Exposed
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P.S. Don't wait until you're a victim. Forewarned is forearmed!

P.S. Don't wait until you're a victim. Forewarned is forearmed!

Price: $17.00
Rating: 5 after 1 votes)

Reviewed by on 2015-08-30
My Rate 5
with this book very well abd hight views
and reading

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