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Resale Rights Empire Ebook

Resale Rights Empire
Category: E-Marketing
Ebook cover: Resale Rights Empire


Title: Resale Rights Empire
Everything You Need To Profit From Resale Rights - Plus A Huge Vault Of The Latest Resale Rights Products!

In A Hurry? Take A Look At What's Inside "Resale Rights Empire!"

1. Advanced Resale Rights Strategies ($Priceless) - The hard hitting strategies, tricks and closely guarded secrets that will enable you to take any resale rights product and turn it into a highly profitable cash generating asset that will keep paying you for years into the future.

2. Resellers Top Secret Toolbox ($283 If Purchased Outside This Package) - The 10 tools and resources that the elite resellers have been using to make an insane amount of cash with each and every resale rights product that comes their way...and how you can join them in under 24 hours from now! Don't even try and sell resale rights products without these little known profit exploding resources.

3. The Resellers Secret Vault ($229 Value)- An entire VAULT of high quality products with resale rights that you can download and sell within a few minutes. You will simply not believe what's included in this section.

Dear Friend,

Resale rights products have absolutely exploded over the past year - and with good reason. You see, we live in a time known as the information age - and there is a recent trend that has just started that you simply MUST know about...

"People are paying $29, $49, $97....even $1,500 for premium information that satisfies their needs, wants and desires"

Do you think I am joking? I assure you that I am not - by the time you're finished with this letter I guarantee you that you're going to try and obtain as much content with resale rights that you can get your hands on. You see, owning the "resale rights" to quality content is the key to making an absolute FORTUNE in the information age. Want to know why? I'll show you...

I Know That People Pay $29, $49 And Maybe Even $197 For Information...But $1,500? Are You Kidding?

The amount of money that people pay for content varies on the subject matter. Do you think that I am joking when I say people have paid $1,500 for information? Let me tell you a very true story - a fellow called Ted Nicholas recently sold a report for $1,500 online. That in itself may be quite staggering but the really incredible part is that the report was just 140 words long. Not pages - just 140 words! I don't know about you but to me that is quite staggering. The 13 words revealed a secret that Mr. Nicholas had used over and over again to make millions of dollars in sales over and over again. Can you see why even a one page, 140 word report would sell well, even with a price tag of $1,500? By the way, the secret that he finally revealed is covered in some detail inside this ebook. You can use this incredible technique and get results INSTANTLY with it.

The point is that information has always been a good seller - but with the onset of the information age it's about to become a phenomenal seller. Right now you can get resale rights for red-hot products, in highly responsive niches for just a few dollars - if you know where to look (and after reading this ebook you'll know exactly where to get stunning products with full rights anytime you wish). This means that you can spend a couple of bucks, secure the rights for a high quality product and sell it over and over again to keep 100% of the profits. I'll show you where you can get resale rights to a sensationally hot product like this for a matter of pennies. Better still, I'll show you how you can get rights to hot products like these but with a strict limit to the competition (again...for the equivalent of pennies!).

Finally - You'll Discover Where To Find Red Hot Resale Rights Products For A Few Bucks, How To Take ANY Product With Resale Rights And Turn It Into A Best-Seller In A Matter Of Hours - Plus How To Profit From FREE Resale Rights Products...And A LOT More!

Let me tell you, what's inside is an absolute pure-gold treasure chest for anyone who wants to make an outrageous amount of money with any resale rights product - strategies, tools, resources, blueprints...even a vault of premium products with resale rights. Quite simply you'll get EVERYTHING you need to create your very own cash generating resale rights empire in a few hours flat.

Here's what you'll be getting instant access to when you agree to start your own Resale Rights Empire:

Learn How You Can Rake In Extraordinary Profits In Record Time With Any Resale Rights Product That Sits On Your Hard Drive!

1. The Blueprint For Making Outrageous Profits With ANY Resale Rights Product (Even Free Ones)!

  • Discover why the secret to building resale rights fortunes lies in being different (even when you're selling the exact same product as everyone else!). I'll show you a quick and painless way of taking even the most over-sold resale rights product and turning it into something that even the most sceptical buyer will fork out $29, $49 and even $97 for (and be absolutely delighted with what they have purchased). And I'll show you how to do this in just a couple of hours (some of the elite resellers have been making insane profits with this for years - the lids blown off I'm afraid!).
  • 11 simple yet jealously-guarded strategies that can make absolutely anyone sell ANY resale rights product by the boatload. Your competition just has no clue about these techniques - and once you put them into place every single resale rights product that you can get hold of has the potential of creating a goldmine of wealth for you...for years into the future. Look, I could easily charge $97 for each of these strategies alone - because when you see the results they bring you'll wish you had gotten started with resale rights a LONG time ago.
  • How you can add something to any "off the shelf" resale rights product and instantly hike it's value by three, four, even ten times what others sell it for. (Hint - It's not a physical thing - it's a simple concept...once you uncover it nothing in the world can stop you from making huge profits with resale rights).
  • Discover an incredible formula for maximum resale rights profits. I'll reveal to you a 5-step blueprint for taking standard resale rights and repackaging them into a turnkey business that you can sell for a minimum of $500 (and a maximum of $2,000 and more). Best of all, the blueprint will show you how to do this in under 2 days. Simply follow and repeat and watch your bank balance explode.
  • Think you can't make backend sales with resale rights products? I'll show you exactly how you can and provide you with all the tools to do it. This incredible strategy is worth multiples of the price of this package - discover how you can take standard resale rights products and use them to create your own products with YOUR affiliate links inside. You collect the affiliate checks for years into the future. This easy techniques is simply NOT being done by your competition so get ahead of the game now!
  • Why a carefully chosen high-priced resale rights product will pay for itself twenty times over in just one year (when you see this you'll change the way you view resale rights forever). I'll show you how someone with zero experience can take a quality, high-demand exclusive resale rights product and easily cash in thousands of dollars from it within a few months. Get a stream of these going and you've got a portfolio of explosively stunning investments that even the best trader on Wall Street couldn't match. Think I'm kidding? Look at the numbers inside and decide for yourself. Like I said, you'll change the way you view resale rights forever after reading this.
  • More about the one-page report that Ted Nicholas sold for $1,500. Uncovering this secret could be the thing that brings you more wealth and success than you ever considered possible. Well it certainly worked for Mr. Nicholas, and now you'll also know what it is.
  • I'll tell you about the red-hot niche that is just DESPERATE for a quality e-Book (yes there is little to no competition for it just now). And I'll show you a brand new resale rights e-Book that has just been released in this exact same niche (and how you can get hold of this superbly written gem at a spectacular 60% discount). Hint: Almost EVERYONE buys a ebook on this subject at some point - and it's in a top-10 selling niche of all time (one paper based ebook in this very same niche has sold over 50,000,000 copies!).


Look, if you want to know how to take practically any resale rights product and turn it into an automatic cash dispensing machine then the strategies that I've disclosed here are priceless. Truly priceless. I could easily have stopped the ebook at this point and comfortably charged you $197 for the contents (and that price would be a total steal). But hang on to your hat because you're getting a lot more from this product...

The Resellers Top Secret Toolbox - Critical Software & Resources That You Simply MUST Have In Order To Multiply Your Resale Rights Profits!

2. Instant Access To The Resellers Top Secret Toolbox

To make this the ultimate resource for profiting with resale rights something really special had to be provided...that something is the "Resellers Top Secret Toolbox" - you'll be able to download 10 highly valuable resources (costing $283 were you to purchase them individually) that are downright critical to your success with resale rights. These are resources that I could easily have set-up affiliate links to and get thousands more dollars in commissions from my customers but that really would not have been fair to you. So I bought up the master rights to these and have included them for you to use. Here's what you'll be able to do with the Resellers Top Secret Toolbox:

  • You've probably noticed that a lot of the high-ticket products online almost all have audio on their website. Have a look at the software required to do this and you'll notice that the fees for the software tends to be around the $49 to $97 mark. One of our top secret tools will show you how to add audio to your website with no hassles...and at no cost.
  • Use one of these top secret tools to create resale rights packages with your own affiliate links inside. This strategy is mind-blowing but also impossible without the software that I've included for you inside the toolbox.
  • Another top secret tool that will enable you to create as many eye-popping effects with your resale rights sales pages as you want (you can even create TV style presentations using this nifty piece of software).
  • Plus no less than six additional top secret tools that you'll be using to make an insane amount of cash with resale rights products.
  • Want to know one of the best things about resale rights? Absolutely anyone can take an ordinary info-product with resale rights and turn it into a best seller overnight with the techniques in this package. Want to know the key to doing this? Creating a unique aspect to the product and the way you present it. It's a good thing you'll have access to a wonderful top secret tool that helps you do this very thing.

All together you'll get 10 top secret resellers tools that you probably would have purchased eventually in any case. Doesn't it make sense to get them all right now (and without having to pay a small fortune for them?) - I could easily have pointed my affiliate link to all of these resources and made several thousands more in backend income but if you have seen any of my previous work then you know that I am not a greedy person - I really want you to prosper with resale rights!

If you're really serious about creating a cash generating business with resale rights then there has never been a better opportunity to get started than right now! With resale rights products you're able to control information - you instantly own products that have been superbly compiled over months. Products that often take thousands of dollars to produce. In the information age, that is an incredibly powerful position to be in.

If you want the mega profits that are available from resale rights products then you cannot afford to be without the information and resources inside Resale Rights Empire!

However, I'm going to give you even more so that there is no doubt in your mind that you're getting value worth multiples the tiny price of this package. I ask myself, what is the one thing missing from this stunning deal...and I answer...actual resale rights products. I'm talking about fresh, top quality resale rights products that come with full deluxe sales pages and graphics that you can start selling immediately (and better still, practice the amazing tactics in this ebook on). I'm talking about products that are in such red hot niche's that they practically sell themselves...

I've GIVEN You The Resellers Secret Vault!

3. A Huge VAULT Of Explosively Profitable Resale Rights Products For You To Profit From Immediately!

Whether you're a newbie or an experienced pro there will be something for you inside the Vault. Even with the explosive, wealth building tactics inside this package, you still need the rights to high quality, sellable products in red hot niches. Here's what you get instant resale rights to when you purchase Resale Rights Empire!

5 Red Hot Income Streams e-Book With FULL Master Resale Rights - excellent selling potential in the make money & work at home markets. This ebook is a virtual unknown so jump on it now. There is a lot of potential to bundle it with other products and create a "super home income" type package.

The Complete Atkins Diet Set - This huge 3 ebook set explains why the Atkins diet works, how it works and then provides no less than 1000 Atkins diet recipes. Has the potential to be sensational when you consider that overture alone receives almost 20,000 searches for "Atkins Diet" every month. "Weight Loss" returns over 130,000 results in Overture so there is plenty of scope for creating a diet & exercise package and charging anywhere between $29 to $49 for it.

Amazing Weight Loss - Perfect to add as a bonus for a super weight loss package. As we saw above weight loss always HAS been a red hot niche and with the strategies inside Resale Rights Empire you'll learn ways of making huge profits in niches such as this (and also use resale rights to make a MASSIVE amount of backend income.)

The Insider Secrets Of Currency Trading - This is a highly profitable niche and good quality information here really fetches a premium price. I've seen trading packages sold for hundreds of dollars. Again, once you apply the strategies that I'll give you to a product such as this you'll be able to command premium prices and work in residual income that will keep paying you for several years into the future. The variations available with this package are incredible!

How To Make Money By Swing Trading - Compliments the above trading ebook perfectly. Again, has great potential to be used to create long term residual streams that will last many years.

Discover To Speak Italian Course - Go to any bookshop and you will see scores of language ebooks...and Italian is one of the most popular. A good niche to be involved with.

The Dating Resource Report - "Online Dating" is searched for over 500,000 times in Overture alone. The possibilities in this niche speak for themselves and this is a good little resource to have in your resale rights library.

How To Pamper Your Cat - Pet care is another fantastic area to sell information products in. Pet owners often spend huge sums of money on their pets and cats are among the elite.

30 Minute Marketing Miracle - Not only is there selling potential here but it's something that every reseller should see.

Mega Wealth Audio Library - Audio resale rights here, and in an excellent niche. The audio describes how anyone can produce order pulling copy, how to market information for maximum profits, how to make over $1,000 a week just by being a magazine subscription agent, audio publishing secrets and much more.

The Niche Products Powerpack Collection - a collection of 11 niche ebooks with master resale rights. A wide variety of topics are included such as health, crafts, weddings, cooking recipes and more.

Website Conversion Secrets - Hard hitting stuff - some big names reveal the secrets of taking your website conversion rate through the roof. Comes with an additional package which uncovers the psychology behind selling (master rights to everything).

A Fortune Is Made With Resale Rights Everyday Using The Exact Same Techniques & Resources In This Package...Isn't It About Time You Joined In?

If you've see this page from start to finish then there can be no doubt in your mind that what's inside this package IS without any doubt the key to unlocking the buckets of cash that are available to those who know how to make resale rights work. Imagine getting hold of any resale rights product and applying a few simple and instant techniques so that it produces a flood of cash for you, both now and long into the future. That's exactly what's available to you when you purchase Resale Rights Empire - and that's exactly what you'll be turning your back on if you walk away from it.

I really was struggling in coming up with a price for this package - you see, I know that if you stripped out the components of Resale Rights Empire you would be left with something worth several hundreds of dollars in value. If you include the profits that you'll make for years to come just by using and applying these powerful techniques then we're talking about something that is worth several thousands of dollars. But I also want to make this product available to everyone who wants and needs it.

Ebook cover: Resale Rights Empire
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