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Refinishing Your Wood Furniture Ebook

Refinishing Your Wood Furniture
Category: Manuals
Ebook cover: Refinishing Your Wood Furniture


Title: Refinishing Your Wood Furniture
Refinish - Don't Replace!

Picture this. You're finally getting around to cleaning out your garage or attic. Buried under years of dust and debris you run across that old wooden table that served you well as a desk years ago in your college dorm room.

Complete with gouges, scratches, dings and dents it brings back memories of good friends and good times. If it weren't in such bad shape, it would look great in the family room. Well, now there is no reason why you can't do just that!

"Refinishing Your Wood Furniture" will take you by the hand and lead you step by easy step toward turning that old eyesore into a work of art that you can display proudly!

You won't find a more fulfilling hobby. Heck, you may find that you enjoy it so much that you can make a part-time vocation out of an avocation.

Worried about having no experience? Doesn't matter. "Refinishing Your Wood Furniture" has 98 jam-packed pages that anyone can follow and turn out beautifully refinished furniture.

Here's a sample of what you will learn:

  • What are the steps to properly refinishing
  • How to select good candidates for refinishing
  • Preparation for refinishing
  • Prepping your project
  • Material and supplies required
  • How to clean and test your materials
  • What tools are needed to strip your project
  • Steps to strip old finish
  • How to make simple repairs
  • Selecting finishing materials
  • The importance of sanding
  • How to set up your work space
  • Detailed section on stripping different types of materials
  • Specifics of safety
  • Sanding or stripping
  • How to preserve wood grains
  • Working with veneers
  • Repairing cracks, holes, nicks and chips
  • How to stain your project
  • What about staining
  • Do you need a sealer
  • Using varnish
  • Repairing wood surfaces
  • Steps to taking care of your wood furniture

Nothing is more satisfying than working with your own hands, especially when the finished product is beautiful.

In just a few minutes you can have your very own copy of "Refinishing Your Wood Furniture" and be ready to tackle that project that's been buried in the basement or the attic.

Sure, you could take it to a professional refinisher, but why do that when you can now learn how to do it yourself.

Don't wait, grab your copy right now and be ready to create treasures out of your trash this weekend! Your own copy of "Refinishing Your Wood Furniture" will get you there!

About The Author

David Crowe

David Crowe, like many other boys and some girls, started woodwork when his father decided he was old enough to handle the basic tools safely.

He has always been grateful for those sessions, even though his early desire to make his living from carpentry of some kind was dropped in favor a career in marketing.

His home workshop has been great respite from the stresses of day-to-day business and the pieces he makes, or refinishes, are treasured by his family and friends.

His skills came in very handy when his wife inherited some old furniture which had not been looked after and also to improve the appearance and strength of cheap pieces that they find at garage sales.

He hopes that readers of his first book will be inspired to use the tips he provides and also to encourage their children to learn them as well.



1. Refinishing Wood Furniture - An Overview

  • Check the Quality of Your Furniture

2. Steps to Refinish Wood Furniture

3. Preparing for Wood Refinishing and Assembling Materials

  • Essential Tools
  • Materials and Supplies for Wood Refinishing
  • Essential Materials
  • Project Preparation

4. Checklist for Tools and Materials

  • Stripping Materials
  • Cleaning and Testing Materials
  • Stripping Tools
  • Repairs and Sanding Tools
  • Repairs and Sanding Materials
  • Refinishing Materials
  • Refinishing Tools

5. Selecting Your Worksite

6. Safety Precautions - Before You Begin

7. Basic Stripping Procedures

  • Precautions
  • Simple Procedures for Stripping

8. Stripping Paint from Wood

  • Protective Gear and Surroundings
  • Strippers
  • Preparing Furniture for Stripping
  • Application of Liquid Stripper
  • Application of Semi-Paste Stripper
  • Two Stages to Remove Stripper from Brushes

9. Common Mistakes in Stripping and Tips to Avoid Them

10. Preparing the Surface

11. Making Repairs to Get Smooth Finish

  • Repairing Chairs
  • Setting Right Veneers
  • Fixing Cracks, Screw Holes, Nicks, and Chips
  • White Blotches or Rings in Furniture
  • Taking Care of Wood Grain

12. Techniques for Sanding Wood

  • How to do Sanding
  • Necessity for Sanding
  • Sanding by Machines
  • Essential Sanding Techniques
  • Hand Sanding
  • Great Sanding Tips

13. Selection of Stain Material

  • Selecting a Suitable Stain
  • Types of Stains
  • Staining Tips

14. Staining Wood Techniques

  • Assuring Even Staining on Wood Furniture
  • Wood Staining Techniques
  • Essential Precautions While Staining Wood Furniture

15. Applying the Sealer

  • Techniques for Applying Sealer

16. Preparing to Fill Wooden Furniture

  • Filler Applying Techniques
  • Choice of Filler
  • Checking Filling Outcomes

17. Final Coat to Get Smooth Finish

  • Polyurethane
  • Water-based Polyurethane
  • Lacquer
  • Essential Precautions
  • Penetrating Oil Finishes

18. Finishing for First-Timers

  • Staining
  • Sanding
  • Finishing

19. Restore Wooden Furniture without Refinishing

  • Identification of Finish
  • Starting the Restoration of Old Furniture
  • Cleaning Techniques

20. Repairing Wood Furniture Surfaces Fast

21. Tips to Spruce up Old Furniture

22. Protect Your Wooden Furniture with Varnish and Preserver

  • Working with Wood Preserver
  • Using Varnish to Protect your Furniture

23. Maintenance of Wooden Furniture

  • Essential Tips for Maintenance of Wood Furniture

24. Frequently Asked Questions


Ebook cover: Refinishing Your Wood Furniture
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P.S. Hey, whatcha doin' down here? Get your copy and start your first project this weekend!

P.S. Hey, whatcha doin' down here? Get your copy and start your first project this weekend!

Price: $17.00
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