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Recognizing And Dealing With Nut Allergies Ebook

Recognizing And Dealing With Nut Allergies
Category: Food, Health
Ebook cover: Recognizing And Dealing With Nut Allergies


Title: Recognizing And Dealing With Nut Allergies

"Do You Know The Warning Signs To Save A Family Member's Life?"

Did you know that peanut allergy is the most common cause of food related death?

Researchers say that one in every 200 children born will have some type of peanut allergy and only 25% of kids grow out of it. Most children start exhibiting symptoms as early as six months old, but some don't start showing allergic reactions until well into their toddler years.

With such a prevalent and dangerous epidemic effecting your kids, do you know all that you can about this dangerous allergy? Do you know enough to identify the signs that one of your children might be at risk?

Recognizing symptoms early is crucial to helping your child cope with his allergy and to create a healthy diet plan that will enable him to live a long and happy life.

When my wife and I had our first child, like most parents we were overjoyed. We thought that nothing could make us happier than a little bundle of our own.

The first few years were fine and we were content with our little family. We were even considering having a second kid, but then things took a turn that we didn't expect. Three years into our child's life, she started rubbing her eyes.

At first we didn't think much of it, we thought maybe she needed her eyes to be checked and we took her to an optometrist. We were a little concerned when her checkup was normal, but we still didn't think it was a huge problem.

Then came the next symptom. My wife and I started noticing that our child was having severe stomach pains after meals. These stomach pains grew more uncomfortable and more painful as time went out. We took her to see specialists, but they couldn't pinpoint the problem.

Every other week it seemed we were taking her from one doctor to another. Each physician had a different reason for her condition and another set of cures. Nothing worked though. Her stomach pains were getting worse and no one knew exactly what was wrong.

Life became unbearable for her and for my wife and I as well. Every meal was a struggle, a cause for concern and worry. We didn't know what was making her sick, but we knew it had to be something she was eating.

At first we prevented her from eating dairy, but that had no effect on her condition. We then switched from raw vegetables to cooked vegetables since that's what our new intuitionist told us would help. Still, nothing changed. Our little girl was sill enduring painful stomach aches after most meals and her anguish was almost too much for my wife and I to bear.

We were frantically searching for a solution and in the meantime, our lives were thrown into disarray. For close to two years, every single day of our life was a challenge.

It's funny to think back upon that time, but while we were living through them, we didn't think our lives would ever get any better. We thought that our family would have to live through this condition for the foreseeable future. When I thought back to the first few years of my child's life and how pleasant and calm it was, it barely even seemed like a dream. More like a TV show of someone else's life.

It wasn't until she started exhibiting more symptoms that we had any clue what was going wrong with her. At first we started noticing a weird rash under her arm and that was soon followed by hives appearing on her chest. We quickly took her to the one specialist we thought wasn't completely inept and he asked us a question that we found really strange at the time. He asked if she normally had a running nose even when she wasn't sick.

My wife looked at me and a light clicked on in her brain and I saw it in her eyes. She nodded yes and the doctor told us that he thinks he now knows the problem. He ordered a series of tests and in two days we found out what was troubling her. Our baby girl had nothing more complicated than a simple allergy to peanuts.

We couldn't believe it, after years of struggling, fighting and enduring we finally were presented with this simple way to cure the condition...cut peanuts out of her diet. Little did we know that this cure wasn't nearly as simple as we thought. Turns out that most of the stuff we normally ate had trace amounts of peanuts in them. We were completely unaware how difficult it would be to remove peanuts completely. We had no choice though and we started learning how to deal with this illness.

Over time we learnt what was right and what was wrong. What she could eat and what she couldn't. It was a process, but quicker than we had ever hoped, she started feeling better. She no longer had rashes or hives, her stomach pains went away and her complexion cleared up (we didn't even know her complexion was problematic!).

My wife and I now look back and wish we were able to nip this problem in the bud. We wish that we had known from the beginning that this was the problem, but truthfully, peanut allergies never even entered into our mind as an option. We were completely unaware that this type allergy could exist and we definitely had no idea what the warning signs or the symptoms were.

Now that we know through, we decided to sit down and write this book so no parent will ever have to go though what we went through ever again. We thank our lucky stars every night that our child's form of the allergy wasn't fatal, some forms are.

Learn What The Big Deal Is All About

Protect your children, your family and your lives by reading this important book. Recognizing And Dealing With Nut Allergies

There are dozens of different nut allergies that exist and each allergy requires different methods to treat it. Don't assume that your doctors will tell you if there's something wrong, you need to learn for yourself what the warning signs are, what the symptoms are and how to treat the allergy if in fact you or someone in your family has it.

Severity of nut allergies range from mild irritation to anaphylactic shock. Even the most minute trace of nut-based proteins can cause symptoms. Only with understanding the allergy and treating it properly can you hope to live a normal, regular healthy life.

Don't you owe it to your family to learn all you can about this allergy and make sure that if anyone starts exhibiting symptoms that you'll be able to treat them immediately?

Learn all there is to know about nut allergies. Start learning today.

Recognizing And Dealing With Nut Allergies Will Help You...

  • Decide What You Can And Can't Eat!
  • Recognize The Symptoms Of A Nut Allergy!
  • Understand The Difference Between Peanut And nut Allergies - They Aren't The Same!
  • Avoid Potentially Deadly Situations!
  • Learn What Treatment Paths Are Right For You!
  • Understand How Epinephrine Works And How To Use It!

Take Control Of Your Allergy Today!

One of the scariest parts of taking care of a nut allergy is the knowledge that even the smallest speck of nut dust can cause potentially devastating damage. It's therefore prudent to understand that there are certain foods that you must stay away from at all costs. Even the slightest hint of nuts might send you into having an allergic reaction. You have to do everything within your power to avoid exacerbating you situation completely.

It's this very reason why this book is so vital to your survival. Do you know exactly what to stay away from and what is safe? I'm not just talking about food here. Oils, creams, fragrances, soaps and anything else you might come in contact with needs to be checked to make sure it's safe.

It is always important to educate yourself to is safe and what is harmful. Recognizing And Dealing With Nut Allergies will help you understand what you can and can't have around you. You need to learn to read and understand food packaging labels. You need to be vigilant about what shampoos you put in your hair and what hand creams you use. You need to double check your beautician, hair salon and every time you go out to eat, you need to be able to ask the right questions.

Any place you go where even one trace of nut protein can get into your bloodstream you need to be aware of. Recognizing And Dealing With Nut Allergies might just be the most important book you'll ever read.

No matter how much you think you know about your allergy, there is no reason to deprive yourself of this vital information. This book could save your life or the life of someone you know.


Peanuts are not the same as nuts...
Some alarming peanut statistics...
Peanut allergy essentials...

  • How serious is it?
  • What is it?
  • What is anaphylaxis and anaphylactic shock?
  • Other signs and symptoms
  • Anaphylaxis and biphasic reaction
  • Where does your peanut allergy come from?
  • Peanut allergy versus intolerance
Taking in peanut proteins
  • From cross-contact
  • Through direct contact
  • Through inhalation
What are the most dangerous times and conditions for peanut allergy sufferers?
  • So do other medical conditions
  • Age plays its part...
  • Will your reaction always be the same?
Things to know about epinephrine
  • When should I administer or use epinephrine?
  • Side effects of epinephrine
Other treatments and prevention
  • Antihistamines
  • The first defense...
  • TNX-901
Foods to avoid for peanut allergy sufferers
  • Common foods to avoid
Food labeling and our immune systems
The dangers of eating out
Cooking without peanuts
Tree nut allergies

  • Which tree nuts should be avoided?
  • What are the symptoms of tree nut allergy?
  • What about coconuts and nutmeg?
  • Food sources of tree nuts
  • Is product size relevant?
  • Non-food sources of tree nut extracts
Getting advice and actions to take
  • Self-help groups and allergy associations
  • Seek medical advice
  • Common sense precautions
Ebook cover: Recognizing And Dealing With Nut Allergies
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