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PREGNANCY from A to Z Ebook

Category: Health, Women
Ebook cover: PREGNANCY from A to Z


Title: PREGNANCY from A to Z
"Everything You Need to Know About Having A Baby"

Dear Mom To Be,

Whether you are trying to get pregnant or are already expecting you no doubt have dozens of questions that you would like to have answered.

Written by a medical professional, "Pregnancy From A to Z" is just what the doctor ordered to answer all your questions. In fact, it probably has answers to questions you haven't even asked yet!

In the Beginning!

"Pregnancy From A to Z" not only discusses the entire aspects of pregnancy, it also sheds light on what you should do before becoming pregnant to insure a healthy and happy child.

What's more is a full chapter discussion about increasing the odds for having a boy or a girl! No guarantees of course, but there are things you can do to sway the odds in your favor.

What we hope you will learn is how to be prepared for what is to come as your pregnancy progresses. Why should you read "Pregnancy From A to Z?"

Because of the author!

Not only is the author a medical doctor specializing in women and children's health issues, she is also a wife and mother. And as if that weren't enough, in addition to traditional medicine she explores the alternative methods as well and incorporates a holistic approach to her practice.

As you can see in the following list "Pregnancy From A to Z" covers it all:

  • Diagnosis of pregnancy
  • Symptoms of early pregnancy
  • Calculation of delivery date
  • What happens to your body as pregnancy progresses
  • Development of pregnancy: what happens to your baby inside the womb on different pregnancy stages
  • What to avoid during pregnancy
  • Effect of smoking, alcohol and illegal drugs on fetus
  • Which medication to use
  • Sex during pregnancy
  • Morning sickness: what can be done to help
  • Bleeding during early and late pregnancy
  • Risk factors for baby, abnormalities; when some investigations need to be done (like US and/or amniocentesis)
  • Group Streptococcus (GBS) in pregnancy
  • The use of anti-D in pregnancy
  • Diet during pregnancy
  • Anesthetics used for childbirth
  • Childbirth explanation - normal labor, Caesarean section
  • Evaluation of newborn - Apgar score- what does it mean?
  • Birth choices. Water birth
  • Two to tango: father's role during pregnancy
  • What is ectopic pregnancy (risk, future chances for normal pregnancy)?

All this and more await you in "Pregnancy From A to Z" a definite must have to answer all those burning questions about becoming pregnant.

Who better to teach you than a medical professional who is also a wife and mother?

Grab your copy now for yourself or as the ultimate gift to a friend or loved one.

About The Author
Dr Irina Webster
Started her medical career in 1987 after graduating from high school with distinctions. Irina always had an ambition to help others and thought medicine was a good area to pursue. She then enrolled in the Medical University of Archangelsk situated in North Russia, graduating in 1993.

Irina then started her internship at The Komi Republic Children's Hospital 1993 to 1994 where she studied to become a Pediatrician.

After passing her internship Irina started working as a doctor - Pediatrician

at the Women's and Children's hospital based in Syktyvkar; the capital city of the Komi Republic from 1994 to 2001.

During this time Irina continued to gain more qualifications and eventually became the foremost specialist in her area of medicine in the region.

Irina Completed Advanced Training in Women and Children Health (Certificate No A-385755 from 10 July 1998)

Completed Advanced Training in Clinical Pharmacology and Allergy in children (Diploma No 094441 from 30 October 2000)

Completed Advanced Training Course " Atopic Dermatitis in Children" (Certificate No 382 from 27 November 1996)

As a part of her normal job as the leading specialist Irina also performed as a Medical Educator, teaching General Practitioners and nurses about Asthma and Allergy management in evening educational classes.

She also taught Educational Classes for the general public (about Asthma and Allergy management) especially for parents of children suffering from asthma.

Irina also wrote a weekly medical column for the local newspaper on women and children's health.

For most doctors doing all this would be enough but Irina had a driving ambition to further her medical knowledge so took a part time position in emergency medicine in 1997.

In 2001 Irina migrated to Australia after marrying an Australian and arriving with not much knowledge of English. Irina set about learning at an unprecedented rate and not only passed English at a professional level, but also completed two bridging courses for medical professionals from 2001-2003.

In January of 2003 she passed Australian Medical Council Exams and received medical registration in Australia.

From 2003 -2006 she has been working in The Australian Hospital System as a medical doctor were she has gained more knowledge and pursued her interest in Women and Children Health and General Practice medicine. Also during this time Irina has looked at both traditional and alternative medicine and now has a holistic approach to health.

Irina has now started a web site especially for women, where she covers a whole range of topics on Women's health. Where you can also get monthly medical updates and on going help from her with problems you may have in strict confidence.

Table of Contents

Before Pregnancy and Preparation for Pregnancy

  • Your First Visit to Your Doctor About a Pregnancy?

Shettles's system - How to increase the odds of having a boy or a girl in your favor

  • Overview of Sex Selection Methods

1) Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)
2) Micro Sort
Symptoms of Early Pregnancy
Diagnosis of Pregnancy: Confirmation with Medical Tests

  • How Home Pregnancy Tests Detect Pregnancy

The Dipstick Test
The Collection Cup Test
The Chemical Mixing Test

  • Why Incorrect Results may Occur

Possible Causes of False-Positives:
Possible Causes of a False Negative Result:

  • Obstetric Ultrasound

Calculation of Delivery Date
Development Stages During Your Pregnancy?

  • The Changes Your Body Has During Your Pregnancy?

Changes During the First Trimester

  • Changes in Your Body

A Simple Meditation/relaxation Technique You can Try:
Nausea and Vomiting
Frequent Urination
Weight Gain
Look after Your Thirst First!
Mind over Stomach!

  • Changes in Your Baby

Pictures from a Baby's First Trimester
Second Trimester

  • Changes in Your Body

Weight Gain

  • Pictures of a Baby's Second Trimester
  • Changes in Your Baby
Third trimester
  • Changes in Your Body

Weight Gain

  • Changes in Your Baby
  • Sleeping in the 3rd Trimester
  • Pictures of a Baby's Third Trimester
What to Avoid and Which Medications to use during pregnancy

Effects of Smoking, Alcohol and Illegal Drugs on the Fetus

  • The most common birth defects or problems of FAS?
  • What is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)?
  • How Does Alcohol Cause These Problems?
  • Is it Okay to Drink a Little Alcohol During Pregnancy?
  • Can FAS be Cured?
Smoking During Pregnancy

Using Illegal Drugs During Pregnancy

  • Taking Ecstasy and Other Amphetamines During Pregnancy

Sex During Pregnancy

  • Changes to Expect with Sexual Activity During Pregnancy

Bleeding During Early and Late Pregnancy

  • What does Placenta Previa look like?
  • Other common causes of vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy:
Self-help with Your Morning sickness
  • How to Cope with Morning Sickness?
  • What is the reason for morning sickness?
  • Herbal remedies for Morning Sickness

Risk Factors for Fetus Abnormalities: When Investigations are Needed
The Use of Anti-D in Pregnancy

  • What is so Special about Pregnancy?
  • Why are Blood Groups Important?
  • What can we do to prevent this?
  • When is anti-D administered?
Group B Streptococcus (GBS) in Pregnancy
  • How will I be screened?
  • Will GBS affect the baby?
  • Treatment for the Baby

Your Diet During Pregnancy
Explanation of Normal Labor and Caesarean Section

  • Three Stages of Labor

Effects of Caesarean Section Compared with Vaginal Birth
Anesthetics used for childbirth

  • Pharmacological Methods
  • Non-pharmacological Methods
  • Pethidine
  • Epidural (spinal) Analgesia
  • Nitrous oxide andOoxygen
  • Local Analgesia
Evaluation of the Newborn: What does the 'Apgar Score' Mean?

Two to Tango: The father's Role During Pregnancy

  • What Can the Father-to-be do?

What Men can do to Educate Themselves:
Practical Tips for Future Dads in the First and Second Trimester;
Practical Tips for Future Dads in the Third Trimester:
Birth Choices from Hospital to a Water Birth
What is Ectopic Pregnancy?

  • Signs that your pregnancy might be ectopic include:


  • For more information on Women's health


Ebook cover: PREGNANCY from A to Z
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P.S. Even if you have no plans to start a family, "Pregnancy From A to Z" makes a great gift for someone who does. Get your copy now!

P.S. Even if you have no plans to start a family, "Pregnancy From A to Z" makes a great gift for someone who does. Get your copy now!

Price: $17.00
Rating: 4.5 after 2 votes)

Reviewed by on 2008-09-09
My Rate 5
It contains all the detials regarding Women pregnancy

Reviewed by on 2007-03-03
My Rate 4
Fantasic e book I got a lot out of it and it helped me understand my pregnancy. It helped me all the way to the birth of my beautiful little baby girl

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Reviewed by on 2008-09-09
My Rate 5
It contains all the detials regarding Women pregnancy

Reviewed by on 2007-03-03
My Rate 4
Fantasic e book I got a lot out of it and it helped me understand my pregnancy. It helped me all the way to the birth of my beautiful little baby girl

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