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Nathalie's Favorite Parrot Polygon Ebook

Nathalie's Favorite Parrot Polygon
Category: Animals
Ebook cover: Nathalie's Favorite Parrot Polygon


Title: Nathalie's Favorite Parrot Polygon

For All Parrot Lovers Who Want A Happier, Even Hilarious Bird...

"Want An Amazing Collection Of Professional Parrot Training Secrets To Honestly Work Bird Miracles?"

"Do you make these common mistakes with your Parrot ?

  • Putting your Parrot above chest level
  • Having a single perch in your Parrot's cage
  • Yelling at your Parrot to "SHUT UP" when it screams
  • Over-reacting and shouting "OOOH", "AAAH" or "OUCH" whenever it bites
  • Placing the cage near the window overlooking the garden
  • Giving your Parrot only seeds to eat
  • Placing the food and water bowls just beneath the perch
  • Placing your new Parrot on your shoulders...

Here are the four ebooks that you will find in Parrot Secrets™ and the essential Parrot knowledge you will find in each digital book.


EBOOK ONE : How to Get Your Parrot To Talk And Do Astonishing Tricks

  • How to dramatically increase your Parrot's vocabulary. Did you know that some Parrots can have a vocabulary of several hundred words? ....
  • Strategic phone placement tips... Discover why it can be SO important for you to put your telephone somewhere near your Parrot's cage, but be careful... ...
  • The 2 special "indicator" ready-to-talk signs that you need to watch out for in order to know when your Parrot is ready to begin learning how to speak. ...
  • Training warnings... Once your Parrot starts talking, you may have an undesired critic that gets you in hot water, not a fun chatter! ...
  • Is it worth persevering when your Parrot is as silent as a tomb? (YES!) and how long can it take, if your Parrot doesn't talk right away? ...
  • Real communication, not just "Bird" talk... How you will be able to amaze your friends and your family by teaching your Parrot to say "I want a grape" every time it wants to have a grape! ...
  • 3 fun tricks, "Perch On T-Stand", "The Wave", and "Shake Hands" that you can quickly and easily teach your Parrot to do to start the trick learning process. ...
  • 10 secret TOP Parrot trainer tips that will help you to teach your Parrot to talk in 15 days or less! ...
  • A terrible training mistake that you should stop immediately if you are doing this as it can actually make your Parrot mean! 
  • How to train your Parrot to do tricks with ease ...
  • Warning: Mean Parrot Creator?
  • One major factor that might prevent your Parrot from talking... and the simple things that you should do in order to avoid this. ...
  • How to use the audio tapes and CDs that you may already own to teach your Parrot to speak, and when they are most effective. ...
  • Mute as a fish? Discover the best way to inspire your Parrot to talk more. 


EBOOK TWO : "How To Get My Parrot To Love Me"

Look at what's inside... 

  • Discover the truth... cage near a window? A lot of Parrot owners put their Parrot's cage beside a window. Is that a good idea and should you do the same? ...
  • How should you react to a screaming Parrot?... see the most common mistakes most Parrot owners make that only make this worse! 
  • 3 very important benefits and tips to consider while bathing your Parrot... ...
  • How to cure the habit of screaming in already pampered and spoiled Parrots. ...
  • The key to training a Parrot to stop biting is to figure out why it has the habit of biting in the first place. If you have figured that out, you have already won half the battle.
  • The best way to deal with changes in your Parrot's attitude and behavior once it starts to mature ...
  • Important tips on where your Parrot should be in relation to you while you are training it. ...
  • How to figure out the exact reason as to why your Parrot is biting you ...
  • How to control your Parrot's adolescent behavior ...
  • How many toys should you put in your Parrot's cage?  ...
  • Pages 8-10 of this ebook will give you a step-by-step scientifically proven process by which you can determine why your Parrot bites you.
  • How to cure the habit of biting in pampered and spoiled Parrots ...
  • The only correct way of handling your Parrot when it is in breeding mode ...
  • 3 simple toys that your Parrot will absolutely LOVE! ...
  • How to permanently stop your Parrot from biting, once you have figured out why it bites... ...
  • Discover the best place in your house to train your Parrot most effectively. ..
  • Should you put your Parrot's cage on the ground or should you put it higher up in the air? ...
  • Discover this expert bird training author's personal favorite solution on how to fix your Parrot's behavioral problems, that your Parrot will LOVE! ...

EBOOK THREE : A Happy Parrot Diet...


  • The most common bird nourishment problem... What is the optimum percentage of your Parrot's diet that should be composed of Vitamin A? And what are the foods that best supply this critical vitamin? ...
  • 11 secret psychological tricks (currently known only by the TOP experts in this field) you can use to persuade and convince your Parrot to try a new and improved diet rich in nutrients even if your bird is extremely reluctant to shift to the new diet! ...
  • Too many seeds? What is the maximum percentage of your Parrot's diet that should be composed of seeds? If you exceed this percentage, it can have really harmful consequences for the health of your bird! ...
  • Healthy fun variety...Discover the proper amounts of different food items that your bird should eat. ...
  • A shiny, smart Parrot tip ...How you can turn your Parrot into a glossy-looking, intelligent and bright bird just by modifying its diet ...
  • The 4 most important food preparation rules that you must follow when you are preparing your Parrot's food - not following all 4 of these rules can have serious consequences for your bird's long-term health! ...
  • Your Parrot goes crazy for these fruits and veggies... The 25 different fruits and vegetables that your Parrot will love and that are also extremely good for its health!  ...
  • Parrot digestion secrets... Which specific fruits and vegetables help your Parrot in digestion ...
  • A secret "beak-watering" Parrot recipe that is also nourishing and excellent for your bird's health! Your Parrot will LOVE you for this sumptuous bird treat! ...
  • Give 'em power veggies! What are the 2 vegetables that MUST be included in your Parrot's diet? ...
  • The 9 most important diet switching tips that you MUST keep in mind when you are transferring your Parrot from its current diet to a more balanced and healthy diet. ...
Ebook cover: Nathalie's Favorite Parrot Polygon
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