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Membership Millionaire software to create a membership site Ebook

Membership Millionaire software to create a membership site
Category: E-Business, Programming
Ebook cover: Membership Millionaire software to create a membership site


Title: Membership Millionaire software to create a membership site
Discover The Lazy Way To Building A Profit Boosting Paid Content Membership Site In Less Than One Hour

Dear Future Membership Site Owner,

Are you frustrated by uncertain sales? Do you hate not knowing how much money your Internet business will bring in from week to week?

If it seems like you have to go faster and faster each month just to keep up then I know you'll be amazed when you learn how to build up a guaranteed residual income at the click of button.

Paid content membership sites are the solution.

Paid content, it's the biggest opportunity to hit online marketing in the last five years and I'm going to reveal to you just how easy it is to start your own private membership site in less than an hour.

If you're into trend spotting, you'll already know that the smart marketers are catching on fast. This coming year you're going to see headlines proclaiming the benefits of residual income creation . . . Well now's your chance to be part of the news rather than just reading it! . . .

Think about it . . . Why should you settle for just one or two orders each week. Why must you spend days promoting single products for minimum margins - when you can practically guarantee secure, regular, income from an army of members and subscribers each and every month.

If you're 'In the Know' you'll have already seen that times are changing, the profit generated by paid content membership sites is guaranteed to eclipse everything that has gone before it.

Membership Sites are Hot!

Consumers want information and they're ready willing and able to pay for it like never before!

If you've always understood the benefits about owning your own membership site but couldn't make it a reality because of a lack of funds, technical knowledge or expertise then Membership Millionaire is for you.

Membership Millionaire is unlike anything else you've seen before - You'll own everything you need to create massive residual income quickly and easily.

Before you see the rest of this letter let me give you a brief overview of what's included in the Membership Millionaire package.

You'll own a fully automated, incredibly powerful script that will create your paid membership site in just minutes. There are no monthly fees and you can use it to create as many sites as you want.

You get an easy to follow installation manual that includes screen captures to help you quickly get started even if you've never installed a script in your life.

You'll also be able to download my brand new - 'low down and dirty' manual to membership site millions' - All the tricks, the tips and the strategies you'll need to successfully run a profit boosting membership site. It's also packed with the critical resources every membership site MUST have to acheive long term stability.


You'll also receive at no additional cost the biggest collection of software, tools, e-books and content rich reports that you can simply plug into your new site to keep your members happy for years to come.

You Simply Cannot Afford To Miss This Package!

Membership Millionaire has been created to maximise your profits and make your life easy. One of the unique components of this incredibly powerful script is that it fully automates the entire sign up process for you. So with the administration side fully taken care of you're free to create the membership content you want.

You will be able to maximise the number of people that sign up to your new membership site because you will be able to offer not one, not two, but three payment processing options: ClickBank, Paypal and 2CheckOut.

You also have the option to add memberships manually and even give them away as special bonuses or incentives to your customers and subscribers.

(A "free membership" has a much higher perceived value than just another 'free' e-book - this strategy alone could triple your orders each week !)

All you'll need to do is add a payment button to your site and this powerful script takes care of the entire process, from payment, to signup and access.

Your new members will receive an automatic (fully customisable) 'Welcome' email with all of their membership details, whilst you'll receive payment notifications and information about your new members so you can quickly see who's joining each day. You could jet off around the world for a month and this powerful system will keep working for you day and night.

If you've never installed a script on your own server before or if you've had problems in the past don't worry. Our detailed installation guide contains step by step screen captures to manual you through every part of the process. And if in the event you still have difficulty then support is only an email away.

Protecting your profits with built in security features. Our script uses advanced receipt verification so only paid members can actually access your sign up page. To avoid confusion they will then need to create a unique user ID and password. (The script ensures no two User Id's are the same automatically).

Only paying customers will be able to gain access to your sign up page and with intelligent IP Tracking the system is virtually bullet proof. Anyone without a valid user name and password will be unable to access your site even if they know the URL.

Guaranteed More Profits: Membership Millionaire also enables you to immediately add new members to an autoresponder of your choice. Use this feature to add backend offers, upgrades and special promotions on autopilot.

You'll also get a downloadable database in CSV format that contains the User Name, Email Address, Signup Date and login information for all users - use it to create secure back ups or add your entire list to other promotions.

Day to day management of your site couldn't be easier - you get a powerful, password protected Admin panel where you can view members information and add, edit or delete accounts in seconds - just point and click.

Make No Mistake Membership Millionaire has everything you need to set up your paid content site in just minutes.

Here's a comprehensive breakdown of all the functions available.

  • Fast - fifteen minutes to set up with easy to follow installation guide.
  • The amazingly powerful, fully automated membership management script that will enable you to build up a fantastic residual income every month.
  • Three potential payment processors: ClickBank, Paypal and 2Checkout to maximise the number of people signing up.
  • Fully automated, hands free account creation process.
  • Easy - Just by place an order button on your site and you're done.
  • Flexible. Set up recurring payments, weekly, monthly or yearly - you can even set up single payments or give memberships away as special bonuses.
  • Instant email notification when new members sign up.
  • New members can be automatically added to an autoresponder making your future promotions and offers 'Hands Free'.
  • Members receive a, fully customisable, automated, 'Welcome' email .
  • Only current members with valid User ID and passwords can access your content.
  • For security - receipt verification and IP Tracking, your members must pay first before they can access your sign up page.
  • Easy to use, powerful Admin Control Panel - add, edit and delete accounts in a few mouse clicks.
  • Downloadable CSV database for backups and additional promotions.

In the next couple of hours you could be making money from your own paid content membership site thanks to Membership Millionaire.

But You Really Haven't Seen The Half Of It Yet !

Unlike some higher priced, inferior scripts you may find elsewhere Membership Millionaire takes paid content membership sites to a whole different level.

Whilst our script allows you to fully automate your payment and sign up process and it allows you to manage your site quickly and easily it doesn't actually create your content area that's up to you.

You can literally include anything you want!

Ebook cover: Membership Millionaire software to create a membership site
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