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Make Your Own Website Ebook

Make Your Own Website
Category: Internet, Programming
Ebook cover: Make Your Own Website


Title: Make Your Own Website
"Here's the definitive, step-by-step guide for developing a website that will make your revenues soar in any economy."

How Much MORE Money Would You Make If You Had Your Own Website??

Do you remember the day you decided to create a business online? Can you recall the adrenaline that surged through your body as your mind took over and developed an attitude of believability?

Your mind was racing with ideas on how to put your newfound knowledge to work. Your ears kept hearing that sound in the back of your mind that was almost a mantra. . .ka-ching - ka-ching - ka-ching!

If this describes you, raise your hand! Okay, you get the drift.

What happened to all that energy? Where is the optimism? Did you just get frustrated and give up?

Or, was it the big, bad, boogey man "confusion?" Or maybe it was his sidekick "frustration?"

Maybe you came to realize that you are competing with hundreds of other marketers all fighting for the attention of the same customer as you.

At this point most people realize the first order of business had better be a website. And that's where the dream comes to a screeching halt. Even if they plan on doing no more than marketing as an affiliate for someone else, the fact is a website is necessary to "captcha" your visitors.

You owe it to yourself to acquire a website. You can pay someone to design it for you OR you can build it yourself and feel the wonderful results it can bring. And now you can build it absolutely free!

So what's the secret? The secret is Make Your Own Website - An Ezy-Internet Guide. Now before you start groaning, "not another do it yourself ecourse" you need to listen up and pay attention!

Make Your Own Website - An Ezy-Internet Guide is not just another pretty face. This guide was written by a very experienced online marketer who isn't afraid to tell it like it is. Jump over to the author page and you'll see what we mean.

According to John, many people believe that there is no way that "ordinary" people like us can do that without special training or a large budget, or that it's just too hard or too expensive!

But, he has helped hundreds of people who had little computer knowledge to make their own web sites and put them on to the Internet.

The thing is, he's put together his own strategies and created a method he likes to call "How to make a website - for people with much better things to do!"

The result of his method is Make Your Own Website - An Ezy-Internet Guide and here's just a taste of what you will find inside:

  • All about security programs - backing up your files
  • Preparing for action - where to get started
  • Essential computer programs - what you need and what you don't
  • Transferring files to your website - what you need to know about ftp, c-panel and a web page editor
  • Storing your files - how to use your computer effectively
  • Selecting a name for your website - choose it carefully
  • Web designs to attract and appeal - a template can do the trick if done correctly
  • Finding a home for your site - you need a good landlord to rent from
  • Adding your own content
  • Where to find the best freebies
  • What to change on a template
  • Tips and tricks and much, much more

Most of what John shares with you is absolutely free. If you've fallen out of favor with internet marketing just for lack of a website or the funds to have it done, you owe it to yourself to try this method and experience the wonderful results it can bring.

There's no excuse for anyone to fail and every reason to succeed when you use Make Your Own Website - An Ezy-Internet Guide.

Don't wait another minute. Rekindle your dream right this minute! You'll be glad you did.

About The Author

John Williams

I use my computer to write books, promote my products and
services, and keep in touch with friends and colleagues around
the World.

I've helped many people learn to use their computers better,
including people that felt their age, health problems, lack of
money or education meant that they could not successfully
use the Internet, let alone set up their own web site.

I learnt to make web pages the traditional way.

I like making web pages.

But, I wrote Make Your Own Website as a guide for the
thousands of people who can see the potential of having their
own Internet web site but who would prefer to be doing something
they're more interested in.

So, I'll show them how to do it quickly, smoothly and, where possible,
at low cost.



About the Author


  • I've never met a question I didn't like!
  • Why I use the Nvu Program for this Guide

Prepare for Action

  • Get rid of the stuff you don't use off your computer

Get Some Security Programs (essential)

  • Back-up Your Important Files

Get the Essential Computer Programs

Store Your Web Page Files on Your Computer

Find a Good Name for Your Website

  • Register Your Web Site Name
  • Choose Your Domain Name Carefully

Rent Space for Your Web Site

  • Change Your Domain Name Server Settings
  • Sign Up for Hosting

Transfer Files to Your Website

  • Use a File Transfer Program to Transfer Your Files
  • Use Your Web Page Editor program to Transfer Files
  • Use CPanel to Transfer Files

Easy Web Design to Attract Eyes and Ah's!

  • Templates for Quick, Quality Websites

Make Your Own Web Page

  • Add a "Super Form" to Your Web Page

Adding Your Page Content

More Information

  • Using Your Web Editor Program
  • Download a Free Web Editor Program
  • Free headlines and titles from Xara
  • Get a Complete Security Program Suite for FREE!
  • Security Programs
  • File Transfer Programs
  • Get Quality Free Programs and Current Information for Pennies!
  • Free and Shareware Programs Sources!

Important Information You Should Have on Your Website

  • Do NOT Copy Text or Pictures from Other Websites

Don't be afraid of the Code

What to Change on a Web Page Template

  • What You Must NOT Change
  • The Parts of the Page that You Need to Edit
  • Hosting Issues
  • "Free" Space is No Bargain

Tips and Tricks

  • Put Your Best Offer at the TOP!
  • Don't Distract Your Visitors
  • Lost Pictures!
  • Word Processing
  • More Internet Resources for You
  • More programs for creating PDFs
  • Email Tools
  • Graphic Tools
  • Site Management Tools
  • More Web Resources
  • The Real Secret of Internet Success


Ebook cover: Make Your Own Website
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P.S. Don't wait another minute. Rekindle your dream right this minute!

You'll be glad you did.

P.S. Don't wait another minute. Rekindle your dream right this minute!

You'll be glad you did.

Price: $17.00
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