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Long Distance Love Ebook

Long Distance Love
Category: Relationships
Ebook cover: Long Distance Love


Title: Long Distance Love

“I took hundreds of hours of research working with real couples and created a powerful, step-by-step “Communication Blueprint” that FIRES-UP your passion… SUPERCHARGES your love… and MELTS THE MILES between you.”

You’ll Discover:

  • How to patch up the holes in your relationship FOR GOOD and build a rock-solidfoundation of confidence that all loving couples “feel” whether they’re physically together or not.
  • The # 1 mistake that couples in long-distance relationships make… and how it all but guarantees your relationship will FAIL. (This is one of those incredibly obvious mistakes that will make you slap yourself for not realizing it sooner!)
  • A FASCINATING way to increase your natural “intuitive” abilities with your partner… practically overnight… so you do the things that make them feel MORE attracted to you subconsciously.
  • Why human nature can actually PREVENT you from having a successful
  • You HATE it when your partner has to leave again… so why do you always seem to have your worst fights just before you have to say “Goodbye?” Read the surprising truth on page 21.
  • long-distance relationship… and what you absolutely must do to overcome your “bad programming” and start enjoying the loving relationship you deserve.
  • How to transform your time apart so it seems to pass quicker, easier… and even make it fun! Sound crazy? Just try this clever suggestion on page 23 and you’ll be a believer!
  • The surprising truth about the REAL reasons why so many long-distance relationships are doomed from the start. Learn this ONE thing, and you can avoid making the terrible mistakes that other couples are making this very moment.
  • The WORST way to talk to your partner when they’re far away. More fights and hurt feelings result from using this unhealthy (but popular) method of communication than any other. Here’s what to do instead.
  • Understand exactly how you’re letting your emotions control your actions… and how to turn this behavior into one that will work FOR, not against you.
  • Ready to throw in the towel? WAIT! Try this 1-step exercise on page 7 and see if this is really the right decision… or a giant mistake that you’ll regret for years to come.
  • Is your long-distance relationship just a way for one or both of you to avoid commitment? Hmmm. My no-punches-pulled checklist on page 29 will tell you if you’re just kidding yourself—or if being apart really is unavoidable.
  • Do you ever feel like you’re just too “sensitive”… or overwhelmed… or just don’t know what to do? First, relax. Then use this no-nonsense technique on page 12. It will help you clear your head and make the right choice. (This one technique alone is worth the price of this guide. Yes, really.)
  • Why she “phones so often” and he “doesn’t call enough.” Men and women ARE different, and so are their expectations. Learn how to accept the differences and use them to make your partner fall more deeply in love with you.
  • Learn how a simple shift in your attitude can stop doubts and negative emotions from sending your relationship into a destructive death spiral.
  • An almost “magical” technique you can use to avoid destructive fights and misunderstandings… and make your partner feel like YOU are the ONLY ONE in the world who truly understands them.
  • When you finally see each other, does it sometimes seem like you have NOTHING to talk about? It’s crazy, right? Well, here’s why it happens… and the surprisingly simple quick fix.
  • The ULTIMATE way to build fiery passion and anticipation. Do this, and you’ll have the BEST SEX when you see each other! Chapter 3 reveals exactly how to make your partner excited to see you again.
  • 3 simple, but incredibly powerful words every couple should say to each other, yet seldom do. Yet these are words your partner is longing to hear you say. (Hint: It’s NOT “I love you”)
  • Do you save up the day’s events to tell your partner at the end of the day? You might be unwittingly creating pressure on your mate when you do so. Find out why on page 16
  • Do you know the 5 “Love Languages?” Learn to speak to your partner in their special Love Language and they’ll never want to be anywhere except in YOUR arms. (Yes, it really works.)
  • An easy facial exercise lets your partner know how much you love them—even when they can’t see you! It’s SO simple—yet so few of us ever think about using it! (See page 26.)
  • The secrets of a fulfilling and loving relationship—what MUST happen to keep BOTH OF YOU from screwing it up.
  • What to do when your partner is acting distant… not calling you back… or becoming upset when you innocently ask what they’ve been doing. Don’t miss page 26, or you risk killing your relationship with subconscious resentment.
  • The ONE thing that ultimately matters in your long-distance relationship. This one thing will predict—with uncanny accuracy—whether you’ll be truly happy together. (It has NOTHING to do with how long you’re apart.)
  • A sure sign that it’s not your insecurities playing tricks with your head. And that it may be time to reassess the relationship. (See page 27.)
  • How to become your own love coach with the confidence and ability to guide your relationship through stressful times and emerge stronger than ever.
  • Being apart can be emotionally exhausting. Keep your love batteries “fully charged” using these simple techniques on page 28.
  • How to avoid letting the emotions you feel when you’re apart cause you to make STUPID mistakes that push your partner away. (If you’ve ever had problems holding on to the “keepers,” it’s probably because you didn’t do this one simple thing.)
  • How to eliminate all possibility of the other person “pulling your strings” and take total control of your emotional and internal states… no matter what the situation in your relationship. (You really need to learn this one.)
  • A proven way to “block” negative emotions from influencing your thoughts so YOU are ALWAYS in charge of the way you feel.
  • A common misunderstanding that dooms 99% of all long-distance relationships permanently… yet is surprisingly easy to reverse. (When you know the secret.)
  • How to quickly get over hurt feelings and petty misunderstands and stop letting them affect your behavior with your partner NOW… even if it’s been haunting you for months.
  • How to avoid starting a fight over things you KNOW you should let slide off your back. (Imagine how this one technique could—by itself—save your relationship!)
  • How to eliminate the “up and down” rollercoaster of feelings that often comes with long-distance relationships and create a path of CONSISTENT results.
  • What to do when you’re tired of waiting. WARNING: This extremely effective step-by-step technique on page 34 can move your relationship forward to the next level, BUT… it can backfire! Please use with caution.
  • How to be independent in a long-distance relationship in a way that makes your partner more attracted to you instead of making them doubt you.
  • How to eliminate the life-sucking trap of “enabling” your partner. (Most people don’t realize this is single biggest cause of break-ups.)
  • Why your brain can actually be your worst enemy when it comes to “thinking things through.” PLUS… a much better way to use your smarts to zero in on what makes your partner tick and please them… like no one else can.
  • How to identify EXACTLY what you want from your relationship and what might get in the way. (This dramatically helps ensure your success.)
  • The best way to avoid “losing your cool” when you need to talk about the relationship. And how to make sure you’re taken seriously. The best part? Your partner will respect you MORE and find you MORE attractive every time you do this one trick. (I want you to contact me after using this technique and let me know how it went. I know you’ll be absolutely thrilled with how it works.)
  • How small, simple daily actions bring you back together and build lasting love.
  • How to stop pulling apart – and start working as a team again.
  • How to stop dwelling on the past and give your future a real chance (this works no matter if one, or both of you have messed up).
  • Are you watching your relationship circle down the drain? Doing this one thing will definitely kill any chance of reconciliation.
  • How to get—and give—the RIGHT sort of attention and affection
  • The two PRIMARY causes of relationship stress – and how to handle either one without losing your mind.
  • How to deal with a partner who doesn’t want to talk—and get them to open up to you.
  • How to quickly snap out of self-destructive patterns of behavior and replace them with new relationship-affirming actions.
  • The very FIRST thing you need to do when you KNOW your relationship is in trouble. If you don’t do this, you’ll sabotage your efforts right from the start.
  • When NOT “talking about it” is the best decision for you both.
  • How to listen so your partner will WANT to talk.
  • How to talk so your partner will truly listen.
  • How to break the painful silences between you—and how to get the timing right.
  • Why adversity can be the BEST thing that ever happened to you as a couple —and how to use it to bring you closer, not push you apart.
  • If you know your relationship is in trouble, making this common mistake will sabotage every effort you make to fix it. Here’s what to do instead…
  • Warning signs that your relationship could be headed towards crisis! How to “turn back the clock” BEFORE you get into trouble.
  • Why sometimes the best thing you can do for your relationship is ignore—yes, IGNORE —your problems. They won’t go away, but here’s what will happen instead…
  • If you want your relationship to succeed, NEVER do THIS. It will kill your love and passion stone-cold faster than anything else!
  • He’s wrong… she’s wrong. Guess what? You’re BOTH “right!” Here’s what you need to understand to communicate as equals.
  • Why every “problem solving” conversation becomes a fight. Most important, what to do to stop fights and start communicating.
  • The seven-day plan to get you through any crisis. When you’re overwhelmed with what’s happening right now, use these steps to get your relationship back on track.
  • Is it time to quit the relationship? This simple test will tell you if it’s worth working on your problems—or if you’re doomed to fail.
  • New routines to banish the stress and bring the fun and romance back to your relationship.
  • Ladies: When “Talking it out” makes him shut down, doing this one simple thing can help him open up.
  • The #1 “Life Skill” that predicts whether your love will survive a crisis. (Don’t worry if you don’t have this skill… it’s quick, simple, and easy to do.)
Ebook cover: Long Distance Love
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