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KillerCover Ebook Cover Ebook

KillerCover Ebook Cover
Category: Cover design, Cover design
Ebook cover: KillerCover Ebook Cover


Title: KillerCover Ebook Cover

It is a fact, people DO judge a book by its cover, or a product by its package! Don't believe me? Go into any book store or video store and look around. Nine times out of ten it is the cover design or packaging that will first draw your eye to a particular product. It's at that moment your first impressions are formed and the sale is made..... or lost!

The same is true on the internet, probably more so. That's because everything on the Net is two dimensional. If you want to make a good first impression, to build trust, and create value in your customers mind, then you have to present your product in a way your customer can relate to.

You have to present it in a way that makes your customer want to reach into their screen and pick it up. If you can do that, make the product jump and say, hey! look at me! I'm real, buy me now! Then you will make more sales. It's as simple as that.

Have a browse through some of our cover designs and styles, but keep in mind two important things:

1. Every cover is unique and has been created by a designer who has a great deal of experience in sales and marketing, and online business. That means that you get a cover that has been designed with one thing in mind. To get you more sales!

2. Every cover comes with a full no questions asked, money back guarantee. What that means is, that you can order your cover, safe in the knowledge that if you don't like what we produce, and you don't want us to fix it, then you get your money back, and we keep the cover. No ifs, ands or buts. And no questions asked!

Now, scroll down the page and check out some of our cover designs and styles. Then compare them to what you are currently showing your visitors. Then imagine how many more sales you could be making right now if you had your product, ebook or ezine wrapped in a KillerCover.

If you want to turn your new Killercover into a professional looking brand and web site then you need the Killer Web Site Brand Pack. Here is what is inside:


  • Your Killercover in 4 sizes plus 1 x small 2D and 1 x large 2D for the first page of your PDF ebook.
  • Print this page icon and Java script already embedden in the HTML page.
  • Order button to match your Killercover and website look.
  • Credit card logos.
  • Copyright footer and site background to match your new brand.
  • An HTML page ready for you to paste your sales copy into.
  • A Killer Header that matches your KillerCover that goes at the top of your web site.



Ebook cover: KillerCover Ebook Cover
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