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How to Write Songs That Sell Ebook

How to Write Songs That Sell
Category: Music
Ebook cover: How to Write Songs That Sell


Title: How to Write Songs That Sell

The Melodies Module

  • How to use the right combination of repetition and change to create catchy melodies
  • How to create a strong melodic hook in your music to keep your listeners addicted to what you're singing
  • How to organize your scale or chord notes into patterns to come up with a singable melody your fans will love
  • The scales available to you for your melodies in each key of 6 different modes, and how to turn them into a melody over any chord progression (or before you even have a chord progression)
  • How to avoid writing overcomplicated melodies that are hard to sing (for you AND your audience)
  • How to change the rhythm of a melody to give it a completely different sound
  • How to reference proven successful melodies to give people a familiar sound, while at the same time making the melody completely your own
  • How to change the notes in a melody (while keeping its rhythm) to come up with a fresh idea
  • How to create melodies that match the intent of your song’s big idea
  • How to create a powerful contrast in your melodies as your song travels from your verse to your chorus, in a way that will keep your listener excited each time they hear a new part of your song
  • What the 2 components of a melody are, and how changing anything aside from those two components won’t affect your melody at all
  • A cool trick for making your listeners want to hear your melody again and again
  • How to strategically separate your melody from your lyrics to come up with a marketable sound
  • How to develop memorable melodies every time you sit down to write a song
  • How to easily create memorable and creative melodies in your song, in order to keep your song in your listeners' heads, so they’ll want to hear it more often
  • How to easily write melodies people will sing along to
  • How to be consistently writing melodies as you go about your daily activities

The Lyrics Module

  • How to engage the five senses (plus 2 additional senses) as a way of painting a very visual picture with your words, which will pull your listeners into your story
  • How to write creative and interesting metaphors, which are a mandatory element of great lyric writing
  • What the most popular rhyme schemes are and how you can alter them to positively impact your lyrics
  • How to use rhyme as a strategy when writing your lyrics, so you're not just rhyming for the sake of it
  • What the different types of rhymes are and the best time to use each one for an impactful listening experience
  • How to clearly write your lyrics to the rhythm in your music, so you don't end up with wordy, awkward sounding (and often misheard) lyrics
  • How to effectively use a physical rhyming dictionary for writing better lyrics
  • How to align each of your lyrical lines with a melodic line for a message that resonates with your listeners
  • How the number of lines you use in your song can affect what your lyric is about, and how to use that to your advantage as you write
  • How to highlight the most important phrases of your lyrics (like your song's title) so they stand out to your listeners
  • How to use the length of each phrase in your song as an important tool in your lyric writing to highlight what your lyrics mean
  • How to paint clichés with a whole new meaning no one's ever heard before
  • How to avoid having your phrases sound awkward
  • How to keep your listeners interested in your story from your first line to your last chord
  • How to use imagery in your lyrics to add detail to your stories

The Chord Progressions Module

  • What the most commonly used chord progressions are, so you can either use them for a familiar sound, or stay away from them when you’re innovating
  • The chords available to you in each key of 6 different modes, giving you a staggering number of chord options
  • What the most common song structures are, so you can use them to structure your song with a familiar sound, or stay away from them if you want to be more creative
  • Easy ways to contrast your chords from section to section to create an enjoyable listening experience for your fans
  • How to experiment with different rhythms and tempos to give any one set of chords a whole range of sounds
  • How to reference the chords from a successful song to give people a familiar sound that’s already a proven success, while at the same time making it entirely your own
  • How to easily change the key of a song so you can make it as simple as possible for you to sing it or play it on the piano or guitar
  • How to use the rhythm of another song to create a cool vibe for your own music
  • How to easily change a song from major to minor to drastically alter its mood, to match your song’s main idea
  • How to modify the chords of an existing song to compose a great cover song in your own style
  • How to use tempo as a tool to set a mood in your songs
  • How to create a chord progression that matches the intent of your song’s big idea

The "Big Idea" Module

  • How to come up with a specific idea for a new song, based on an existing successful story
  • How to turn simple, everyday words and phrases into full song ideas
  • How each section of a song functions and how to use each section to benefit your songs
  • How to take a simple idea and methodically turn it into a full song, section by section
  • How to use everyday conversations as a way to consistently come up with song ideas
  • Why tapping into people’s emotions will make them want to hear your song again and again
  • How to come up with a title that will make people want to hear your song, and how to develop that title into a full song
  • How to create a lead character in your story that your listeners can easily relate to, making them fall in love with your song
  • What questions to ask yourself before you start, to keep your ideas focused as you develop your song
  • How to keep and organize your best song ideas, so you can develop them into full songs whenever you want

Bonus Module: Mindset + Practice

  • How to add new songwriting routines into your life, so you'll stick to them and not give them up like a bad new year's resolution
  • How songwriters limit themselves, and how to avoid doing that in order to succeed
  • How to eliminate distractions when you're writing for more efficient writing sessions that will output better songs
  • How to keep yourself motivated as a songwriter, whether you feel like writing or not
  • Whether you should strive to write a lot of songs, or just a handful if you want to become a great songwriter
  • How to create your own roadmap to success as a songwriter to give you the future you want
  • How the simple act of making quick decisions can help you reach your songwriting goals
  • How to get yourself to take the necessary steps to move forward with your songwriting career
  • How being persistent can help you achieve success
  • What the 5 crucial keys to becoming and staying a successful songwriter are
Ebook cover: How to Write Songs That Sell
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