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How to Have a Good Marriage in a Bad Economy Ebook

How to Have a Good Marriage in a Bad Economy
Category: Relationships, Wedding
Ebook cover: How to Have a Good Marriage in a Bad Economy


Title: How to Have a Good Marriage in a Bad Economy

Don't Let a Temporary Challenge Destroy a Successful Relationship

Contrary to popular opinion, marriages are not made in heaven. They take work. Lots of work. Successful marriages are created not just "divined."

While you may think that you have met your soul mate unless he/she can look you in the eye during the very worst of times and utter those all important words, "I love you."

Introducing Patrick Iwobi. Patrick says, "I have written "How to have a Good Marriage in a Bad Economy" to capture the positive aspects of a true marriage."

If you have been meandering through the morass of negativity that the current economy has brought down, have you found that your relationship has suffered?

The chances are that it has. Go ahead, admit it. No one is looking over your shoulder. The first step to correcting a challenge is to admit that it exists. Once you've done that, Patrick has the plan to set your marriage right!

One of the concepts he describes is "absence." Now, you might ask absence of what? Well, that's explained inside but rest assured once you grasp this part of his plan you have half the battle won.

Is that all there is? No way! Take a look:

  • Who is to blame? Be honest!
  • Why do you fight? Patrick helps you learn why.
  • What's the real reason? Remember, be honest!
  • How to make up and move on. He shows you how.

Learning how to discover what your strengths are is just as important as knowing your weaknesses. Having this kind of personal information at your fingertips allows you to pinpoint exactly what you need to work on.

And, once you have the basics, Patrick leads to an exploration of how to prioritize your world. Not your bosses' world. Not your children's world. Not your neighbors' or your friends' worlds. YOUR WORLD. The world you decided to share back when you promised to love, honor and cherish.

Think it's worth the effort? We do and hope you do too. If you do, in Patrick's words, "I urge everyone to read this book and get a full insight about the steps to a wonderful marriage whatever is happening around it.

You can do it with one click below. See you on the inside!

About The Author

Patrick Iwobi

Patrick is a passionate go getter and motivator who grabs life for all it is worth. He is an experienced actor/entertainer and choreographer/dancer. His biggest achievement was performing in front of crowds of about 20,000, and acting in the cult TV series, "Zena" and having a major role in a British TV soap opera.

Patrick loves the artistic side of his talents; he has spent most of his years as an entrepreneur, owning a catering and entertainment company for ten years in New Zealand.

Patrick is a loving father of five and dedicated husband for the past sixteen years who writes from experience and from the heart.

His newest passion is to share his colorful life experiences through the Internet.

Patrick says, "I have written "How to have a Good Marriage in a Bad Economy" to capture the positive aspects of a true marriage."

Writing it made me understand that everything is not always greener on the other side, so one has to appreciate what he or she has in life.

It is true that ever since the recession hit the global market, situations have gotten gloomy especially in some marriages.


Like the book says; absence of money, absence of time, absence of desire, and so many more factors which are mentioned in the book.

This book helped me realize that no matter how bad a situation is or will be, having time for each other, communicating with each other, and loving each other are the most important keys to having a good marriage in such difficult times.

It relates to both the young, old and the restless, even to those who are not married or newlyweds and who have been in the game of marriage for quite some time.

From my own real life experiences with relationships over time, I have been able to analyse the pros and cons of marriage in several situations.

My book will help people understand what they are doing right and wrong.

I do not see myself as an "agony aunty" but a thoughtful motivator and adviser.

I urge everyone to read this book and get a full insight about the causes of a good marriage and possible solutions to a bad marriage.

Patrick Iwobi


Table of Contents

Foreword: The Importance of Stress and Recession-Proofing Your Relationship
1 Why Recessions Ruin Marriages

  • The Absence of Time
  • Stress and How It Affects Everything
  • The Absence of Money
  • The Absence of Desire
2 Evaluate Your Weaknesses
  • Who Is to Blame?
  • Why Do You Fight?
  • What's Really Wrong?
  • Making Up and Moving On
3 Appreciate Your Strengths
  • What Makes You Special?
  • Why Do You Love Each Other?
  • Communicating Effectively in Your Relationship
  • The Practical Benefits of a Good Marriage
4 Making Time
  • Time for Yourself
  • Time for Each Other
  • Time for Everything Else
  • Cut Out Unnecessary Time Demands
  • Time Management Tips for Couples
  • Combine Tasks Whenever Possible
  • Stop Procrastinating
  • Keep Dating
  • Be Prepared
  • Don't Dwell
5 Making Money
  • The Importance of Budgeting
  • Needs vsWants
  • Making Money Together
  • Budget, Budget, Budget!
  • Money Management Tips for Couples
  • Pre-write Shopping Lists
  • Buy in Bulk
  • Shop the Sales
  • Automatically Deduct Savings from Your Paycheck
  • Never Make Big Purchases Impulsively
  • Always Do Price Comparisons
  • Use Cash
6 Making Love
  • Making Sure You Both Get What You Need
  • Communicating Effectively in Bed
  • Keeping Stress Out of the Bedroom
  • Simple Tips to Make and Keep Sex Fun
Summary: For Better - For Worse - For Richer - For Poorer!
A Few Words from Patrick Iwobi


Ebook cover: How to Have a Good Marriage in a Bad Economy
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