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How to Get Rid of Snoring Ebook

How to Get Rid of Snoring
Category: Health, How To
Ebook cover: How to Get Rid of Snoring


Title: How to Get Rid of Snoring

What Is Snoring

Getting To Know Snoring Better

Although snoring seems to be quite prevalent among a number of people, it remains to be an abnormal sleep phenomenon. Statistics show that around 45% of adults experiences snoring from time to time while a significant 25% of the population are reported to be habitually snoring.

Snoring may affect people coming from any age group. However, men seem to be more prone to experiencing this condition. Although snoring may not be as serious as the other medical conditions, it still should be given attention as it does not only have certain health implications, it may also be quite emotionally and socially disturbing.

Snoring basically takes place when there are physical impediments that affect the flow of air through the mouth and nose during sleep. The unusual sound produced is mainly due to the vibration of the throat muscles as the air passageway is blocked. The obstruction may be observed in any of the following areas:

  • Nasal passages. Blockage in these passages results to difficulty in breathing. Extra effort is necessary. With this, the soft tissues of the throat may collapse which, in turn, may further cause snoring. Given this, people with sinus infections, colds, or allergic rhinitis are reported to be snoring.
  • Throat. Some people, by nature, have very relaxed or soft throat muscles which collapse easily. As the muscles collapse, the air passageway narrows, resulting to the unusual sound produced. Furthermore, those who have bulky throat muscles are likewise prone to snoring since the air passageway is narrower than the ideal.
  • Opening from the nose going to the throat. A long palate or even long uvula significantly narrows down this particular opening. Also, given the fact that the tissues and muscles are situated closely to each other, they hit each other during breathing.

Other deformities in the structure of the mouth and surrounding areas may also lead to snoring. For instance, a malpositioned jaw may negatively affect the overall movement of the mouth leading to muscular tension that results to unusual flapping of the other mouth and throat tissues.
Indeed, snoring is such a disturbing condition that needs attention. In addition, it can be an indication of a more serious medical condition such as sleep apnea.

Although this may not always be the case, it is still ideal that one seeks treatment as soon as the symptoms are observed so that if in case it indeed has other medical implications, it can be addressed early on. Furthermore, since snoring occurs during sleep, it prevents a person from having quality rest every night which he may or may not be conscious of. This explains why some snorers complain of drowsiness or headaches during the day which are, obviously, effects of a disturbed sleep.

Snoring is often observed, not by the snorer himself, but by the people around him. Socially, it can have adverse effects especially if a person sleeps near another person. For couples, this can really be a problem.

Treatment comes in various forms and the results may differ from one person to another. It is advisable that one consults a doctor first to identify which one is most suitable. The bottom line in all these is that snoring should not be taken for granted and must be treated the soonest possible time.

Table of Contents

  1. What is snoring
  2. Who is at risk for snoring
  3. What causes adult snoring (sleep apnea, mouth obstruction, medications that induce snoring, obesity, health conditions, etc.)
  4. What causes snoring in kids (allergies, health conditions, obesity, etc.)
  5. Cause of snoring: health implications
  6. Cause of snoring: sleep apnea
  7. Cause of snoring: obesity
  8. Cause of snoring: eating and sleeping habits
  9. Cause of snoring: alcoholism
  10. Rare causes of snoring
  11. When do you need medical help
  12. Treatments available in snoring
    • snoring treatment: medicines
    • Snoring treatment: allergy triggers
    • Snoring treatment: surgical procedures
    • Snoring treatment: eating and sleeping habit modification
    • Snoring treatment: Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)
    • Snoring treatment: lifestyle changes versus surgery
  13. Anti-snoring products (nasal strips, humidifier etc.)
  14. Snoring conclusion


Ebook cover: How to Get Rid of Snoring
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