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Category: Decorating, Home, How To

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Reviewed by Ramramr on 2019-03-20
My Rate 4
I the Chief Author-Content Writer going to share book review by reading this book whose title is designing on a budget decorating your home interior cheap through this e library. net website by writing small article on book review which will include it s title,pros,cons and others .

So what are we waiting for here is the book review

Book Title Designing on a Budget Decorating your home interior cheap

Story of this book is as as follows

The writer and author of this book shared his own personal experiments on designing on a budget and decorating ones home interior at cheap prices which he experienced himself and which he described in this book seperated into various chapter starting with the first with the fraction of retail to the last how to decorate bedrooms in cheap way .

Pros of this book are that one can learn how to manage their budget while interior decorating ,
while cons of this book are that writer has not used images to describe its experiments while describing cheap budget for interior decorating .

Lastly the conclusion , i am giving 4 stars to it as overall rating and suggest to purchase this book who want to avail above given pros of it .


With Regards,

The Chief Author-Content Writer

Reviewed by Avinash Hasija on 2018-10-16
My Rate 5
I will Give 5 Stars to this book as it helped me to plan Designing the budget on following
such as purchased artwork,pillows etc

Reviewed by redone111 on 2015-12-19
My Rate 4
i find this ebook so good and have great ideas for decoration

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Title: Designing on a Budget. Decorating Your Home Interior Cheap!

Learn how to decorate and design on a dime! This budget interior decorating ebook will show you how to decorate cheap, for a fraction of retail prices! Includes everything you need to start your budget design project right away!

Includes Project Planning Worksheet & Budgeting Worksheets!

Have you ever...

  • Started a cycle of "buy & return" with accessories because you can't find the perfect item and everything you buy doesn't look quite right?
  • Put off decorating your home for so long that your friends & family begin wonder why you haven't decorated yet?
  • Purchased furniture that you thought was perfect, only to get it home and find out that it is totally wrong?
  • Purchased artwork, pillows, curtains, area rugs, etc. thinking they would coordinate beautifully in your room, but then you get them home and (you don't know why), but you really don't like them?
  • Had trouble finding things that fit your personal style and will match your decor?
  • Felt guilty because you know that you over-spent on decorative items for your home?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then this ebook is for you! This ebook is a valuable guide to budget decorating, and will guide you through lots of ways to save money and still get the professional look you desire.

Interior Design on A Budget Contains all the information you need to start making your home design dreams a reality!

... Click here to read the full description!

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Ebook Type: PDF
Rating: (4.5 after 4 votes)
Category: Family, How To, Parenting

Potty Training - REAL POTTY TRAINING! by Patti - MOTHER of SEVEN

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Reviewed by Avinash Hasija on 2018-11-17
My Rate 5
I will give 5stars to this Book"Potty Training-Real Potty Training by Patti Mother of Seven "as it gives various ideas and ways to teach a kid of infant childhood age to do Potty and keep themselves hygiene,clean and dry away from all types of illnesses which come to a kid and even to adult also due to dirt and unhygienic and if we dont maintain hygiene ,cleanliness .

Reviewed by Pam on 2009-09-05
My Rate 5
It really worked!

Reviewed by on 2009-07-15
My Rate 5
IT WORKS!!!!!!

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Title: Potty Training - REAL POTTY TRAINING! by Patti - MOTHER of SEVEN
Author: Patti

This is a unique concept to teach your child to take responsibility for keeping clean and dry - without your constant reminders and assistance! I explain the fast way to total, permanent success that is a fun learning experience for your child. It is amazing how simple potty training can be, when you know how!

Why Did I Write This?

  • I've seen too many books, eBooks, and guides say, "FIVE HOURS", "3 days", or "1 week" and go on to explain a plan that's really for weeks or even months.
  • I've seen too many parents struggling with soiled and wet pants, couches, beds, and floors.
  • I've seen too many children wearing Pull Ups or wet pants being referred to as "potty trained".
  • I've seen too many parents battling with force that only makes the potty appear to be "the enemy" to the children.
  • I've seen too many methods that incorporate rewards, gimmicks, gadgets, bribery, and forms of coercion that insult the children's intelligence, and they rarely work for long.
  • I've seen too many parents interrupted to help, or even wake, the children everytime they have to go potty.
  • I've seen too many children consider the term "baby" a serious insult, when we should be teaching them that babies are wonderful. :-)
  • I've seen too many children relapse after a few days of insistance or game playing that had been looking successful.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Rating: (5 after 3 votes)
Category: E-Marketing, How To, E-Business

Open ebook.

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Reviewed by Chris Efird on 2017-09-09
My Rate 4
The book covers the majority of all the basic e-marketing information, and does a good job explaining the information

Reviewed by Luningning on 2017-08-29
My Rate 3
this book is fun to read i like the conversation its helping to,,thats why i love ebook so much a lot of sense

Reviewed by Abhay Bhati on 2017-05-25
My Rate 4
best book on building squeeze pah
ges whch ultimately leads to conversion like crazy. . it helped me alot. . thank u

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Title: Top Tips for Building Website Landing Pages That Convert Like Crazy
Author: Dave Wedge

How to build a list of email subscribers that can then be marketed to by follow up email. This ebook contains examples and a step by step process.

This is now proven to be the single best way of building online business. Selling cold from the page is becoming more and more difficult.

Usually referred to as a Squeeze page, this type of landing page is designed specifically to capture a visitor's email address and gain them as a subscriber.

This provides a long term opportunity to build a relationship and create trust by showing your value and providing an insight to your business and your knowledge.

Such a relationship makes selling a lot easier as many of your subscribers will become fans who will happily purchase what you have to offer. Very often they will recommend you and pass on your details to friends and family.

All leading online marketers practice this approach, there is a well used phrase in the Internet Marketing world that "The money is in the list", but first you have to start building that list.


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Ebook Type: PDF
Rating: (3.66 after 3 votes)
Category: How To

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Reviewed by tanmay on 2009-05-08
My Rate 5
by the help of this book my personality has been modified n number of times,and i have gained a lot of self confidance

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Title: Learn How to Download Thousands of Songs, Movies & Software for Free

Learn How to Download Thousands of Songs, Movies & Software for Free... Right Now.

It's easy. In less than six minutes, you'll know how to download almost anything for free... guaranteed. Of course, we don't recommend downloading pirated or illegal content.

You Can Get All of this Today

  • Videos for kids
  • Videos for adults
  • Songs from the past
  • Software
  • Pictures & photos
  • Old movies
  • New songs & albums
  • New movies
  • Hard-to-find music
  • Games
  • Documents

Much more ...

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Rating: (5 after 1 votes)
Category: How To, Spirituality, Women

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Reviewed by Heather on 2011-11-22
My Rate 5
Everything that I read in your book it was like, "Yes, Yes, YES!". I am practicing some of the things in your book and will try some of your other techniques! It's all about the practice! Thanks you so much for writing such a book!!

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Title: How To Give Yourself Psychic Readings In 3 Days
Author: Noelani Rodriguez

What if you could discover your psychic abilities, right now? Psychic Reader and Best-Selling Author Noelani Rodriguez shows you how you can learn to be psychic right away, without years of training.

In this ebook she goes over the 8 keys of psychic awareness and 12 key exercises to get started doing psychic readings for yourself right away.

The result is a comprehensive coverage in a fun breezy style for an increasingly "hot topic," psychic awareness--a must read for psychic enthusiasts.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Rating: (5 after 1 votes)
Category: Adventure, Hobbies, How To

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Reviewed by david robert williams on 2010-09-07
My Rate 5
very interesting reading, hard going but good

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Title: The Successful Treasure Hunter's Secret Manual
Author: David Villanueva

There is nothing new about the discovery that buried metals give off an aura that can be captured by certain cameras. Louis J Matacia has been promoting a Polaroid camera for years as a major tool for finding treasure, which was great, The author found treasure himself using just such a tool. The problem now is that the camera is obsolete, although still readily available on the previously enjoyed market and competition from digital cameras forced Polaroid to stop making the film in 2005. The last original film pack the author bought was two years out of date and cost $60.

With the prospects of obtaining Polaroid film apparently worsening the author set about trying to find a solution and came up with two! The first is that there is a suitable Polaroid film readily available.

The second solution that the author describes in great detail is - wait for it - YOU CAN CAPTURE TREASURE AURAS WITH DIGITAL CAMERAS! Not collector's items like the Polaroid, mind you, but recent models that you can buy anywhere tomorrow.

And the digital camera works brilliantly. Auras can be obtained on gold down to a quarter of an ounce or less - that's a single coin or nugget! The camera can even discriminate between different metals- all from a distance and can be used anytime during daylight hours.

By definition, instruments that can reveal hidden treasure from a distance are long-range locators. But the author does not discuss expensive commercial long-range

... Click here to read the full description!

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Ebook Type: PDF
Rating: (5 after 1 votes)
Category: Hobbies, Home, How To

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Reviewed by Paul Wade on 2011-11-22
My Rate 5
Great information!!! I am a DIY upholsterer myself. Have done two antique sofas fairly well but had to figure it all out on my own and what I could find on the web. This will help tremendously. Thanks again.

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Title: Do It Yourself Upholstery Instructions

You'll be show exactly how to do your own DIY upholstery with this step-by-step guide. It shows you how to strip your piece of furniture down and completely reupholster it back to perfection. It shows you upholstery techniques so you'll be able to do all the re-upholstery yourself.

Inside you'll discover:

  • The art of springing-up correctly is exposed. And you're taken by the hand and shown step-by-step how to master springing-up yourself.
  • How to re-button ANY chair or settee...once the mysterious art of buttoning and pleated buttoning is made easy (and simple) for you.
  • 2 different styles and shapes of chaise lounge and a step-by-step ebook on how to upholster them both.
  • The 3 different styles of spring seated chairs and how you should replace the webbing in all three of them. You'll also discover the key to getting the exact degree of elasticity in your webbing. (Hint; This secret separates the professional from the amateur upholsterer.)
  • Need to protect your antique furniture? Then here's step-by-step instructions on how to measure your chairs and make your own slip covers which fit them exactly.
  • How to know how many yards of material you'll need for a particular job and how long the task will take you. Now you'll know exactly how much material you'll need for any upholstery job.
  • And many more upholstery insider secrets, tips and techniques you won't find anywhere else.
  • Pillow edge... Click here to read the full description!

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Ebook Type: PDF
Rating: (5 after 1 votes)
Category: How To, Relationships, Women

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Title: How To Catch Your Cheating Lover
Author: Edward Talurdey

If you can handle the truth about what your lover has been so recklessly doing behind your back...if you're sick and tired of not being able to eat, not being able to sleep, and struggling every day with sadness and uncertainty...

Then this sensational ebook will reveal to you exactly what you need to do to find out the truth - literally overnight! You'll immediately discover jealously guarded "insider" know-how, tactics and techniques like:

  • The single catastrophic mistake most people make when they suspect their partner is cheating (and why you may be doing it right now!)
  • The secret tactics anyone can use to gain an unfair advantage in divorce court (and save a king's ransom in legal fees!)
  • The one word your partner will subconsciously reveal that will instantly tell you who, when and where!
  • The one critical mistake everyone who has an affair will make (here's what it is and how you can nail them with their hand in the cookie jar when it happens!)
  • The notorious Infidelity Quiz (score a "7" on this and you're virtually guaranteed that your partner is cheating on you!)
  • 3 sure-fire tactics of getting them to cheat right before your eyes (and how you can do any one of them today - they're so easy it's like child's play!)

Plus...How To Discreetly Get Biological Proof of an Affair Days After They've Had Sex with Their Lover!

Here, in more specific detail, is what

... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: How To

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Title: Easy Organizer
Author: Maria Gracia

With everything you have going on in your life it is very easy to feel overwhelmed. Whether you are single, married, raising a family, have your own business, or are a stay-at-home mom, there are a lot of tasks to do, and so many things to remember.

Because it's impossible to stay on top of everything going on without writing things down, people are getting inundated with more and more paper every day.

The Easy Organizer ensures all of your information is in one place, and ready to find when you need it. It's loaded with tons of forms, checklists, logs and information sheets to help you organize every aspect of your life!

Inside the Get Organized Now! Easy Organizer you'll find forms, checklists, logs and information sheets for...

Family, Friends and Associates

  • Pet Info
  • Family Info
  • Important Phone Numbers
  • Address/Phone Directory
  • Frequently Called Numbers
  • Babysitter's Checklist

Goals and Planning

  • Mini Goals
  • Major Goals
  • Goals Progress
  • Weekly Planner
  • Daily Planner
  • Monthly Planner
  • Master List
  • Time Log
  • Daily To Do List
  • Projects Plans and Progress

Personal Growth and Reflection

  • Great Ideas
  • Journal
  • My Wish List
  • Special Prayer Requests
  • Daily Prayer List
  • Spirit
... Click here to read the full description!

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Business, How To

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Title: Advanced Power Selling
Author: Thalia Miller

Advanced Power Selling Toolkit offers more. This is your best eBay guide for the lowest price anywhere online. Where else can you find 200+ pages of step-by step guidance to starting and running a profitable eBay business WITH an additional REAL wholesale directory of over 200 sources AND a business plan template and workshop AND business forms and spreadsheets AND business plug and profit calculators AND developer's tools such as HTML editor, graphics libraries, java tutorials and more ?!?

There are many tempting offers out there that promise substantial return on your time and effort. I know, because I've tried more than a few. But they always come up short. They are often too good to be true. You need credibility, not hype. Let's just look at the facts.

  • If you think you missed this opportunity, think again. There are over 23 million small businesses in the US but only 10% have their own websites and less than 5% are e-commerce enabled. It may also interest you to know that only 5% of eBay sellers make their livings from online sales. Of that 5% though, the majority exceed incomes comparative to their job markets. Making money on eBay has never been easier!
  • For instance, it's no secret that eBay is the largest online marketplace in the world! That is a huge accomplishment and a limitless potential market for the independent seller. And eBay is consistently in the top 10 searched keywords. eBay reported earnings of almost $806 million
... Click here to read the full description!

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