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How To Get TONS of Mortgage Leads Ebook

How To Get TONS of Mortgage Leads
Category: Real Estate
Ebook cover: How To Get TONS of Mortgage Leads


Title: How To Get TONS of Mortgage Leads

If You Download Now, You Will Learn...

  • 61 Aggressive Wholesaler Lenders, Investors, Note Buyers & Hard Money Lenders Offering Unique Programs For Perfect & Less Than Perfect Credit
  • 22 Dynamic Marketing Tips & Tricks To Get Mortgage Leads
  • Automated Marketing Tools That Let You Focus On What's Important ... Writing and Closing Loans
  • Amazing Resources That Expand Your Sphere Of Influence

and much more...

"You have a treasure chest full of ideas anyone can do. Plus most of them are extremely economical."

Learn Expert Marketing Tips & Tricks

Are you tired of spinning your wheels? Do you feel like you have little control? Are you always wondering where the next lead will come from? If so, you have found your Holy Grail. After 12 years in the mortgage business, I finally put my experience in writing.

Explore What Works For You ...

Picture yourself discovering proven marketing strategies as you point and click your way through my e-book software. You will find quality ideas that are sure to increase your cashflow. In fact, you may think some methods are genius while others are downright insane. But in either case, their effectiveness rings loud and clear.

Imagine ...

  • How To Reach 15,000 Military Personnel for as low as $15 (can you say VA loans?)
  • How To Create A Referral Network In 30 Days
  • Discover 7 magical words that can quickly grab the lion's share of the market
  • How to get top real estate agents calling you for referrals
  • Learn the amazing one-page letter that generated commissions of $7,000 in 14 days
  • How To Increase Applications by giving away free vacations that only cost you as low as 20¢ Each
  • How to automatically get targeted leads without buying a list
  • How Your Customers promote you for free
  • How Real Estate Agents Advertise YOU For Free
  • Parent Marketing Explained - perhaps the easiest mortgage niche yet!
  • How To Legally Pay $100 Referral Fees to non-Real Estate "organizations"
  • How to speak to 1,000's everyday by pressing one button
  • Learn Private Clubs that net you thousand$ - not country clubs
  • Why restaurants love to promote your pre-approval form
  • How To earn a FSBO commission before writing the loan and then get all their leads
  • How To Get Every Envelope Opened - GUARANTEED
  • Experience The "tried & true" Quadrant Route To Success
  • Where to outsource your marketing letters for cheap - includes printing, stuffing envelopes and mailing - allowing you to focus on selling
  • Learn where to buy LOCAL internet advertising bargains reaching 1,000's everyday for low as $60 per month
  • Never leave your desk for Open House leads
  • How to effectively use the "Birthday Surprise" before you even meet your client - your name will spread like wildfire!

and lots more...

Get Fast Approvals From Aggressive Lenders With Experience

Whether you offer unique loan programs to separate yourself from the crowded field of loan officers, or just want "back up" lenders in case a loan dies, these 61 aggressive wholesalers, investors, note buyers and hard money lenders can make you look like a financial genius! order now

You will have access to...

  • 100% stated 2nd's, 620 credit score
  • 100% stated income, 580 credit score
  • 100% no ratio
  • 100% stated *VALUE* 2nd
  • 100% Stated Income salary or wage earner
  • 100% + 6% seller concessions, interest only option
  • 100% Mortgage Only - consumer credit not considered: Second Homes, Non Owner Occupied
  • 100% condo
  • 100% Cash Out Refi - Income Verified - No assets disclosure and no M.I
  • 125% 2nd's, interest only on SFR, CONDO/PUD, 2-4 units, Manufactured and SFR non-owner.
  • 107% second home with 680 or higher score
  • 115% LTV Purchase
  • 90% Stated, credit score as low as 500
  • 100% LTV 2nd homes
  • 85% No Ratio with INTEREST ONLY on investment property!!
  • Unseasoned refi's
  • 90% investor/non-owner
  • Up to 60% DTI
  • 1 day discharged bankruptcies and foreclosures
  • Cancelled rent checks qualify with only 1 trade line!
  • No VOM/R, 620 or higher
  • Gift of equity up to 20%
  • No traditional appraisal
  • Lease option treated as a refinance with 12 mos. cancelled checks
  • No prepayment penalties
  • BK discharged only 1 year for A grade
  • Manufactured homes, min score 550

But that's not all...

Never let a "paper deal" fall through the cracks again. Have you ever had an opportunity to purchase - or broker the purchase of - a land contract, seller-financed note or contract for sale? Did you refer it to someone and only get a "thank you lunch?"

Well, no more envy. Now you can deal directly with the investors. No middle-man. No brokers. These note buyers are the REAL deal. In fact, they are the companies that issue mortgage-backed securities and private placements to fund their note acquisitions ~ anywhere USA.

And I'm Still Not Done...

You can carve out a great niche with down payment grants. There are perhaps hundreds of thousands of people across America that qualify for a mortgage, but lack the down payment money. Not anymore!

You will learn 16 nationwide organizations that provide free money to buy a home ~ even with credit problems! In fact, one wonderful source provides up to $25,000 to cover the down payment, closing costs, prepaids and even consolidate their bills to qualify for the purchase loan!

This free money is not restricted to FHA lenders. You can use it with conventional or subprime lenders. And even better, your borrower does not need to: be a first time homebuyer, have low income, live in a certain area, have oodles of assets or take one of those crazy "homebuyer education courses." Furthermore, this provider doesn't even require Roof Certificates or Home Warranties. Unbelievable! This blows the door wide open to a whole new niche. Grab it today.

Increase Your Ad Response By 200% Using Free Reports

Imagine increasing your ad response by 200%. When promoting professional, free reports combined with the automated tools, you can experience exponential growth with less work while enjoying more qualified clients.

Here's how...

Advertising free reports works wonders. In fact, the mail order industry has been using this money-saving approach for decades. You place a small classified ad like this:

How To Buy A Home No Money Down.
Free Details: 1-800-555-9988

This builds your leads list and your credibilty. The more you educate, the more credibility because you are perceived as an expert. The more topic-specific your report, the more qualified leads. Inside How To Get TONS of Mortgage Leads I'll tell you a few tricks to turn that tiny ad into an automated powerhouse! You will have a steady and outstanding lead source for as long as you run your ads.

Plus you get all these consumer-oriented reports royalty-free:

  • 10 Questions To Ask Your Loan Officer
  • How To Buy A Home No Money Down
  • How To Increase Your Credit Score In 48 Hours
  • 5 Critical Questions About A 15 Year Mortgage
  • 11 Deadly Mistakes When Applying For A Mortgage
  • 5 Reasons To Buy A Home
  • 7 Biggest Mistakes Refinance Shoppers Make
  • 6 Things You Must Know Before Buying A Home
  • 9 Homebuyer Traps & How To Avoid Them
  • How Lenders Determine Your Income
  • Beware Of A Realty Agent's Lender
  • How To Prepare For A Closing
  • What's A Credit Score?

Wouldn't you agree these informative reports will grab your potential client's attention and showcase your mortgage expertise? Download How To Get TONS of Mortgage Leads now

Little-Known Resources Help Grow Your Business

Expand your sphere of influence with a greater number of people seeing your advertisements. These low-priced, yet effective sources help you reach your target audience without going broke.

You will receive...

Mortgage List Sources: Purchase leads, refinance leads, construction leads, foreclosure leads, homebuying seminar attendees and even people that have contacted moving companies! Enjoy over 100 filters like loan type, loan rate, purchase date, credit history, lender name, lender type and many more. In fact, you can even download the leads from your desktop for as low as 5¢ each.

Mortgage Leads Sources: These are sources who have received a completed mini-application by either telephone or the internet. You will have the applicant's name, address, telephone number, time to call, loan amount, their estimated credit history and more. This is perhaps the easiest way to originate mortgage loans. Simply check your fax machine or internet for eager applicants.

Discount Advertising Sources: This is probably one of the most comprehensive directories you will find for both internet and offline advertising.

  • You can place LOCAL internet ads that reach 1,000's daily for as low as $60 per month.
  • You can save to 90% advertising cost on newspaper display ads.
  • You can get web traffic low as 5¢ per visitor.
  • You can even advertise on Cable TV low as $25 per spot.
  • You can blanket your entire State with classified ads in over 100 newspapers low as $2.00 per ad.

And much more is revealed in How To Get TONS of Mortgage Leads

Ebook cover: How To Get TONS of Mortgage Leads
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Price: $14.95
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