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Title: The Macaron Master – Create Bakery-Quality Macarons For Pleasure & Profit

You Too Can Learn The ‘Secrets’ Celebrity Chefs Use To Create Smooth, Melt-In-Your-Mouth Macarons, Perfectly-Round Domes And Delectable Fillings!

This ebook teaches you the coveted tips and techniques celebrity chefs use to create delightful French, Italian + Swiss macarons for glossy magazine photo shoots.

You will learn how to do that in your humble kitchen without any fancy kitchen gadgets or any special cooking or baking skills.

If you love baking or are looking for a new career opportunity then you’ll love the business section of this guide that shows how to start your own successful macaron making business from home, if you wish.

The Macaron Master will teach you how to MASTER the macaron!

Macaron baking is not a twenty-first century invention, however, we are confident you won’t find another guide that is just as detailed and complete, while at the same time being simple, practical and easy-to-follow for those kitchen shy with little baking experience.

So while you will learn how to make bakery-quality macarons at home, you will also learn how to become a businessman or a businesswoman… A Macaron Entrepreneur!

You will learn how to create your own marketing and advertising campaigns, how to promote your new business, and how to use the internet to help you make this a successful endeavour, if you so choose.

You will get a superb recipe to help you

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Category: Business, Home Business

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Title: The Chattel Report - 12 Weeks To Freedom
Author: Gordon Alexander

What this information represents is how one man was able to ditch his job, and live a life of pure freedom – and to not only live but thrive, by buying and selling personal property, also known as chattel.

Wouldn’t you like to do the same too?


  • Small investment, start with only 100 bucks, which means:
    • NO borrowing from relatives.
    • NO loans from banks or investors.
    • NO hassles.
  • No overhead. Work at home.
    • No office or store to go to.
    • No equipment to buy or lease.
    • NO ROAD RAGE in rush hour traffic.
    • No LATCH KEY kids in your house.
  • NO skills. No special talents. NO education required.
  • NO BOSS. Hey let's repeat this one: NO BOSS!
  • Unlimited Potential.
  • NO customers, clients or pain in the neck EMPLOYEES.
  • PRIVATE-- NO one even needs to know you do it.

And it is so SIMPLE, even my 11 year old does it.


Buying and selling of CHATTEL. Personal property. Many have learned how to do it and have made a great living - with no boss! You could do it part-time or full-time - whatever fits your lifestyle!

Any extra cash be used for anything a person wants to do. For example...

  • Start a DREAM BUSINESS...
  • Pay off ALL the
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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Business, Home Business, Jobs

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Title: Coaching Business in a Box
  • Is Your limited Salary Limiting Your Life?
  • Are You Sick of Working for Others?
  • Does Your Job Lack Satisfaction?

Get Paid To Be A Life Coach

Did you know that you don’t need any qualifications to become a coach? This means you can buy this package and start coaching people from tomorrow…

Benefits of Being a Self Employed Life Coach:

  • Become your own boss and work from home
  • Get paid for helping people achieve their goals
  • Work the hours you want to work
  • Work from home; full time or part time
  • Make a real difference in peoples lives

You will learn how to start a coaching business with little or no overheads, you become an expert in internet marketing and I will give you my best coaching techniques to help you become the best coach you can be.

What will you learn with the Coaching Business in a Box?

  • You will become an expert coach increasing your clients bookings
  • You will learn how to start a coaching business with little or no overheads
  • You will learn how to make money while you sleep – YES make money by doing nothing!
  • You will learn how to get popular newspapers, websites, publications and blogs to quote and link to you and your website
  • You will learn how to influence Google so your website ranks on the top of Google page one
  • You will learn how to make
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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Business, Hobbies, Home Business

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Title: Wood Profits
Author: Jim Morgan

The Full Guide With Accompanying Audio That Will Take You From Where You Are Currently, To Owning A Thriving Home Based Woodworking Business In Your Spare Time!

Whatever your aspirations, be they simply to sell your own home-made crafts from home or to establish a profitable all-year-round woodworking business, this system will show you how...

  • Get Plans and blueprints for popular projects. (you don't need to be an expert woodworker to create profitable crafts!)
  • Get A VERY detailed guide that shows you step-by-step how to make money selling wooden furniture and other wood projects (there's no waiting around; you'll be making money fast)
  • You can also have unlimited one-on-one email coaching with Jim. Be guided every step of the way from day 1 to your very first sale!
  • The crucial first step you need to do to make your first dollar (without this secret you'll never make a penny in this business)
  • How to startup the business for under $50 (the common misconception is that you need a large garage or lots of expensive power tools to get started)
  • How to price your work for maximum profit - Essential information for estimating project material costs and determining the value of shop time
  • The Top 10 Profitable Crafts To Sell. Don't waste your time figuring it out. I will show you the top-selling products I personally sell.
  • Discover a secret, easy-to-make project that you can turn around
... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Affiliates, E-Marketing, Home Business

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Title: My First $10,000

Step By Step Guide on How to Successfully  Generate a Secondary Income Online

Generating an income online requires patience, dedication, and money but is often described as something that is very easy. Rather than promising riches and millions in a short space of time, My First $10,000 provides a simple guide on how anyone can begin making money online by implemnting 4 simple steps. More importantly, the entire focus of the book is how anyone can leverage their own passions, interests, and hobbies into a secondary income. There is nothing better than doing what you love and making money at the same time. My First $10,000 provides background information on the factors that highly impact whether a product/services will be a success or a failure. It also provides a practical guide on what needs to be done, how it should be approached, in what order it should be done, and how it can all be done with very limited experience and on a very limited budget. My First $10,000 aims to provide every "regular" person with the knowledge and the opportunity to earn a secondary income online by doing what they love. Good luck!

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Business, Home Business

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Title: How To Win Big at Storage Auctions
Author: Lorenzo Lee

Who else wants to earn great cash at STORAGE AUCTIONS but thought they were only for TV stars and retirees?

Imagine a business where:

  • You don't need a lot of money up front to get started.
  • You don't need CREDIT!
  • You don't need a college degree, special certifications or specialized knowledge.
  • You don't need an office, any employees or special equipment.
  • You don't have to take a lot of risks.
  • As the economy gets worse, your prospects get better!

HOW? With Self Storage Auctions:

  • You don't need a college degree, just a tiny bit of instruction and our Secret Weapons.
  • You can start with less than a hundred bucks.
  • You set your own schedule and sell your merchandise from your own kitchen table or out of your garage.
  • You can be young, old, retired, in-between work, guys or girls and make good money, lots of it!
  • You can do this ANYWHERE, because there are 30,000+ storage facilities all over the United States and Canada (We will even give you access to this list!)


Inside the Best Self Storage Auction Course you will learn:

  • Doing these few things wrong can can land you in court!
  • How to spot a great self storage unit auction quickly.
  • How to bid on a unit and make others back off!
  • What you MUST know BY LAW... BEFORE you bid!
  • A simple, legal tool
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Category: Business, Home Business

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Title: Holiday Goldmine
Author: Sam England

"How to Buy Wholesale Closeouts and Showroom Samples for Pennies on the Dollar...
And Flip Them For Serious Money!

It's simply an issue of knowing where to find the the best deals. Fortunately for YOU, I have already done the research and put together everything you need. All you need to do is get this information quickly so you can also make massive amounts of money!

This Amazing Business Plan Reveals The Secrets No One Else Is Telling You, Time-Tested And Proven Strategies That You Can Use Right Now To ...

  • The simple truth about closeouts and showroom samples, and how easy it is to find reliable wholesalers and drop just a few minutes...It's really alot easier than you think.
  • How to find products for up to 90% below wholesale prices (can you imagine the profit margins?).
  • The key formula for making big money on online and offline with surplus, liquidation and wholesale closeout merchandise!
  • Overcome hurdles you'll find when attempting to sell you products and how to leap those hurdles like your a gold medal sprinter at the Olympics!
  • I'll tell you exactly how to cut out the middle man so you can purchase wholesale products for pennies on the dollar.
  • Discover how to choose the perfect products to sell online and offline. Learn which simple products will bring in the biggest profit margins during the Holiday Season.

And much, much more!

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Category: Business, Dogs, Home Business

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Title: Six-Figure Pet Sitting
Author: Susan Howell

Are You Starting or Growing Your Own Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Business?

Earn More, Work Less, Avoid Mistakes, and Truly Enjoy Your Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business with the Six-Figure Pet Sitting Manual!

You’ll discover just minutes after you complete your order today:

  • You’ll get the tools and guidance you need to create a solid business plan in just ONE hour.
  • You’ll learn 12 essential steps you can’t afford to skip when starting your pet business.
  • You’ll find out which “early morning” activities will set an incredibly positive tone for your day and create opportunities for amazing success.
  • You’ll get proven tips for organizing every aspect of your business… so that you can spend more time focusing on the pets you are caring for
  • You’ll discover the unconscious attitudes and beliefs that can keep you from making enough money in your business… and how to banish them almost instantly.
  • You’ll get the exact tool I use to maximize efficiency and serve as many clients as possible… while still enjoying a life outside of work.
  • You’ll find out exactly what you need to do to attract enthusiastic, high-paying clients today… even if you’ve struggled for months.
  • You’ll learn how to promote your services to become the “go to” pet business in the eyes of
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Category: Animals, Business, Home Business

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Title: Prosperous Pet Business
Author: Kristin Morrison

20+ Pet Business Experts Give YOU Their Insider Knowledge In These Strategy-Packed Conference Videos!

These videos are perfect for you if you’ve experienced any of these frustrations:

  • You struggle to make the kind of money you want from your business… and you’re not sure how to boost your sales and profits
  • You are a pet sitter, dog trainer, pet groomer, doggy day care owner, or dog walker… and you find yourself thinking and worrying about your business even when you’re not working
  • You find it hard to get (and keep) clients… even though you offer a service that lots of pet owners need
  • You’ve got so many clients that you’ve lost the enthusiasm you had when you started your pet business… and almost dread going to work some days
  • You feel like you’re on the fast track to burnout… and desperately need a change
  • You are a new pet business owner and wish that you could find someone who could help you market more efficiently, make more money, and enjoy running your pet business

When you have access to this simple, on-demand resource that can turn your business around (and give you your life back) in a matter of days…

  • You’ll feel optimistic, knowing that your business is generating the income you need to provide a comfortable lifestyle for yourself and your
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Ebook Type: Video
Category: Business, Home Business, Internet

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Reviewed by Chuck Boney on 2015-11-04
My Rate 5
Great e-book!I have been looking to be a paid online survey taker,because i think it is a great way to make money,so this e-book will help out alot!

Reviewed by on 2010-08-30
My Rate 5
Please i acturally looking for e-book that will dive me a perfect understanding about on line survery and the best company to sign for.

Reviewed by Ian Noel Beltran Barte on 2010-08-06
My Rate 5
its been a month that i am looking for informations that will answer my questions about paid surveys and now i found it here. thanks.

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Title: Paid Online Surveys - A Complete Guide
Author: Lynne O'Connor
Description: international guide to paid surveys with around 300 companies looking for your opinion. Over 100 pages!

Topics Include:
· What are Online Paid Surveys?
· Can you make money with paid online surveys?
· Why People Fail to Make Money With Online Surveys
· Online Paid Surveys - ­ Truths And Myths
· Benefits of Paid Survey Work
· Tips for maximizing your income with paid surveys
· Get Paid to Complete Surveys Online in Australia and New Zealand
· Complete Surveys in Europe
· Complete Surveys in The U.K.
· Complete Surveys in Canada and U.S.A
· Complete Surveys in America
· International Survey Opportunities
· Complete Specialist Surveys

Open ebook.
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