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Romantic Ideas For A Memorable Valentine's Day!

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Title: Romantic Ideas For A Memorable Valentine's Day!

This Year, Give YOUR Valentine A Day They Will NEVER FORGET With These Memorable Valentine Ideas!

Dear Friend,

Valentine's Day is a magical time of year where we are given the opportunity to share our love with the one who truly gives meaning to our lives.

All over the world, couples are planning on extravagant adventures, romantic excursions, getaways, and unbelievable date nights that will put the spark back into their relationships and leave their partners absolutely breathless.

But there's a problem for many of us out there..

We're "romantically challenged".

We've never felt comfortable being romantic. We don't experience a rush of creative and original ideas when planning out a romantic event, heck, we're barely able to pick out a decent greeting card at times.

We find these times of year overwhelming, and we sometimes need a bit of help coming up with thoughtful ways that we can express our love for the one person in our lives that we can always count on.

But while we WANT to be romantic, and we know that there are times (like on February 14th!) where we're EXPECTED to be romantic, it doesn't always come so naturally.

You're not alone.

There are thousands of us all over the world who need that extra guidance when planning out a romantic date, and with so much pressure to create

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Decorating, Entertainment, Holidays

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Title: Halloween Costumes and Decorations
Author: Robert Scott

"Eighty Years ago your great grandparents had the same problem and so a Crepe Paper manufacturer published a Solution" 

What Does "Halloween Ideas" Contain?

You will receive a digital downloadable copy of the original 33 page "Bogie Book" plus 2 Bonuses. Here is an outline of the Contents:

  • Thanksgiving Decorations - Table dressing and a crepe paper turkey decoration
  • Table Decorations - Ideas for serving cups, place cards, favors, and Jack Horner pies
  • Refreshment and Supper Tables - Halloween table covers and decorations
  • Lantern Decorations - Ideas for decorating ceiling lights
  • Instructions for using Crepe Paper - Working with crepe paper to make costumes and decorations
  • House Decorating - Ideas for decorating the Living Room
  • Harvest Party Decorations - Appropriate for Halloween or Thanksgiving
  • Hall Decorating - Ideas for chandelier, ceiling, window, and stage decorations
  • Garage Decorating - Gobolink Party ideas and decorations
  • Games and Stunts - Games and tricks which have been passed down from olden times
  • Dance on Oct 31 - Invitations, favors and features for the dance
  • Black Cat Themed Party - Table decoration and party ideas with a Black Cat theme
  • 12 Different Halloween Costumes - 4 costume ideas for Men or Boys and 8 for Ladies or Girls
  • Bonus 2 - More detailed instructions on using crepe
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Category: Holidays

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Title: Holiday Planner
Author: Maria Gracia

The essential tool to help you get and stay organized for a stress-free, enjoyable holiday season. 40 essential holiday planning forms, plus a free bonus: 101 Holiday Organizing Tips eBook!

With these powerful tools your holiday season is guaranteed to be the best planned, most relaxed, most enjoyable ever!

Inside the Get Organized Now!™ Holiday Planner you'll find forms, checklists, logs and information sheets for...

  • Holiday Daily To Do List
  • Holiday Master List
  • Holiday Monthly Planner
  • Holiday Weekly Planner
  • Holiday Daily Planner
  • Holiday Chores/Errands List
  • Holiday Meal Planner
  • Holiday Grocery List
  • Holiday Weekly Meals
  • Holiday Dinner: Who's Bringing What?
  • Holiday Recipe Instructions
  • Holiday Gift Ideas
  • Personal Holiday Gift Guide
  • Holiday Gifts to Make
  • Stocking Stuffer Ideas
  • Holiday Gift Hiding Places
  • Kid's Wish List
  • Holiday Budget
  • Holiday Catalog/Internet Order Tracker
  • Holiday Gift List and Budget
  • Holiday Returns/Exchanges
  • Holiday Newsletter Outline
  • Gifts Given and Gifts Received
  • Holiday Decorations Inventory
  • Holiday Decorations Ideas and Planning
  • Special Holiday Ornaments Inventory
  • Holiday Gift Tags
  • Holiday Craft Instructions
  • Holiday TV
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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Travel, Holidays, Food

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Reviewed by Jimmy Esguerra on 2015-01-03
My Rate 5
This ultimate Philippines travel guide is a short and comprehensive guide for those that wish to travel to the Philippines in the near future.

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Title: The Ultimate Philippines Travel Guide: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Island Adventure
Author: Hoang Pham

This ultimate Philippines travel guide is a short and comprehensive guide for those that wish to travel to the Philippines in the near future. This book is written bij an enthusiastic traveler that tries to get more people traveling

Unlike any travel guide, the author describes popular places in a personal way. The book is therefore best used as a source of inspiration to create your itinerary. 

This book should not be mistaken by a complete guide with all the addresses of places to visit included.

The book describes the following topics:

- The best places to find your accommodation. 

- The ways of transport between the islands of the Philippines.

- All the different type of foods that you should try.

- The cultural and historical monuments that you cannot miss.

- The more touristic and extreme adventures that you should look out to.

- The ways of how you can enjoy your evening in this country.

And finally there is a bucket list where you can find a summary of places you should visit.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Rating: (5 after 1 votes)
Category: Christian Books, Fiction, Holidays

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Reviewed by Sandra J Myers on 2014-07-30
My Rate 4
This was a good short story. Loved the way it was from days gone by. I would recommend for those to read it.

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Title: A Cowboy's Christmas Prayer
Author: Jack Zavada

Struggling single mother Gretchen Norgard and down-on-his-luck cowboy Pete Beckworth join together to fight a ruthless businessman, on the Kansas frontier in 1886. Can they stop him from destroying Gretchen's only source of income, and killing Pete in the process?

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Category: Fantasy, Horror, Holidays

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Title: Legend of the Undead Santa
Author: KN Schultz

During the sweltering unadulterated drunken mayhem of his yearly summer vacation with his magical reindeer, Old Man Santa falls victim to the gnashing murderous jaws of a very disgruntled and provoked shark. Torn to bits and spewed back into the ocean, the jolly old fat man and his companions wash ashore to be reassembled under the strange voodoo practices of a rogue witch doctor.

Meanwhile, a deranged yeti, deformed to look like a child's snowman, conquers the North Pole. He steals Mrs. Kringle, Santa's latest and luscivious young bride and enslaves the elves with their fabled workshop to make disgusting presents to spread worldwide dismay and dischord.

Old Man Kringle sends one of his undead reindeer to recruit him a deviant bloodthirsty army to aid him in the revenge against the monster that had him murdered and turned into a slobbering and festering brain eating corpse.

To the North Pole Old Man Santa takes his army to discover the truth, a jealous yeti stole his wife and Christmas. Through the Arctic into Siberia, the battle wages until the Undead Santa wins and saves Christmas.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Holidays, Romance, Women

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Title: A Life Exposed: The true story of shame, triumph and love
Author: Beverly Schlechter

This is an amazing kindle book written by Beverly Schlechter. You will laugh, cry, learn, and feel the author's sky's the limit spirit which is infectious. After reading 'A Life Exposed,' one comes away with wanting to absorb how to live a fuller, richer, more exciting life. It doesn't matter that the author isn't a celebrity (maybe it's even better that she isn't), but after reading "A Life Exposed," I wouldn't be surprised if this story brings her fame. This book is a surprisingly descriptive, moving, well-written page-turner -- at times even laugh-out-loud and throughout well worth the download.

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