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Holiday Survival Guide Ebook

Holiday Survival Guide
Category: Holidays, Psychology
Ebook cover: Holiday Survival Guide


Title: Holiday Survival Guide

Attn: Increased Holiday Stress Sufferers

"Don't Let The Stresses Associated With Holiday Get Togethers Ruin Your Holiday Spirit. . .FIGHT BACK And Finally Enjoy Those Seasonal Parties!"

Dear Fellow Holiday "Hum-Bugger",

We all know what's coming. So many holiday parties, so little time. It's enough to make your head spin. Or crack up completely. The holiday season is notorius for raising people's natural stress levels by leaps and bounds.

From over crowded department stores to children clammoring for what they want from Santa to attending, or throwing, the big holiday party, it all adds up on you. And makes it really difficult for you to enjoy the holiday season as you once did when you were a child. Until now that is. . .

Introducing the "Holiday Stress Survival Manual". With this little dynamo, you can experience the joyous gatherings, shopping, setting up the Christmas tree, and everything else related to the holiday season without fear of losing control. Never again will you worry about arriving at "Grandma's" and then only wondering when it's time to leave just fifteen minutes after getting there.

There is more to the holidays that simply wading through and wishing they were over. Remember back when the holidays filled your spirit with happiness? Wouldn't you like to get that feeling back again? You can! When you download your copy of the "Holiday Stress Survival Manual" and discover how to cope with all those annyoing stressors that send you off the deep end.

Inside, you will learn things like :

  • The Importance Of Maintaining A Normal Schedule
  • The Most Common Symptoms Of Stressors
  • The #1 Way To Get Others Help You "Bare The Load" Of Holiday "Jobs"
  • The Importance Of "Limit Setting" & How Letting The "Little" Things Go Will Tune Down Your Stress Levels

And So Much More!

The "Holiday Stress Survival Manual" is jam packed with 16 fast and furious stress busting tips to calm your spirit and leave you feeling more receptive to the holiday season. Nothing complicated inside this PDF e-book. Everything outlined for you is easy to follow and implement.

Whether you are simply a party go-er, or the host(ess), there is still hope for you to have a happy and relaxed holiday season. There are tips for everyone inside this one-of-a-kind manual. And it can be yours to download immediately right now. No waiting at all. Even if it's 3a.m. in Thailand!

Don't let the kids be the ones having all the fun this holiday season! Grab your copy of the "Holiday Stress Survival Manual" now and reclaim your holiday spirit. There's no better time than now to stop stressing out and start having fun.

Grab Your Copy And Save Your Sanity Now!

Ebook cover: Holiday Survival Guide
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Price: $3.00
Ebook Type: PDF
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