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Hijacking 24-Hour Creation Ebook

Hijacking 24-Hour Creation
Category: E-Business
Ebook cover: Hijacking 24-Hour Creation


Title: Hijacking 24-Hour Creation

A letter from a 'silent' 6-figure income marketer...

Let Me Expose Simple Techniques You Can Use to Make A High Quality Product Under 24 Hours Without Outsourcing Any Copywriters, Any Programmer or Any Designers - PERIOD!

Dear marketers,

Make A Product Really 'Kill' Your Time, Cost & Energy.

Yes, everybody knows this fact. It's really difficult to make one product - not saying a huge blueprint that consists of dozens of e-books and videos - which of course needs a huge cost and lots of time - plus even thousands of dollars to outsource - and months to complete by yourself.

That's why not many people can make information products.

But, Do You Want to be Ordinary For The Rest Of Your Life?

If people don't know you, people would feel hard and difficult to trust you and more importantly, your product. Maybe we can say that there are ways to make money by being underground.

But, if you want to put your business to the next level, to every day you receive JV invitation to big events or product launches and have regular customer for anything you sell - you need to sell your own product. Your first product will be the indicator of your level.

Not a REGULAR product, but a HIGH QUALITY product.

It's like a shortcut to a totally new success. It's like a must even some of people might not agree with this fact.

To be different and outstanding in current internet marketing world, you need to make your own product - no exception! Once people know your product and your expertise in your niche, your credibility will skyrocket beyond your expectation.

I am not telling you to be the next guru. I am telling you to be somebody - so that you can easily approach any other internet marketers for future product's JVs and people (even prospects) will trust your product in the near future.

This is not a myth - it's down earth concept many people have to realize. You need to make your first product tomorrow.

Making A Product Within 24 Hours Needs Real Secrets!

I already made some mini products under 24 hours - not in this forum that makes thousands of dollars. That's the real experience I faced and I always can make - so can you! There are secrets to make dozens of products under 1 month. Maybe you could say this is another 'hype' which is not true like other trashes out there ... You are totally WRONG!

The Quality & Value of Products Will Skyrocket By 170%-300%!

No joke. Rather than making a very long e-book which full of 'trashes' and repeated words to make the e-book longer, it's much much much better to make products the 'Simple Way'. It's the 'killer secret' that only some people realise it - it will cut your cost and save your time tremendously at the level you never expected.

Once you make this product, you are going to shock at the result itself. I ever triple my affiliate income just by providing this e-book as bonuses - using the 25% of the techniques.

Yes, 25% was used from total techniques being revealed.

Just imagine the result if you use all of the techniques today by 100% - and the next day you already have the 'million dollar' product you can start promote right away!

You may not believe me - but once you know it, you will thank me.

'18 Weapons' to Make Hundred Customers Believe The Value In Your Product

You might think how hard it is to make people believe in your product's value - because your product was made within 24 hours. No worry! - people might think your product was invented within 2-3 years - that will happen if you use my 7 'secret weapons' step by step.

Yes, they would even believe if it took 2-3 years to complete it. Haha, sounds like a joke - but it's a TRUTH!

Besides, you may know which target groups the best for your product - it's still a 'million dollar' product if you sell it to a certain group of people - as long as you know them.

  • You still make big money if you target newbie group.
  • You still make big money if you target to advanced people.
  • You still make huge money if you target non-IM group.

The chance is limitless - as long as you 'steal' the secrets from me.

This Is Not About 'Making Over' Your PLR, MRR or RR.

In fact, the secrets that going to be revealed - IS 100% NOT about rebranding your PLR, MRR or RR products into your own product - this is a REAL useful blueprint that gurus might try to 'find out' from me.
Some of my secrets already done by some marketers. But most of them, NOT YET and some of them are VERY RARE. So you can expect how valuable the content.

Don't let other competitors get this information other than you. Once competitors know it, they are going to start use it, make money and make an information products related to this so that and proof how they make money from this simple secrets.

I don't care...

I don't care if you are going to 'steal' this secret.

That's why I am giving away my secrets at a very crazy low cost!

Newbie Can Make Thousands of Dollars Selling Own Products

Even you are newbie who still don't make money online and still finding the best solution to make like other marketers, you are guaranteed to create own products fast - even today you just start knowing what internet marketing is.

We design this product just for newbie so that they can make lots of High Quality products per month.

Newbie will not only discover how to create product fast, they are also will be taught how to find ideas and selling with all the confident - even they never make a penny.

This would deny that only people who make money can make a money related product.

Even Busy Marketers Can Make Product Fast

It's hard for busy marketers who only have less than 4 hours per day to make even a single product. We know that busy marketers only really need a 'real booster' in order to make any product super fast.

Make a product in a single day might be impossible for busy marketers, but I can guarantee that if they are using another extra tips provided in this report, they are going to make it - IN 3 - 5 DAYS only.

What a shock when some busy marketers can still make a high quality product - but it's not anymore with this manual.

Let's See What Is Being Covered:

  • 9 easy techniques to reveal high demand niches, even in internet marketing niche. You can combine these techniques for better result.
  • Real facts and manuals to create a high quality product in 24 hours for full time marketer and 3-5 days for busy marketers.
  • 10 simple steps to write a product fast! (this is NOT related to copy and paste from EzineArticles).
  • Many people afraid to make their first product. Here 7 proven psychological approach to push you to finish your product fast - even under 24 hours.
  • What formats best for creating a product in 24 hours. You will be shocked seeing the possible formats to be created fast. There are 20 formats!
  • 12 easy extra tips to make a product fast for busy marketers.
  • 4 Golden Factors why people buy. If you know these secrets, you can manipulate these secrets to make huge sales and repeated profits - beyond your expectation! Not many people know these.
  • How to make people trust your product's value and quality so that they would buy yours with no doubt. There are 18 big tips.
  • 7 techniques to motivate your customers to put your information revelation into action ASAP (as soon as possible) - if you are an honest seller and marketer.
  • How to have a big determination to start and finish creating products even under pressure.
  • 3 ways to find desperate buyers that would buy your product whatever it takes. I will also reveal a software that can find for you dozens even hundreds of desperate buyers who want to buy yours!

Mawardee, Why You Are Giving Away These 'Simple Secrets' At Low Cost?

  • Not all secrets meant to be revealed.
  • Not all techniques worth to be exposed.

But for this secret, I am giving away for some reasons :

  1. I am planning a 'million-dollar' software that need to be focused on more than others. This project alone need huge cash and lots of time - but need some more cash to make sure it runs according to my plan. So I am selling these secrets to fund my mega project.
  2. Secrets being revealed to make sure only the right people take action - and make thousands and even millions. I don't care about the competition - because I can say the space to make money still huge. And I am limiting it to 50 people only.
  3. I want to brand my name here in Warrior Forum - that starts from my own product - with the quality beyond what you expect.
Ebook cover: Hijacking 24-Hour Creation
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