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Golf Secrets Uncovered Ebook

Golf Secrets Uncovered
Category: Golf
Ebook cover: Golf Secrets Uncovered


Title: Golf Secrets Uncovered
Audio transcription

Announcing an important message for golfers...

"Give Me Just 10 Minutes of Your Time and I'll Show You How to Walk onto Any Course, at Any Time, With Anyone Watching---and Play the Best, Most Relaxing Round of Your Life With Total Confidence, Authority, and Flair... and it Doesn't Matter if You've Played a Round of Miniature Golf or on the PGA Tour!"

Attention: If that got your attention, read on. This may be the most important letter you've ever read!

Dear Fellow Golfer,

Don't you just hate it?

The idea of stepping onto that first tee with everyone watching as you pull out your driver for another attempt at hitting that ever shrinking fairway.

It's natural to feel uncomfortable. Is your stance correct? Is the ball up---or is it supposed to be back---in your stance...

  • ...Knees bent...
  • ...Keep your head down...
  • ...Back straight---not too straight...
  • ...and all this while your foursome, and the foursome behind you, watch to see who they're up against and how long they'll be waiting on you to play ahead of them.
  • ...not too tight a grip---not too loose, you don't want to lose control of that club head...

Well, don't worry. You're not alone.

Many pro golfers, low handicappers, executives, politicians and celebrities dread these same situations.

You Will Master Any Course, Anytime, Under Any Circumstance.

Many of these high-profile golfers are among the most stressed and nervous golfers on the planet. Despite their low scores and outward confidence they often confess to their coaches and trainers that stepping onto the course with a new foursome, or old pals for that matter, makes them more than a little uneasy.

But if they knew about this website, they too could be confident polished golfers that are the envy of their group... just like you'll be very soon.

You should never underestimate the power of a great golf game. The prestige and contacts you can develop because of a great golf game is unbelievable. Not to mention the incredible self confidence you'll feel. But what it takes to develop a great golf game my not be what you think.

What Does it Take to be an Effortless Golfer?

It's long been noted that the secret to a great golf game is not driving, it's not iron-play, it's not chipping and it's not putting. So what's left? It's all about your confidence.

Have you ever noticed that the pros on TV routinely miss the fairway? In fact if you were watching the 2006 U.S. Open, then you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Phil Mickelson - winner of BOTH previous majors in 2006 - had a horrible Sunday. He missed 16 of 18 fairways---yet he had a two shot LEAD going into the final two holes.

How is this possible? Effortless Golf! Phil, and all great golfers, know one thing, there's nothing he can do about the last shot...or the next shot. He can only control this shot. And that's what makes a great golfer---an Effortless Golfer.

But, you know what happened...Phil got greedy--- or maybe stupid we can't be completely sure--- and did start to think about the next shot, lost his focus and ended up losing the U.S. Open.

The most successful golfers---regardless of score and skill level---are those golfers that play the game confidently, effortlessly and with a subtle flair.

You Can Reap The Rewards of Effortless Golf.

Have you ever said to yourself, "I wish I could swing like that," or "How does she putt so smoothly?" or "I should've kept my head down?" If so, you're not alone. But there is a solution for your game.

Golf Secrets Uncovered, a brand new product, is the answer you've been searching for.

No gadgets to wear, no crazy exercises, no contraptions. Just quick, easy, effortless golf.

Just by listening, you'll master the skills and attitude needed to deal with any course, anytime under any circumstance.

The result?

You'll get more invites to play golf. And you'll want to accept them! You'll never again feel like an outsider or the high-handicapper---regardless of score. You'll be playing so effortlessly that others will feel like you're winning, even if you're not. And that gives you a distinct confidence, and advantage, on the course.

Success will naturally flow your way - and with less effort than you ever thought possible.

Winning Strategies You'll Find in Golf Secrets Uncovered.

Beginners and Pros alike can discover from this powerful audio based information. Here's just a sampling of the secrets you'll learn in Effortless Golf:

  • How to build confidence your very first time on a golf course.
  • Why knowing the unspoken rules of golf is important to your score.
  • The importance of having the right clubs...and they don't have to cost thousands of dollars.
  • The secrets to "The Perfect Grip" - This one visualization can improve every stroke you'll ever play.
  • Why concentrating on mechanics can ruin your game.
  • The importance of posture and stance - what to look for every time you step up to the ball.
  • 3 Pre-shot things you have to remember - and they're not what you think.
  • What having your feet "shoulder-width" apart really means.
  • Why the swing is simply a by-product of this well known but little used technique.
  • Why score really doesn't matter - I know it's hard to believe but it's true.
  • The 3 learning styles of golf - how to make sure your next instructor uses the right one for you.
  • Playing vs. Practice - How much is enough---How Much is too much?
  • 5 qualities to look for in a great teaching pro.
  • Does fitness matter?
  • And the 1 incredible secret that will reveal How to Know you're playing golf the right way.
  • How to watch the pros on TV and take strokes off of your game.

Plus you'll hear about some great extras like:

  • 2 No Holds barred instructional courses.
  • 15 Top Courses you've got to jump on a plane and play this week!
  • The future of Golf through the eyes of a PGA professional.
  • And a simple pre-tournament routine that'll get you ready to play Effortless Golf.

You'll be getting all of this insightful and incredibly powerful information from a current PGA certified professional instructor. He's currently the Head Pro at The Ranch Golf Club in Southwick, Massachusetts.

This Pro also spent time on the other side of the ball as a caddy, and offers a different view of golf that will save you stokes on your next outing. His name is Mike Robichaud and in just seconds from now he could be your personal coach in your journey to playing effortless golf!

Ebook cover: Golf Secrets Uncovered
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