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Get The Friends You Want Ebook

Get The Friends You Want
Category: Self Help
Ebook cover: Get The Friends You Want


Title: Get The Friends You Want

“Could It Really Be Possible That Problems With Loneliness, Shyness, Social Anxiety And Inability To Have Conversations, And Make Friends GET WORSE As YOU GET OLDER?”

Part 1: Overcome Loneliness, Shyness, and Social Anxiety

  • You’ll (finally) be able to make sense of what other people do, socially : why they laugh at some things and not others, befriend some people and not others, go out to some places and not others, dress a certain way and not another. – page 11
  • How you still vitally need friends, in this modern age, where live social interaction is mistakenly taken for granted. – page 8
  • You’ll know the 8 motivators that get people to behave socially the way they do. Once you know this, you’ll basically CRACK THE CODE that’s behind people’s social behaviors. – page 11
  • You’ll know why people keep ignoring loners, instead of cheering them up. (it’s about a specific behavior that loners have, that drives good people away) – page 16
  • Why some people get REJECTED while others get CHASED. You’ll also know what to do about it so you avoid being rejected by the friends you need. – page 14
  • You’ll be able to construct a vision for your social success. After going through this part, your social success will be as clear to you as a puzzle with all the pieces in place. You’ll be more ready to go for it than ever. – page 17
  • You’ll know how you’ll be able to make friends and STAY INTROVERTED IF YOU WANT. This book is not intended to change your nature. You can stay introverted if you want and keep all the little habits that you love to do by yourself. This part will show you how. – page 22
  • You’ll get to know why it feels WEIRD to be more social… all of a sudden. And how to unplug that unnatural feeling. – page 20
  • Socializing and being more social requires a particular kind of motivation, it’s different from regular motivation that is intended to “achieve goals”… in page 23, we’ll talk about exactly how to have that motivation. – page 23
  • You’ll be able to avoid the skeptical and hostile behavior that cause people to reject you and move away to make friends with other people. – page 28
  • You’ll understand how their loneliness works, so you can deal with it properly to get rid of it. – page 27
  • You’ll know why lonely people generally FAIL to make friends, even if they try their hardest, and what to do about it. – page 31
  • How to be “ready” to make friends now, even if you were lonely for several years. – page 30
  • You’ll know how to get over the negativity and depression that loneliness can get you in. – page 30
  • Technology, that is supposed to make us more connected, is a trap that can make us get even more lonely and isolated, this book will teach you how to make friends using the power of technology, while preventing it from making you even more isolated. – page 34
  • How to overcome shyness and social anxiety. – page 37
  • How to “laugh in the face” of any social rejection. And how to avoid getting rejected by potential friends. And how to detect rejection before it happens. (popular people are great at this, we’ll talk about it page 40)
  • You’ll know what popular people think of shy people and why that information is a HUGE opportunity to make new friends – page 46
  • You’ll discover the shocking truth about the social world. Only the popular and “insanely-socially-successful” people know. This stuff will make you much more powerful and confident as you will “know what’s going on” and can’t be intimidated. – page 43
  • You’ll know what people think of you when they see you and how much time they spend deciding whether or not they think that they are cool and interesting. – page 43
  • Popular people don’t like all the shy and reserved people, BUT,… they love one SPECIFIC kind of shy people because of one SPECIFIC behavior. These “special shy people” have an attitude that you NEED TO KNOW. – page 46
  • What people think of someone when they see them making a socially awkward mistake… and what you can do to make your social mistakes (if they ever happen) seem almost invisible and go unnoticed to people around you. – page 45
  • How to use your beliefs, emotions and body-reactions in a way that will make you more inclined to make friends and talk to people, instead of shying away and hiding from people. – page 53
  • How to practice being social with absolutely no risk
  • How to almost instantly change the negative beliefs that you KNOW are holding you back. – page 54

Part 2: Master Conversation and Social Skills

  • How to start conversations with strangers and make them feel like you’re someone they know well. – page 64
  • How to talk confidently, whether or not you were confident in the past. – page 63
  • Why some conversation starters work, while others don’t and what’s the difference that makes the difference. – page 66
  • How to start and end conversations as you please without coming across as rude and unfriendly. – page 67
  • How to hold someone’s attention when you first meet them. – page 67
  • How to know what’s stopping you from talking for as long as you want and how to free yourself from these things and make conversations last as long as you want. – page 68
  • There are some specific topics to talk about at FIRST, that make other people want to get to know you and make friends with you. Learn about them in page 72
  • How to keep a conversation going, and never run out of things to say, without having to “work” at it. – page 70
  • How to use other people’s stories in your own conversations in a way that makes you sound interesting, even if those stories have nothing to do with you. – page 73
  • How to go from subject to subject, potentially forever. And to draw the link between conversation topics, no matter unrelated they seem to be. – page 74
  • How to USE silence in conversation to make everyone feel comfortable and optimistic, instead of feeling awkward. – page 76
  • How to make two people that you know, talk to each other, so you won’t have to do all the talking. That will also enable you to walk away and talk to someone else if you want. – page 77
  • A quick way to practice small talk. This will make you do small talk much better than average people. (you can do this the very next time you get out of the house) – get it in page 76
  • How to have conversations in a group in a way that makes you QUICKLY FIT IN. And how to AVOID being interrupted and make the people in the group like you on the first day you show up. – page 78
  • Some people seem to attract the most amount of friends. Everyone wants to be friends with them and that’s because everyone sees them as “cool”. You’ll learn WHAT the elements behind “coming across as cool”. You can start integrating those elements in your life today, and attract more friends. Learn it in page 82
  • How to get in the mood for conversation, get talkative and be more outgoing. This works even if you had a bad day and even if you spent a whole week not talking to anyone. It makes you snap-back in a social mode. – page 79
  • How to be funny and fun to be around, so people like you and crave your presence. – page 92
  • The 44 worst socially awkward mistakes you need to STOP DOING RIGHT NOW. They weird people out and make them want to get the hell out of there ASAP. – page 97
  • What to NEVER do, when making a funny joke. I call this section “humor do’s and don’ts”… some of these mistakes can have the opposite effect (they repel people), so we have to be careful. Learn more in page 96
  • How to come across as interesting and avoid coming across as a boring person. – page 101
  • How to become interesting in the long run (for life) in page 102
  • How to not only be interesting but come across as interesting to the specific friends you would love to hang out with – page 101
  • How to get your life to be MORE FUN, without “sweating at it”. – page 102
  • How to make fun social plans, even if when you have NO MOTIVATION to do so. (it’s so easy, you don’t need to be “motivated” to get it done) – page 105
  • How to make fun plans in seconds, instead of minutes or hours. Without too much preparation, you’ll be able to make plans ON-THE-SPOT. – page 104
  • How to have other people see you as a FUN-and-INTERESTING person – page 104
  • How to discover and organize new social activities that you weren’t aware of. And do it in a way that doesn’t take much time. Best of both worlds : Having time for what you like to do on your own and having time to chill and have fun with friends. – page 107
  • How to have people recognize that you have a fun life and get excited when they call them to hang out. – page 104
  • How to know what fun and interesting events are taking place in your city and never miss out on them. – page 106
  • How to deal with friends that smoke, drink alcohol, or do drugs in a way that lets you hang out with them if you want without ever feeling “pressured” to do use these substances yourself. – page 108
  • How to do lots of social activities, without really spending BIG BUCKS or blowing out through your savings, nor getting into debt… – page 107

Part 3: Make Friends and Build Your Social Circle

  • How to meet friends in the places and areas that you already pass by every day, without realizing all the opportunities to meet new people. – page 111
  • You’ll know how important it is to KEEP finding new friends, no matter how many friends you know, now. Friends tend to disappear from your life and that makes you obligated to constantly making friends with new people. – page 111
  • How to turn a colleague into a friend, so they can start making friends, before even leaving the office. – page 112
  • How to meet new friends through the people you already know, even if you never thought of them as a potential “source” of new people that you can be friends with – page 114
  • If you’re in college, you’ll get to know how to take advantage of all the opportunities of thousands of new potential friends, instead of being intimidated by the crowd – page 113
  • Why you should NEVER miss a birthday party, why it’s the easiest occasion to meet new friends, and how to make friends once they you get there. – page 114
  • How to join groups of interest that make it easy for you to make friends and how to make friends, once you join. By the way, you don’t even have to commit to any particular group of interest. – page 117
  • How to meet new people in places you’ve never considered going to. Places like charity events, expat events, pet-related-events, professional events, free seminars and conventions, cultural events, etc. – page 115
  • How to turn a facebook “friend” into a Real Friend. – page 117
  • How to quickly make friends in online forums and meet them in real life. You can do it faster than average people think possible. These forums can be about something you really love to talk about, so you’ll get friends that have the same interests/hobbies as you. We’ll talk about HOW to do it in page 118.
  • How to concentrate on just a few friends on facebook that will make all the difference in your life. You don’t have to keep up with more than 10 to 30 friends that are the MOST important. We’ll also talk about how to select who goes in that category.
  • How to start friendships right: how to make conversations that create friendships out of a random encounter. – page 119
  • How to quickly know if someone would make a good friend or not. This saves you time by avoiding people who are a bad-match for you and won’t make you happier, instead they just take up space and you won’t have time to make the friends that you’ll have BIG fun with. – page 119
  • How to break psychological barriers that exist between strangers and make everyone feel comfortable about getting to know each other. – page 119
  • Once you meet someone that could make of a great friend, you need to know what to talk about and what to do to make them want to be friends with you. Learn that in page 120.
  • How to keep in touch with all the friends that you have and want to hang out with AND all the new friends that you will be making in the upcoming weeks, after reading the book. – page 122
  • How to make someone feel an instant connection with you, as soon as you start talking to them. – page 121
  • How to get people think of you often instead of forgetting about you. They’ll remember you even if they won’t see you every day. It also doesn’t require more than a few minutes each day. – page 123
  • How to ask someone to join you in your fun plans in a way that avoids all possible rejection.. (popular people do this a lot, by the way) – page 124
  • Learn how to ask people to join you in your plans, in a way that makes them say YES, almost every time. – page 124
  • How to get people to invite you out to their fun plans, without being pushy or obvious about it – page 124
  • In page 125, we’re gonna talk about the experiences you’ll have with your new friends. The sooner you have these experiences, the sooner you’ll “click” together and become close friends.
  • How to turn a “casual friend” into a real and close friend – page 125
  • How to make someone believe that you’re a “formless” friend, that means that they can take you and suggest all kinds of plans and social activities to you, not just one. – page 126
  • How to make people want to see you again, and again, and again. And how to avoid the mistakes that make people get tired of seeing you (even some popular people fall into these mistakes) – page 129
  • What topics to talk about with a “casual friend” in order to turn them into a “close friend”. – page 127
  • What kind of attitude to have and how to use it, to have people be glad they met you, respect you, and never “take you for granted”. – page 129
  • You’ll know why you absolutely need a social circle and why is it better than just having a few friends. You’ll know how making friends is much easier once you start to build your social circle. – page 135
  • How to keep a friendship for a long time and make someone continue to want to see you, even if you’ve been friends for a long time. – page 131
  • A social circle the BEST and EASIEST way to meet a great boyfriend or girlfriend, or just a way to meet a lot of HOT dates. Learn how to benefit from it in page 136.
  • Why not having a social circle, can potentially result in you having crappy birthday parties or no birthday parties at all, just hanging out alone at the house… it can also get you to have the same crappy and lonely experiences on Christmas, thanksgiving and other occasions. – page 136
  • Why having a social circle will make you have parties and celebrations that you’ll remember, till the rest of your life. – page 136
  • You’ll learn why and how does a social circle require a lot less work than most people think. And how to make that work for you. – page 137
  • You’ll learn to build a social circle before you get into a situation where you absolutely need it (say, you meet a new date and they introduce you to their friends and then expect you to do the same,… they can be disappointed to find out that you don’t have a circle of friends) – page 138
  • You’ll learn about the elements or “pillars” of building a social circle – page 137
  • How to introduce people to each other in a way that makes them respect you more, be glad they’re friends with you, and become more loyal to you. – page #
  • How to stop having friends that don’t know each other and have friends that know each other… this helps you stay in touch with everyone much easier, everyone will remember you and you won’t have to do all the calls and all the planning. – page 139
  • How to get people to introduce other people to you, so you will be making new friends without any effort. – page 138
  • How to connect with VERY popular people (or “connectors”) who have constant flood of new people in your life, so you can pick and choose who to be friends with. – page 140
  • How to skip all that clutter and connect with them in a way that you’ll stop, notice you with attention, and want you to absolutely be part of their group.
  • These people are very special and only make friends with people in certain conditions. that’s because A LOT of people want to be friends with them already. They filter people pretty fast and everyone is intimidated by them.
  • I’ll also teach how to be best-friends with these guys. Remember, I learned a lot about the social world, just by hanging out with them. –page 141
  • How to join an established group of friends that “seem” to be impenetrable and fit in, the first time you get with them. – page 144
  • How to start a social circle from scratch, even if you have ZERO friends right now, even if you JUST moved to a new city. – page 143
  • How to successfully date people in your social circle. Remember, people who have trouble finding great dates are very often exactly the people who don’t have a large circle of friends, and they think they need to get “dating advice” to solve it. – page 144
Ebook cover: Get The Friends You Want
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Reviewed by on 2017-03-25
My Rate 5
I have hid behind my computer for years. Thank you for the book that helped me make eye contact, again. I have always wondered why some go here and not there.
Then there was the conversation about this and not that. It was helpful to avoid the not and refer to the this.
Page 137 was most helpful.

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Reviewed by on 2017-03-25
My Rate 5
I have hid behind my computer for years. Thank you for the book that helped me make eye contact, again. I have always wondered why some go here and not there.
Then there was the conversation about this and not that. It was helpful to avoid the not and refer to the this.
Page 137 was most helpful.

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