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Free Introduction to Creating Wealth Through Adventure with the Stan Grist System Ebook

Free Introduction to Creating Wealth Through Adventure with the Stan Grist System
Category: Adventure
Ebook cover: Free Introduction to Creating Wealth Through Adventure with the Stan Grist System


Title: Free Introduction to Creating Wealth Through Adventure with the Stan Grist System
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Stan Grist's resources for gold prospecting, metal detecting, treasure hunting and exploration

If you didn't have to go to work everyday and could afford to travel anywhere in the world to learn gold, ancient treasure or a lost city, where would you want to go and what would you hunt for?

Would you like to travel to exotic and remote locations while earning a fortune and having the time of your life?

Would you like to discover all the unique, proven methods of a professional treasure hunter, prospector and explorer that are responsible for his greatest discoveries?

You can leave the rat race behind, live a life of adventure and freedom plus earn a great living at the same time - I did and I will show you how to do it step by step!

Would you love to live the life of Dirk Pitt? Aren't you tired of watching Indiana Jones reruns, wishing that you were living the adventures instead of Harrison Ford? Do you long to search for and find treasure, lost cities or fabulously rich gold deposits? Do you dream of finding Yamashita's Treasure in the Philippines, or The Treasure of Cocos Island near Panama? How about discovering The Lost Padre Mine in New Mexico or La Caverna del Oro in Colorado? Sounds awesome you think, but your reality is you are stuck wasting your life going to a job everyday that you perhaps even hate or that simply bores you to tears and you have no idea how to change this.

Welcome to the club! You aren't alone. There are thousands of frustrated adventurers in the world, dreaming of escaping the Rat Race to live their dreams of exotic locations and rich discoveries of gold and treasure.

Here's the good news:

YOU really can create a lifestyle of adventure for YOURSELF, making the transition from a hobbyist or daydreamer to a professional while earning a great living at the same time. You can even choose to live a life of adventure full time or for several months a year.

Just sit back and visualize yourself in this scenario:

While digging through a used bookstore in a small town, you come across an old ebook published in the 1880's. The ebook describes the pioneer history of Montana and Wyoming. It is actually a compilation of stories as told to the author by family members of original settlers.

In one of the stories, you come across the mention of an old Spanish mine discovered by a settler on his ranch in 1854. The story tells of Spanish markings carved into the rock near the mine entrance. The markings include a large cross and the word "ORO".

With the information in the story, you are able to trace a couple of likely places where this mine was probably discovered over 150 years ago. You already have written reports of ancient Spanish activity in this general area in your personal archives. Using the Internet, you search for the descendents with the family name mentioned in the story. Bingo! You have a hit in a small community in southeast Montana.

With all the corroborating photocopied information, maps, data, satellite photos, etc., you strike off in your mini-motorhome, armed with all the high-tech gear you may need to pinpoint the mine entrance. Once you arrive at your destination, you quickly locate the family in question, confirm the identity of their great-grandfather and obtain written permission to search their rather large property. They didn't even know about the discovery made by their relative.

A two-day search results in the discovery of the mine entrance filled in by loose rocks and hidden by some thick growth. Sure enough, there is the cross and word "ORO" inscribed into the rock wall at the entrance! You found it!

Would you like to live this exciting and adventurous lifestyle fulltime? Or, how would you like to be able to live like this for several months each year? Did you always believe that this is simply impossible for you to do? It's not at all...

Like you, even though I was caught in the rat race many years ago, I always dreamed of hiking through remote jungles in search of lost cities and ancient treasure. I literally spent hours everyday, visualizing myself on expeditions all over South America. I discovered a lot of very cool things in those daydreams. It was fun being a famous explorer- in my daydreams.

Finally, I resolved to actually start living those dreams of mine in real life. Slowly, I began venturing out, close to home at first and then further and further away. I met a lot of dead ends and dry holes, but I sure had fun searching. I'll never forget the feeling of finally finding my first 1-ounce gold nugget. And I'll never forget the adrenaline of finding a small pouch of gold coins from the 1849 gold rush times near Downieville, California. I was hooked.

The recoveries began coming much faster and easier after I learned how to cut to the chase and not waste my time in low-potential, high-risk pursuits. I learned exactly what it takes to properly research a project and then go to the field for a fast recovery. I learned how to turn my discoveries into cash through several proven money making methods. This system of knowledge and experience is what pays the bills and gives you the freedom to live this incredible lifestyle full-time or part-time, whichever you prefer.

My name is Stan Grist and it took me decades to figure out exactly how to achieve freedom and success while living an exciting life of adventure and discovery. Along the way, I've struggled long and hard to reach my goals and I nearly gave up many times. But my will to succeed eventually won out. Slowly and surely I kept on trying different methods and focused on the ones that brought me the best results.

I learned how to dramatically increase my success rate in my adventures and discoveries while earning a great living at the same time. I'll show you exactly how I did it.

If you have not yet heard of me, simply type "Stan Grist" into any Internet search engine and take a close look at your results. You'll see that I have been around for a long time. I'm regularly called a "Lucky Dog" by those who know me. Many of them have asked me how they can achieve the same lifestyle. I can honestly tell you that luck has nothing to do with my success; it has everything to do with my unique system. My message for you today is real, no-risk, long-term and is as completely dependable as the law of gravity.

Believe me, it wasn't always, but now my life is great. I am a full-time professional explorer, prospector and treasure hunter. I live in a beautiful home on the side of a mountain with a 20-mile long view of the valley of Quito, Ecuador. Life is both exciting and peaceful here. The weather is spring-like every day of the year. The food is fresh and healthy. The sunny Pacific coast beach is a 4-hour drive to the west and the awesome Amazon Jungle is a 4-hour drive to the east. I live in "Explorer's Paradise".

I don't tell you these things to brag. I only want to let you know that I can show you exactly how to achieve your own dreams of adventure and freedom, anywhere in the world.

What's your dream discovery? My unique, proven system can teach you how to zero in and find it PLUS earn a great living with unlimited potential at the same time.

You may feel skeptical at first and wonder how such a seemingly impossible transformation from your current situation to living your dreams could really happen for you. My answer to you is brief and simple:

Let my past mistakes and tough years of "trial & error" be your shortcut to success. I have shared my time tested and proven methods in my personal system with several dozen people over the years. The results are always the same: my Creating Wealth Through Adventure System works successfully every single time.

You will never find anything as unique and jam-packed with so many proven methods or truly valuable and specialized information anywhere else in the world.

"CREATING WEALTH THROUGH ADVENTURE with the STAN GRIST SYSTEM 2006" literally covers dozens of unique and highly effective methods to help you achieve your dreams, below are just 12 of them:

  1. Discover the essential skill you must have: 80% of your success is achieved through research and only 20% in the field. Discover my Investigative Secrets to easily become an "EXPERT" on any subject, especially about where to find lost cities, hidden treasures and large gold nuggets.
  2. Learn the secrets for unleashing the power of your subconscious mind to automatically prepare yourself for achieving your biggest goals almost effortlessly. (This was my last stumbling block in finally achieving my most important goals)
  3. Discover to "Properly Document Your Discoveries" of:
    • Lost Cities,
    • Ancient Mysteries,
    • Unknown Historical Events,
    • Virgin Treasure Sites,
    • New Animal Species,
    • Rich Gold Deposits,
    • and much, much more.
  4. Discover where to go and how to find an ounce of gold each day with only $25 worth of equipment in a small backpack. The real gold is in knowing the "how and where". With this knowledge and experience, you are free to make regular withdrawals from your own gravel banks whenever you need some cash.
  5. Discover how to turn your "Properly Documented Discoveries" into PURE CASH in literally dozens of different ways FAST, including all you need to know about writing, photography, public speaking, movie making and more.
  6. Discover where to go and how to find valuable:
    • Dinosaur bones,
    • Petrified wood,
    • Trilobites,
    • Fossil Megalodon Shark's Teeth and
    • Ammonites,
    • Meteorites
  7. Discover how to turn these ancient treasures into Cash at the highest market prices with no involvement of middlemen wholesalers. You won't believe how much money these treasure are worth! (I found 2 or 3 fully-colored Ammonite Fossils per day, each worth more than $1,500)
  8. Discover to create "royalty deals". This is one of the greatest ways to create a huge passive income that pays you while you do nothing, or better yet, while you work on new projects in fun, exotic places. I have included a complete copy of the actual Royalty Agreement that I signed on an alluvial gold discovery that I made which, after 5 years of testing, will soon be declared the largest commercial alluvial gold deposit ever discovered.
  9. Discover a simple, great, secret trick for discovering rich pockets of lost gold and diamond jewelry at the beach. Discovering only 1 rich pocket of jewelry per week will earn you a great lifestyle. (I used this trick on the beaches around Miami with amazing results) Once you understand to apply this secret technique, you can also use it to find gold nuggets in gold-bearing rivers as well.
  10. Discover to prospect and stake claims on large, precious metals deposits, which you can sell to large companies. These deposits are everywhere but they are completely hidden from the vast majority of people who don't know the secret signs to look for.
  11. Discover to market your one-of-a-kind, adventure-related information directly to the public over the Internet. I sell hundreds of ebooks and e-packages each month, usually while I sleep. This is an "auto-pilot" business that keeps your cash flowing in as you are out adventuring in exotic locations. This business is super-easy to set up for the non-technician once you know all the secrets that I finally figured out.
  12. Discover how to make great money online without a product to sell. Don't have a product to sell on the Internet? No problem!




Introduction, Forward and Contents

Personal Preparation For Life Change:

A. We Are the Cause, Not the Effect
B. Find Your Passion - What drives you?
C. Escape the Rat Race - Leave the 9 am to 5 pm day behind.
D. Take Control - Render external forces impotent.
E. Set Your Goals - Write it down if you really want it.
F. Work Your Daily Schedule - Put your plans into daily action now!


Be a Professional Explorer Specialize in:

1. Lost Cities - how to find them, how to get to them, how to document them,
2. Ancient Mysteries - what are they, how to investigate them, how to document your investigations,
3. Anomalous Archeology - examples of out-of-place-artifacts, how to find them, how to handle them,
4. Cryptozoology - unknown animal species, locations of sightings, how to prove their existence,
5. Ancient Tunnel Systems - where are they, who built them, why, how to explore them,
6. Marine Environments - how to survive and thrive as you learn underwater treasures all over the world,
7. Desert Environments - many ancient lost cities and treasures exist in modern deserts...gold nuggets too!,
8. Mountainous Environments - I live in the mountains and learn new, amazing, ancient sites almost every week! Keep yourself in high altitude shape as you have a lot of fun!
9. Jungle Environments - my favorite place of all - alluvial gold, unknown animal species, miracle herbs, unvisited Indian tribes - the jungle has it all! I hang out in the jungle every month.


Be a Professional Prospector Specialize in:

Alluvial Gold and Precious Metals:

10. Sniping - the cheapest and easiest way to produce gold in economic quantities, checked out the price of gold lately?
11. Dry Washing - desert prospecting, working without water, necessary equipment and procedure,
12. Black Sand Buyer - the most overlooked and easiest way to make a fortune in gold dust,
13. Dredging - the most effective way to produce a lot of gold as a small operator,
14. Ancient River Channels - the secret key to finding a fortune from Alaska to Chile, I did it and so can you,
15. Large Production - what's involved, all the steps of how to go from prospector to mining millionaire,
16. Royalty Agreements - what you need to know to set up and execute the deals, this is my best way to become an easy millionaire forever, see all about the details of how I did it,

Diamonds & Gems:

17. Sniping & Small Production - where to go, how to get there, essential equipment, diamond evaluation, diamonds are everywhere!
18. Diamond & Gem Dredging - how it's done and what you need to do it successfully.

Fossils and More: How to find them and profit from selling them:

19. Petrified Wood - I find it and sell petrified wood all the time,
20. Dinosaur Bones - the market is huge, bones are everywhere, I find them on the beach every month,
21. Trilobites - find out where you can recover hundreds of them daily, sell them instantly for cash,
22. Ammonites - the best hidden secret of them all, a full-colored ammonite fossil is 1,000 times easier to find than a 1-ounce gold nugget,
23. Shark's Teeth - Go to Florida to find Megalodon Shark's teeth by the dozens, they are worth more than $400 each!,
24. Meteorites - I know more than 6 guys who have become millionaires in less than 5 years by recovering meteorites around the world, most of them use metal detectors,


Be a Professional Treasure Hunter Specialize in:


25. Basic Metal Detecting - how to find what others missed, research is the key, find an ounce a day,
26. Caches and Historic Treasures - where they are, how you can find them, sell them for the max!


27. Lake Beaches - historical swimming holes, old photos, regular harvesting of key locations,
28. Ocean Beaches - the secret of finding the glory hole concentrations, this one idea is worth thousands of $$$
29. Underwater and Sunken Treasure - where are they, how to locate them, how to recover treasure without spending a fortune,

Professional Services:

30. How to be a Consultant for Any Service - general principles to get rich from your expertise,
31. Metal Detecting Services - how one man makes a great living with his metal detector,
32. General Geophysical Services - get professionally serious and rich in the world of geophysics, find anything, anywhere down below with a hi-tech approach, check out this pro- web site!


More Great Ways to Make Money From Your Unique Content & Adventures


33. Magazine Articles - your content is in high demand, how to sell your content today,
34. Ebooks - self-publishing for pennies, keep all of the profits for yourself,
35. Courses - teach others about your secrets, how to market yourself,

E-commerce & Multi-Media:

36. e-Commerce, e-Reports, e-Books and e-Products - how to create "auto pilot" income for the rest of your life,
37. CD-ROM & DVD Production - how to communicate and package your unique content,
38. Affiliate Relationships - instead of creating your own products you can market already proven digital products of others,
39. Internet Auctions - discover how to sell your treasures and reports online to the highest bidder, sell gold nuggets, raw diamonds, fossils, artifacts, antiques, found jewelry for the highest prices


40. Supplement to Writing Projects - quadruple the value of the articles you write,
41. Stock Houses - an unlimited and ongoing market for your adventure photos,
42. Magazines & Publications - they are everywhere and willing to bid for unique and new material


43. Special Interest Market - thousands want to see your adventures from the safety of their VCR or computer,
44. Adventure TV market - watched the Discovery Channel lately? Seen any repetition? Seen some pretty dull shows? These guys call me regularly.

Public Speaking and Seminars:

44. I can't believe how easy it is to fill a room with people who want to hear about the last lost city that I found. Adventurers and explorers are very rare people. Who doesn't want to listen to the tales of a real-life Indiana Jones?

Gem Stone Dealer:

45. Buy from the mines in Brazil and sell in Los Angeles for about ten times your investment, here is how.


46. One interesting way to generate money while on the road. I win regularly, especially when I am in "luck mode", check out how.

Market Trader:

47. A great way to generate money, especially with a wireless net connection. I often make trades from the Amazon jungle. Now you can live and travel where you please while you profit. Subscribe to my free, private, insider, weekly newsletter.


The Resource Library - includes many more great ways to make money!

A. Research - 80% of your success is here,
B. Understanding Terminology - discover to talk with like-minded people and understand historical documents,
C. Types of Treasure - stuff you've never thought of,
D. Techniques - there are many different ways to find treasure,
E. Treasure Sites - they are everywhere if you know the secrets of how to look,
F. Tools - you can spend $25 or $10,000,
G. Business & Ethics - stay legally clean or suffer!
H. Law, Survival & Safety - adventuring can be comfortable and fun or a survival hell, do it right, discover how.


Ebook cover: Free Introduction to Creating Wealth Through Adventure with the Stan Grist System
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Reviewed by on 2018-10-23
My Rate 5
I will give 5 stars to this book"Free Introduction to Creating Wealth Through Adventure with the Stan Grist system because in it various ways are given by adopting anyone can create wealth through adventure.

Reviewed by on 2007-05-25
My Rate 4
Will be in Quito in June, any way to contact you about treasure adventure travel. I am a teacher and traveling with my wife. Please let me know if it's possible to speak with you, John

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My Rate 5
I will give 5 stars to this book"Free Introduction to Creating Wealth Through Adventure with the Stan Grist system because in it various ways are given by adopting anyone can create wealth through adventure.

Reviewed by on 2007-05-25
My Rate 4
Will be in Quito in June, any way to contact you about treasure adventure travel. I am a teacher and traveling with my wife. Please let me know if it's possible to speak with you, John

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