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eBook Creation for NEWBIES

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Title: eBook Creation for NEWBIES

"Learn How YOU Too Can Create Your Own Collection Of In-Demand, Profit-Pulling Info Products In Just Minutes From Now"

Dear New Marketer,

If you would study the successful Infopreneurs, Niche Marketers and Internet Marketers of today, you would find that they all have one thing in common: they create their own products.

And if you are serious about joining their ranks, you would want to create your own Info Products, too!


For starters, you make instant sales every time you sell a copy of your Info Product, something which you cannot achieve through affiliate marketing because the principal can only pay you after the product guarantee policy expires. Oh, and did I mention that you make only a certain percentage of sales?

Sure, you can cover that loophole by reselling products with Resale Rights and earn 100% sales. But on the drawback, you have very limited flexibility towards the product rights because the copyright and ownership is still owned by its original author!

While I am obviously NOT implying that you can't make money from affiliate marketing and Resell Rights - I make a decent income from them - but the point I'm driving home is this: if you want to make BIGGER bucks then the pot of gold is found in creating your own Info Products!

With your own Info Products, it means an infinite number of choices and flexibility in the rights.


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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: For Authors

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Reviewed by Robin on 2009-04-13
My Rate 1
It's not free, only a free trial.

Reviewed by Ryan Maddox on 2009-03-13
My Rate 5
I thought that the information was easy to understand

Reviewed by Les Oakes on 2008-08-27
My Rate 2
OVERPRICED copy of an open source program

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Title: E-Book Compiler Software

Easy and Risk-free

The software that I am about to introduce you to, is a powerful professional quality tool, that makes it simple for anybody to get started in Information Publishing.

If you can create web pages - then you can create and publish Ebooks.
(and even if you can't, most modern word processors include a "Save As HTML" feature).

Simply create a set HTML files containing the information you want to sell, and then run Activ Ebook Compiler - and you'll have a self-contained Windows Program (".EXE") which users can download and run, to view your Ebook. You can even restrict access to parts of your Ebook with passwords, include links to relevant web sites, or sell advertising space in your Ebook.

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Rating: (3.33 after 6 votes)
Category: For Authors

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Reviewed by Jen Sobey on 2008-02-06
My Rate 5
Really useful information plus very entertaining to read. I love the authors sense of humour.
Highly recommended

Reviewed by Obi Ind on 2008-02-05
My Rate 5
Fantastic information, assessible and extremely useful. Thanks.

Reviewed by Nicky Page on 2008-02-05
My Rate 5
Great information. Fun to read. I read it twice in one night.

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Title: Become a Children's Writer: Insider Secrets
Author: Jill McDougall

An easy-to-read ebook to writing for children by a professional children's writer and writing coach.

This ebook has received high-quality unsolicited reviews from respected industry professionals. It is loaded with practical information as well as links to hundreds of children's publishers around the world. The advice in this ebook is based on Jill's experience in successfully writing and publishing over 100 books for children.

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Rating: (5 after 3 votes)
Category: For Authors

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Title: You Can Write Books

The Number One guide to getting your work into the ebookstores. Fast.

Our Names are Andrew John and Stephen Blake ...

... and we are now the authors of a dozen books. We did it over five years, with our first books published in the first year. These books are REAL books published by real BIG-NAME publishers NOT self-published; WE GET PAID BY THE PUBLISHER, NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND!!

Our latest book, You Can Write Books, will show you how YOU can do it too-how you can see your words and your name in print as quickly and easily as we did.

In You Can Write Books we'll let you in on all the tips and secrets we've learned the hard way. For example, did you know that you don't have to write your whole ebook before submitting it to a publisher!

Imagine how it would feel to see your name on those books in the ebookstore. How would you feel watching customers taking your books to the sales counter and handing over money?

It's a thrilling experience. We know. We've done it!!

Most would-be authors run away with the idea that they have to sweat for three years to complete their magnum opus, and then send it off to a publisher. Wrong!

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Category: For Authors

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Title: 30 Minute Article System
Author: Melanie Mendelson

Free Publicity For Your Website

Do you need more traffic to your website?

The easiest way to get free website traffic is by writing articles.

Writing articles is a great promotional technique for your business. You can write an article and submit it to various websites for publication.

Maybe you're a natural writer. Maybe you have to struggle with it. Doesn't really matter.

What matters is GETTING YOUR NAME OUT THERE. And getting it out there often.

Your articles will spring up like mushrooms all over the web with your author bio and a link to your website.

It is so hard to force yourself to write.

You procrastinate and find a bunch of other "more important" things to do in order to avoid this dreaded task. And when you finally get yourself together and try to write an article, here's what happens:

It just doesn't flow. There is not much to say. Things are awkward. You don't know how to begin and how to end.

You decide to go "research" on the Internet, and start surfing away.

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Category: For Authors, For Authors

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Title: Writing for Profit
Author: Jim Green

This Amazing Creative Writing Course Has No Rivals!

The internet abounds in creative writing courses; some good, some indifferent, some downright risky in that they are stitched together from a series of disparate tutorials.

Writing for Profit is the original and best niche non-fiction writing course available online. It has no peers - as hundreds of satisfied users testify day in, day out.

Now you can have such a plan, a master plan, and for a fraction of its true worth.

In Writing for Profit you will learn...

  • Why part-time writing works best for some authors
  • Why it's easier to be accepted by non-fiction publishing houses
  • Why anyone can succeed using my secret strategies
  • The little-known secret to injecting longevity exclusively disclosed
  • How to implant the essential disciplines to make money writing
  • How to effortlessly determine the extent of your own propensity
  • How to cultivate innate intuition to generate a constant flood of ideas
  • How to author several disparate books from a single topic

Banish Production Worries with My Creative Writing Course

My amazing creative writing course will guide you seamlessly, step by step, through every aspect of the journey that leads to acceptance, publication, and the prospect of multiple editions for your work.

  • Where to find 1000s of non-fiction
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Category: For Authors

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Title: Operation eBook
Author: Paula Brett

"Desperate Housewife Performs Emergency Surgery On HERSELF Without Anaesthetic!"

Do You Really Want To Make A Living Online, Or Are You Just Kidding Yourself? Say YES To Creating Your Own Product TODAY, And Tomorrow You Could Be On Your Way To Internet Riches!

Imagine what it would be like if you had two info products? Three? Four? Five..............?

Imagine where your products would lead you...

  • You get to sit back while affiliates sell YOUR PRODUCT. While you're working on your next project you'll have dozens of people breaking their back to sell YOUR eBook. Imagine how nice it will feel to have 100 people selling YOUR EBOOK, rather than you being the one putting in all the effort.
  • You get to place links inside the ebook that will earn you money day after day. Of course, the money from selling the ebook is great, but it's the backend income where the REAL money is made. When it's YOUR PRODUCT you'll get paid while people click your affiliate links day after day.
  • You get to create a HUGE list of targeted buyers who you can profit from again and again. After you've sent a few offers to your list, the price of the ebook will seem like small change. This is where the real money is made.
  • You get to brand yourself as an expert in your niche and grab some instant credibility. Branding is EVERYTHING online, and once you've released your own hot product people will see you as an expert. This will open up a ton
... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Business, E-Business, For Authors

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Title: Resale Rights Blueprint
Author: John Thornhill

You Can STILL Become An eBay PowerSeller In 90 Days, STILL Make Hundreds Per Day, And STILL Work From The Comfort Of Your Own Home ...

Earn Hundreds Of Dollars "Consistently" Day-After-Day... By Following My Simple Step-by-Step Program That Will See You Become A Fully-Equipped eBay PowerSeller In 90 Days Flat.

After you join me inside, this is what you will receive:

Part 1: eBay

  • I will show you how to set-up everything from listing your first product to creating an information product that can bring in $1000s.
  • You will find out the secrets most other PowerSellers DON'T know.
  • You will be provided with listing templates, simply copy them, edit them as you wish and paste them into your eBay listings.
  • In fact you could become even more profitable than me as I will be committed to providing you with every product I sell on eBay. Remember, you can add your own products and sell even more.
  • I can pay up to $97 for a single eBook and you will get them free.
  • I will give you 24/7 support
... Click here to read the full description!

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Ebook Type: Audio Included, Video Included,
Category: For Authors, Home Business

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Title: How To Write A How To Book
Author: Shaun Fawcett

If you want to find out how to develop, design, and write a professional quality how-to ebook so you can share your knowledge and passion with others -- no matter what your subject -- this eBook is your answer...

"Do You Have A Hobby, Interest Or Activity That You Are Passionate About?
Would You Like To Share It With Others And Make Good Money Doing It?"

Below is a point-by-point list of almost 100 insider tips, tricks, techniques and facts that you will discover about writing successful how-to ebooks in "How To Write A "How-To" eBook:

About How-To eBooks (pg. 21-28)


The Preparation Phase (pg. 29-50)


  • Why you should get a copyright and an ISBN for your how-to book.
  • The single most important thing to do before starting your how-to book.
  • Resources you need to access to properly conduct your keyword research.
  • How to zero-in on exactly what your how-to ebook should focus on.
  • How to make sure your ebook will rank high in searches at booksellers.
  • How to make sure your ebook will rank high at the major search engines.
  • How to identify your target readers and find out where they hang out online.
  • How to formulate your book's title and
... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: E-Marketing, For Authors, Manuals

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Title: Ultimate Guide To Wordpress Plugins
Author: Cenay Nailor

Looking to Increase Your Blog Traffic? Wanting to Improve Your Visitor Experience? Hoping toTurn Those Visitors into Money?

Get Listed On Google's Radar In Minutes and Create An Army Of Rabid Fans Who Turn Up At Every Post and Bring Their Friends With Them

Included with The Ultimate Guide To Wordpress Plugins:

  • 8 Step by Step Videos to Installing a FREE Wordpress Blog on your own domain
  • Detailed Instructions on Exactly Which Plugins You Need to Install. (if you don't know what a *plugin* is, don't worry. You don't need to know what they are, where to find them or how to use them. It's all in the Guide)
  • The *Secret* Plugin That Makes Installing The Others A Breeze.
  • How To Get Visitors to Return Time After Time.
  • Eliminate Most of The *Boring, Mundane, Routine* Operations That Are Vital to Keeping Your Blog Fresh and Current.
  • Free Up Your Time To Concentrate on The Important Stuff - like Having Fun and Earning Money

Introducing, the Ultimate Guide to Wordpress Plugins - Your Guide To A Better Blog

This ebook is the end result of years of research, testing, tracking and documenting everything. It's full of one on one blogging advice, including some things you should

... Click here to read the full description!

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