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Female Persuasion Ebook

Female Persuasion
Category: Men, Relationships
Ebook cover: Female Persuasion


Title: Female Persuasion

Are you a man who's all about raising the bar when it comes to success with women? If so, here are seven of the most important questions you'll ever ask yourself:

  • Have you ever wondered why other guys seem to attract women with the snap of their fingers...while you never even get a woman to smile at you?
  • Do women consistently ignore you...never paying you the attention you deserve, even though you're a great guy with so much to offer?
  • Do you find yourself thinking that "all women are the same"...meaning they're always interested in some other guy, not you?
  • Instead of scrambling to earn approval from women all the time, isn't it time they were drawn to you magnetically...with almost zero effort? (And hey...isn’t it high time they started clamoring for your favor instead?)
  • If you catch yourself daydreaming about a throng of adoring women catering to your every whim, do you immediately pass it off as "impossible"?
  • Are you unsure that you could unleash a woman's naughtiest sexual fantasies...making her passionate about fulfilling every one of yours?
  • Have you become jaded against women in thanks to so many harsh "rejections" and/or a disastrous string of bad experiences?

Did you answer "yes" to one or more of those questions? I've been right there with you...and so has every other guy.

Here's a brief list of the points you'll find covered in Female Persuasion:

  • Step-by-step ways to quickly and effectively establish EXACTLY how a woman will treat you...whether it's the waitress who'll serve you for the next thirty minutes, or the woman you plan to spend a lifetime with.
  • Gain the "insider secret" that men who are naturally amazing with women all know instinctively...even as most teachers of pickup and dating advice teach the EXACT OPPOSITE. Be in the know and transform your success with women forever.
  • How to get amazing first-class treatment from any woman...even if you're with ANOTHER woman at the time.
  • The GOLDEN secret to never giving your power away to women, instead wielding it like a knight would a mighty sword. (And best of all, women will LOVE you for it.)
  • The disarmingly simple way to transform even the coldest "ice queen" into a giggly, touchie-feelie sweetheart with one simple motion. (You'll laugh and shake your head at how easy this is...yet most guys completely miss it.)
  • The all-important FIRST STEP to inspiring women to absolutely adore you. (This works like MAGIC.)
  • Know the crucial difference between the LIGHT SIDE and the DARK SIDE of being charming...and make sure you choose the right path every time.
  • The one FOOLPROOF sign to look for that proves for sure that a woman is so CHARMED by you that she's practically ready to eat out of your hand.
  • How to charm a woman effortlessly and completely...without ever being cheesy or coming off as needy and desperate.
  • How to gently coax the playful, flirty side out of any woman...even if you OR she is an introvert.
  • The genius system for finding out what any woman is excited about...and using that information to TURN HER ON sexually.
  • The COSTLY mistake that almost all men make that dooms them to attracting selfish, deceptive women who'll only take without ever giving.
  • The brilliant but practically unknown strategy for finding women who already love to do the same things YOU enjoy doing.
  • How to immediately identify women with HEARTS OF GOLD...and then magnetically attract them with your natural charm.
  • The "hidden" advantage to knowing everything you can about a woman's past and her upbringing. (This is like being clairvoyant.)
  • Discover wildly powerful body-language strategies specifically geared to making women crave your presence.
  • How to make women laugh without having to be a comedian. In fact, it's even easier if you don't even TRY to be funny.
  • The absolutely MISSION-CRITICAL step to compelling women to NEED you in their lives...even when you've just met them. (No pickup artists have the GUTS to teach this.)
  • Once and for all, how to "FLAKEPROOF" your dating life. Make sure EVERY woman you make plans with follows through from now on...and does so because she CAN'T WAIT to see you.
  • The ONE THING you'd better do at the very beginning of ANY interaction with a woman...or else she's going to lose interest and walk away every time.
  • The counter-intuitive truth about what women are REALLY trying to avoid when they cancel dates. (Hint: It's not necessarily YOU.)
  • Super smooth ways to get inside a woman's mind and FLIP THE SWITCH on instant, primal horniness in a way that would make even James Bond jealous.
  • The TRAGIC error that virtually all men make when trying to impress a woman that inevitably leads to the "Just Be Friends Zone" instead of the bedroom.
  • How to access the powerful triggers in a woman's mind that blast away her insecurities and make her ready and willing to be your sex vixen.
  • What to say to a woman so that she'll do anything you want her to do in the bedroom (and exactly HOW to say it).
  • Did you know that women really want you to take them on a JOURNEY to the bedroom? Here's EXACTLY what that means, and how to successfully pull it off.
  • How to avoid every BONEHEADED error that the vast majority of guys make when it comes to sex, all but sealing their frustration in the process.
  • What every man MUST do before he even can even HOPE to bring out a woman's NAUGHTIEST sexual nature.
  • What it takes to transform even the most RESERVED woman into a dirty "BAD GIRL" in the bedroom. (And she'll THANK YOU for it.)
  • Hear from a woman what goes through HER mind when she's becoming genuinely ATTRACTED to a man.
  • Get the first-person perspective from a WOMAN on why it's so easy for them to get men to do whatever they want...and how you can have the EXACT SAME EFFECT on women.
  • The sure-fire way to make sure that a woman thinks about you CONSTANTLY. (Wait until you hear how BASIC this is.)
  • The majority of men cause a woman to feel THIS emotion, which universally KILLS any chance they'll ever have at attract her (and it's probably NOT what you'd guess it is).
  • It’s hands down THE most effective way to help set a woman free from her fears and worries, yet most guys habitually do the EXACT OPPOSITE.
  • The shocking reason why some men NEVER see the "wild sex kitten" side of the woman in their life...even after they MARRY her.
  • The one way in which even the most modern, independent woman will ALWAYS need a man in her life...and it’s not what you think. Give this to a woman and she’ll be loyal to you (and ONLY you) forever.
  • It’s often one of the first changes we make in our lives when we get into a relationship with a woman, and it’s also the BIGGEST indicator that we’re already on the road to getting "p-whipped". Know what it is and guard against it forever.
  • The mind blowing reason why YOUR emotions actually have more impact on a relationship than HERS....yet most men never figure it out.
  • The single most powerful way to regain a woman’s respect for you in one simple step. (Hint: You really can be IN CONTROL without being a CONTROLLING jerk.)
Ebook cover: Female Persuasion
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