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FREE MONEY: How to Profit from the Public Domain Ebook

FREE MONEY: How to Profit from the Public Domain
Category: E-Marketing
Ebook cover: FREE MONEY: How to Profit from the Public Domain


Title: FREE MONEY: How to Profit from the Public Domain

"You Are Seconds Away From Being Spoon Fed Everything You Need To Know To Make Money Hand Over Fist With Your Own High Quality Information Products"

All Created With Public Domain Content!

If you've never heard of the public domain, then you're missing out on the greatest gold mine in the history of information publishing.

In this letter you're going to discover the real secrets to finding a product that you can "steal" and use as your own ethically, legally, and easily.

And if you have heard of the public domain, this letter is going to show you some of the hidden tricks that you've never thought of or been told before.

I urge you to continue...

You Don't Have To Write A Single Word Or Pay A Penny To Have High Quality Products You Can Sell As Your Own...

Dear Friend,

With all of the garbage information out there it's hard to believe anyone when it comes to trying to setup an online business for yourself.

I am going to reveal to you a system so amazingly simple that you'll literally be able to create an entire several hundred page product that's unique to you in under an hour.

No that's not a hyped up exaggeration filled with wishful thinking, it's the plain and simple truth.

You may be skeptical and rightly so, it's hard to figure out who to trust on the Internet.

Simply join me on this short, revealing read that will show you the truth, the exact path to follow and how easy this really is and I know you'll be confident in what you can accomplish.

Do I Really Need A Product Of My Own?

YES, Absolutely!
Sure you can make money online with out one but you will be limiting yourself of potential profit. To bring your income to the next level you really need to have a product of your own.

Not to mention the fact that you need it to build up some credibility as an expert in your market.

Think about it...

If you were marketing other people's products, don't you think you could sell more of their products if you had your own related product showing that your recommendation is, in fact, an expert recommendation? ABSOLUTELY!

It's all about credibility online.

I'm sure you wouldn't mind seeing all of those 100% profit sales coming in as well :)

I Don't Want To Write Or Pay A Writer To Create Product, So How Can I Still Enjoy The Benefits Of My Own Product?

This is where the public domain is really going to help you and make your life easy.

In a nutshell, the public domain is where ebooks end up after their their copyright expires. Once the copyright expires, the text becomes "Public Domain" which means anyone can take that text and edit it, change it or present it as they see fit and sell it.

You keep all the money from the profits of selling the product!

You can also add some content and change some of the text to make it a completely unique item and copyright it yourself, so now you have a copyright on a ebook that you didn't even have to write!

Isn't It Hard To Locate These Works?

Well, it is hard to find good public domain content if you don't know where to look and exactly what to look for.

Are they hard to find with these tools I'm sharing with you?

Nope! Absolutely not!

They're easy to find. You can even find them from the comfort of your own home using some simple search tools on the Internet.

You can also find them in your local ebook stores if you know exactly what to look for.

You are going to discover the secrets that no one is sharing because they don't want everyone coming and grabbing all the good works!

You Can Have A Famous - World Renowned Author Write A Ebook For You Free!

Maybe you're thinking that these products are probably trash or stuff that no one wants to buy. That's a fair and reasonable thought...

But these are world wide best sellers, some written by famous people that have already sold millions of copies in some cases.

Did you know that Shakespeare and many of the greatest plays in world history are in the public domain?

So is Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and Scientific Advertising by Claude C. Hopkins! These are the 2 of the greatest business and copywriting ebooks in history!

You can literally take what a world famous author wrote and sold to millions of people and use it as your own! Imagine the possibilities of that...

Hiring Ghost Writers Can Be A Risky Move...

While many people teach you to hire a "ghost writer" to create your product for you, it can be risky. You may get a product that just isn't up to the quality standards your customers need. After all, you don't want all of your customers refunding your product because it sucks.

That's one great thing the public domain helps you avoid.

Also, remember that a ghost writer is going to get $1000.00 from you for a 50 page ebook and that's the dirt cheap end of what you can get a ebook written for. The quality is usually not as good as you anticipated either.

Public domain isn't going to cost you a cent!

Making A Killing With Public Domain Information Is Easy

If You Know All The Secrets...
You are going to get every secret that I have personally discovered to make an absolute fortune with your own information products...

No product creation, no costs, no headaches.

And all of it it is exposed once and for in my new guide "Free Money - How To Profit From The Public Domain"

I share my insider secrets that have been held under tight guard for years...this is a complete "brain dump" of information.

Why am I exposing them?

I am tired of all the bad products that are being consistently put out in this market.

I'm tired of products being released on product creation that fall way short of creating anything of real value for you to sell.

What's Inside The Pages Of This Exclusive Guide?


You are going to get every last drop of knowledge I have when it comes to creating high quality, completely original products from public domain content.

You will learn the system I consistently use to find high demand products that you can grab and put your name on to sell to a hot market.

I'll also reveal the secrets to making sure your product stands out as original so you have a unique stance in the market.

What Are Some Exact Strategies I'm Going To Uncover?

This guide was truly a joy to write because I knew that whoever grabbed it and applied its principles would be able to open the flood gates of opportunity on the Internet.

Free Money - How To Profit From The Public Domain Is A Easy, Paint-By-Numbers
System That Will Show You How To...

  • Packaging tricks that show you how to protect your product from being copied or even identified as a past work!
  • Locate public domain content using a few quick clicks of your mouse with secret research tools that cost nothing!
  • Public Domain guidelines and how to easily tell if a ebook is in the public domain in seconds!
  • Why you must differentiate yourself from the crowd and how to do it easily!
  • The secrets of using the Internet to sell a previously "print only" offline ebook!
  • A complete system that takes you from finding the product, making it unique, and turning it into cold hard cash!

Picture where you'll be in a month after reading this guide...

By just taking the easy to implement secrets in the Free Money - How To Profit From The Public Domain you'll be able to accomplish some incredibly profitable things including...

  1. How to turn your product into your own unique masterpiece in under an hour
  2. Finding a hot product you can use as your own
  3. Secret selling techniques to turn an old classic into a new bestseller!
  4. How to satisfy your customers beyond belief with your new product

Am I Really Going To Be Able To Do This?


It really is the most simple system you've ever seen on the Internet for creating wealth for yourself, ever.

Where else can you get a quality product to sell for free? The simple answer is nowhere.

When this guide was written I wrote it so that anyone with a 5th grade reading level could understand it. There's no high-tech technical jargon involved and nothing complicated.

It's all simple and written to be a true step-by-step system, nothing is left out...

You'll be shown exactly what you need to do in complete form so there are no questions left lingering in your mind.

Don't you finally want to have your own product and all the fame, credibility and expert status that comes with that?

How about your own gravy train to ride into your bank every week?

This is all yours for the taking...

Don't Put This Exclusive Invitation Off...

Get motivated and order your copy of "Free Money - How To Profit From The Public Domain" right this second. Don't delay because every minute you wait, chances are another person is dipping into the system and creating a small fortune when it should be you!

Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today!

Ebook cover: FREE MONEY: How to Profit from the Public Domain
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P.S. Grab the ebook! You have nothing to lose and total financial freedom to gain! Don't waste another minute. Start your Internet Marketing empire and journey to total financial freedom right now!

P.S. Grab the ebook! You have nothing to lose and total financial freedom to gain! Don't waste another minute. Start your Internet Marketing empire and journey to total financial freedom right now!

Price: $9.95
Ebook Type: PDF
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