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Express Guitar Ebook

Express Guitar

Category: Music
Ebook cover: Express Guitar


Title: Express Guitar

Discover How A 24 Year Old Newbie Guitarist Is Making THREE Times More Progress Than His Ex-Guitar Teacher On The Internet!

There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field. I want to give you 6 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any solution you obtain:

  • The course teaches you exciting lead guitar techniques including hammer ons, pull offs, bending, sliding harmonic's and flashy leads to blow your audience away
  • The course teaches the right way to practice. You see, you play like you practice. So if you're doing it wrong, you'll play it wrong. That's why I emphasize this point in the course.
  • The course gets you playing right away. Within minutes with Express Guitar™, you'll be picking and strumming.
  • The course doesn't depend on "tabs" - the 400-year-old approach to playing guitar.
  • The author is a professional guitar instructor. Nothing takes the place of experience. But some people who have never taught another will try to sell you a course they "made up", based on their personal learning style. Express Guitar™ is based on 20 years of experience, successfully teaching others how to play the guitar.
  • The author is a guitar professional. Why would you want to learn from an amateur or from someone who can't even play the guitar? Be sure the author of your course is a guitar-playing professional.

Here's What You Will Get:

  • One-of-a-kind Virtual band "JAM" tracks
  • Amazing image, text, sound and VIDEO clips
  • Incredible HIT song formulas
  • Effortless 10-minute step-by-step practice sessions
  • No reading music necessary
  • Impressive professional audio, digital sound

You will quickly learn skills in 5 core areas - effortlessly!
1. Guitar 101 - the basics

  • Roadmap for developing your groove
  • Crystal clear natural harmonics
  • Step-by-step professional instruction
  • Lightning quick tune ups
  • Complete expert guide to guitar strings

2. Play Songs - 50 Hit Songs to Start Your Party!

  • Discover how to play REAL songs - like you hear on the radio.
  • Perfect for forming your own group
  • Incredible off-the-record arrangements
  • Learn how to play one song - then apply the SAME chords to multiple songs
  • Learn 50 of the most requested songs for parties

3. Personal Trainer Program

  • Immediately solve the #1 frustration of learning guitar "Information Overload!!"
  • Instantly penetrate your musical "brick walls", you will be shocked, amazed and excited as your guitar playing skills skyrocket ... literally in minutes
  • Ingenious "Progress Tracker system" guarantees a proven, natural way to monitor your progress
  • For the FIRST-TIME guitarists can learn to play guitar to the vocational standards of the industry in the comfort of their own homes
  • Ramp up your motor skills with this professional step-by-step modular program

... it is NOT true that practice makes perfect, only perfect practice makes perfect!
4. Lead Guitar Super Chops program

  • Killer blues turnarounds
  • Blueprint to creating wicked riffs
  • Revealing one-of-a-kind look at scales
  • PROVEN attention-getter rockabilly riffs
  • Shocking special study - rock chords vs. traditional harmony

5. Jam anytime with YOUR own virtual band

  • Master the secret trick to learning to 'play by ear' FAST
  • Play with real instruments NOT synthesizers
  • Hot-selling tracks - you choose the instrument(s) to practice with
  • Amazing practice sessions you will enjoy
  • Practice any time you want
Ebook cover: Express Guitar
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