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Title: Step-by-Step Genealogy Guide

Here's a sneak peak at what you'll discover in "The Step-By-Step Genealogy Guide"

  • How to still enjoy your family and friends, yet make significant family tree search progress because you've mastered genealogy time management.
  • Are there any free services for people who are pulling their hair out over name spelling problems? This is what you must know to sail past any name related hassles with ease
  • "To die for" family search resources you can rely on for information, help, and savings
  • The Single biggest complaint beginning family tree researchers have about search websites (once you know this, you'll be able to create an ultra successful search plan while others who don't know this remain oblivious)
  • The BIGGEST mistake most first time genealogy searchers make when it comes to searching names (truth is, you're spending way to much time on the wrong things!)
  • How to create a network of people that pulls your ancestors out of the woodwork (that's right, people find your ancestors and bring them to you, not the other way around)
  • Where to see the best online graveyard search engines in the country (this is where you pick up that extra "edge" for your projects)
  • How to quickly and easily get started on your family tree with free family tree charts that you can easily download (it truly is earlier than you think!)
  • How to organize your... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Entertainment

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Title: Kickstart Course
Author: Sara Brawn

"A Step-By-Step Training Program For Starting And Running Your Own 100% Unique Online Business."

Yet we have a six-figure business working less hours a week than anyone in a 9-5 job - so we must be doing something right!

Jump on board with us and we'll teach you - we'll show you - how to set up an internet marketing business using a mixture of

  • Affiliate techniques that let other people do the hard work and love us for it. Plus the marketing mega-secret that lets you end up with a list that builds itself and provides auto-sales into the bargain.
  • How the whole thing hangs together perfectly to produce a system that will put money into your bank account for the minumum amount of work. That's not hype - forget 40 hour weeks - they don't exist for smart internet marketers - we let you in on the REAL work/life balance secret.
  • Autoresponder tactics that push unsubscribe rates to the floor and raise profits to the roof. We give you the low down on the emails to send, the right message intervals for maximum profits and our top technique - 'when is a sales letter NOT a sales letter'?
  • Our own profit funnel model which is quite simply a money pump. We'll show you it all from start to finish.
  • Product creation, and how to avoid it if you want to. How you have more choices than you think - you don't need to create products to make money online,
... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Entertainment

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Title: How to Make Big Profits Selling Tickets on eBay
Author: Rodney Myers



NOW A QUICK & EASY WAY To Make EXTRA CASH: Selling EVENT Tickets on eBay & StubHub!!

Have you ever wondered how some eBay sellers get those elusive seats to concerts and sports match-ups? Have you spent more than you can afford buying and selling tickets that no-one wants? ... You're not alone, but you CAN learn the secrets the brokers don't want you to know!!

Learn the skills that brokers use to earn a substantial extra income every year. This 82 page ebook gives you all the information you will need to:

  • What events to BUY
    Don't waste money guessing on what to sell
  • Get tickets to the BIG events
    Get tickets to the events you want to see and the ones that will sell for the most $$$$
  • What is a PRESALE and HOW DO I get in?
    Step-by-step procedure to acquire tickets before the mass public. We also reveal FREE sources for passwords
  • How to Get World Series, Super Bowl, BCS and NCAA Final Four tickets for FACE value
    The only techniques available to the public for FACE value tickets
  • How to beat Ticketmaster and
    Proven strategies and techniques to get ahead of other buyers
... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Entertainment, Jobs

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Title: How to Win an Appointment to the Air Force Academy

Behind the Scenes Interviews Reveal the REAL Secrets to Getting Into the Air Force Academy!

These tips, tricks and insider information can put your name at the top of the admissions list! Even if your grades aren't stellar!

Zoomie to Be is the ultimate guide to help you win admission to the Air Force Academy. Here are just a few of the "insider" secrets that you will learn:

  • Want to know what the "bare minimum" scores are that you should be shooting for in order to make yourself competitive for an Appointment? Even the admissions office at the Air Force Academy won't tell you this one!
  • What if you don't get accepted into the Air Force Academy on the first try because you need to strengthen yourself academically? Then win a scholarship and get accepted next year! Find out about additional options, and the one action you must take if you go to a four-year college. It will strengthen your odds of being accepted into the next Cadet Class!
  • Need to improve your grades, or just want to make sure that you stay on top academically? No worries. A high school Valedictorian shares the four habits that you must develop to become the sort of stand-out student that the Air Force Academy will rush to offer an Appointment!
  • Developing this one quality is a strong characteristic of your leadership potential. It's something that the Air Force Academy looks
... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Entertainment

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Title: Pole Position: A-Z of Pole Dancing Moves

Announcing the Fully Illustrated Pole Position Guide. Your complete easy to read A-Z of Pole Dancing moves that'll make you master of the Pole!

With my exciting new guide to Pole Positions you'll be able to:

  • Give you ideas to move sensually and what to do with your head and hands.
  • Help you avoid learning incorrectly and thereby hurting yourself.
  • Progress at a faster pace than you ever thought possible!
  • Not only learn the moves but learn the BEST way to do them.
  • Get the BEST possible results with your pole.
  • Confidently go through 85 step-by-step Pole Dancing moves and learn them at your own pace even if you've never touched a pole before.


All the moves are arranged into their respective difficulty levels, so you'll know whether to tackle EASY, HARD or DIFFICULT.

Here's more of what's inside to whet your pole dancing appetite :

"A Chapter by Chapter preview... "

  • Accentuating Your Moves
  • Poses
  • Slides
  • Kicks
  • Spins
  • Floor Moves
  • Combining Moves
  • Stationary Moves
  • Mounting the Pole
  • Moves on the Pole
  • Pole Tricks


This ebook is for you if:


  • You are new to the Pole Dancing arena.
  • Have just started Pole Dancing classes and would also like
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Category: Entertainment

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Title: Make Your Own Unique, Eye-Catching Christmas Displays
Author: Christmas Display

Make Your Own Unique, Eye-Catching Christmas Displays

Do something DIFFERENT this year!

Are you bored with seeing the same Christmas decorations EVERY year?

  • Giant blow-up Santas (been there, done that),
  • icicle lights (they don't really look like icicles - do they?)
  • and -eeks- faded plastic toy soldiers (YUCK!)

Same stuff, different year.

Don't put up the same BORING decorations that everyone else has...

Why not bring back the creative decorations and displays of yester-year?

These displays are EASY to make and fun to paint.

Use these vintage Christmas display directions to make new, unique and eye-catching displays that will delight young and old alike.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Arts, Entertainment, Music

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Title: Guitar Scale Patterns
Author: Jonathan Boettcher

"Discover The Essential Guitar Scale Patterns That Will Catapult Your Guitar Playing To New Heights"

Picture Yourself:

  • Knowing how to play all of those notes fluidly, in easy-to-remember patterns
  • Connecting scale patterns together, creating your own scales and runs
  • Knowing all relevant notes on the guitar in any given key
  • Soloing across the whole fretboard, or even just on a single string!
  • Instinctively knowing how to choose where on the neck you should solo


It's Like Playing Connect The Dots...
If you can play 'Connect The Dots' then chances are you have what it takes to be a great guitar player.

Seriously though - I've condensed the most essential guitar scale patterns into a handful of handy cheat sheets, all color coded so that you can see the patterns at a glance, and how they relate to the bigger picture.

  • CHEAT SHEET: Connecting scale starting from the major position
  • CHEAT SHEET: Entire fretboard in the key of A, with the main box patterns labeled
  • CHEAT SHEET: Entire fretboard in the key of E, with the main box patterns labeled
  • CHEAT SHEET: Connecting scale starting from the minor position


In addition, at the end of the

... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Arts, Entertainment, Music

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Title: Pro DJ Mixing: Quick & Easy
Author: DJ Sean Gallagher

Could It Really Be This EASY To Go From A Total Beginner DJ To Beatmatching & Mixing Like A Pro ...Impressing Your Friends, Girls, And Dance Floors FULL Of Screaming Fans ...Within 2 Weeks?

The Answer is "YES"... And If YOU Want To Avoid Struggling To Beatmatch & Mix... Like 98% Of New DJs That Teach Themselves And Never Become "The Cool DJ"... And Experience The Incredible Rush Of Dropping A Mix And Having A Huge Dancefloor Full Of People ERUPT... Then This Will Be The Most Important Letter You'll Ever Read...


Here are a few of the many exciting things you'll learn in this program:

  • Scratching skills so you can scratch while you mix and WOW any dance floor... People freak out over scratching
  • The crucial and often overlooked differences between mixing at home and mixing at a party that will save you from DISASTER (there are a lot more than you think...)
  • The easiest way to mix a CD so you can show your friends how good you are land some gigs.
  • How to deal with all of the friends and girls you're going to have coming up to talk to you in the booth while you are trying to mix.
  • How to mix your FAVORITE tracks so that they blend perfectly together to create a beautiful new song (the rush you are going to get when this happens is
... Click here to read the full description!

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Ebook Type: Audio Included, Video Included,
Category: Entertainment, Nonfiction

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Title: The Mismade Bill: Cash In with This Classic Magic Trick
Author: Joe Libby

The mismade dollar bill is a true classic of close-up and platform magic.

The usual way of performing the trick is to borrow a dollar bill, magically turn it inside out, restore it, and return the restored bill. But this seems a bit anticlimactic.

Thanks to new innovations, the effect can now be improved and have more magical impact!

Imagine giving the mismade bill to the person who loaned it as a souvenir (an impossible object, at that). They will almost certainly keep the bill forever and show it to everybody they know!

Imagine making extra money every time you do the trick! This can happen even when you are being paid by the venue that booked you.

It's certainly possible.

In the new ebook The Mismade Bill: Cash In with This Classic Magic Trick, author and entertainer Joe Libby explains how to do these. But that's not all.

You'll find out about a secret source for the special dollar bills.

You'll find out how to get the bills at better-than-retail price.

And more!

Get your free copy of the ebook today so that you can begin wowing your audiences with the up-to-date version of the mismade dollar bill trick.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Arts, Entertainment

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Title: A Walk Into Abstracts - Volume Two
Author: Sue St. John

"How many times have you seen a beautiful abstract painting and wondered just how they did that? How did they get the idea? How did they achieve that effect?"

Artists like myself want to peek through other artist's studio keyholes because we are curious to see what other artists are doing.

People learn from other artists and artists learn from each other.

Aren't you curious how artists do what they do and might want to try it? People need to know what it feels like to make a painting that way. The reason people want to read how abstract artists make their paintings is so they can try to do it themselves, but differently.

"Learn The Secrets Of 27 Top Artists"

This is a collection of abstract painting techniques and ideas from 27 accomplished abstract artists and 45 pieces of abstract art work.

Volume two was a massive collection of abstract art and so popular, I felt that artists were franticly searching for new abstract painting techniques. So, I contacted 27 of my favorite abstract artists and asked them to contribute to this ebook.

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