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Dealing with Impotency Naturally Ebook

Dealing with Impotency Naturally
Category: Health, Men
Ebook cover: Dealing with Impotency Naturally


Title: Dealing with Impotency Naturally

Put an end to the disappointment, frustration and embarrassment of...

Erectile Dysfunction

Have Sex Like You are 18 Years Old Again!

  • Eject volumes of semen!
  • Have a natural powerfully stiff penis.
  • Do it again and again night after night!
  • Never make another excuse for not being able to get it up!

Have you lost that special "showing" that you had as a young man?

Do you long for the good old days in college when you would have to cover your erection with a ebook binder the minute you stood up from a desk because it was so large and rude looking?

Have you practically given up sex because you can't get the same hard on that you used to and you are sick of disappointed woman smiling wanly and giving you comforting little pats on the back in bed?

In fact is there anything more distressing than that little pat on the back that says, "I know you tried ...I know you love me" while you tell her things like -

"This has never happened to me before...just this one time ...usually I can go and go and go."

Or how about -

"It's not you. It's me. HONESTLY! I am very attracted to you.

Also, does your loss of a firm erection coincide with a concern about being less virile and fertile than you once were.

Do you feel that your loss of sperm volume is sign from Mother Nature indicating possible premature aging?

If all these things are a concern when it comes time to get an erection and you want to restore your virility with the expense of prescription pills then keep on reading!

For those of you who don't have a clue that simply means that you can't get it up or that your penis remains flaccid or turgid during sex.

Some men don't get any kind of erection at all and end up in bed with their lovers with genitals that look like they have just spent an hour in a freezing cold pool of water.

So...if you do suffer from a limp penis you are not alone. The number of men suffering from this is so massive that it is practically a plague. Over thirty million men in the U.S. suffer from this embarrassing condition called Erectile Dysfunction or ED.

So how did I come to write a ebook about this somewhat personal if not downright taboo topic?

I'll Never Forget My First Episode of ED

I used to pride myself on my stamina and the ability to sexually satisfy the women in my life. I was really sexy in bed. Not that I was overly large or anything but I was the Energizer Bunny who could last a very long time.

Then one night it happened.

I couldn't get it up!

Everything I had ever believed about myself sexually suddenly went out the window. Everything that I thought was for sure about my male prowess was now doubtful. I felt like my life was over - like my masculinity had been ripped out of my body.

The problem is that I really loved the girl that this happened to with me. I had sex with this girl before. I wanted to please her. I wanted to make love to her like a crazed weasel. I wanted to make love to her like I was an aroused teenage boy at a drive in.

Unfortunately I had given her every reason to expect my usual porn star style of making love and then she was absolutely mortified when I was unable to perform. I was so embarrassed it. I felt like a cartoon character I was apologizing so much.

And I could see the disappointment and a tinge of pity glistening in her beautiful eyes.

Perhaps the most embarrassing part was the way she kept trying to console me. No matter how I tried to convince her that it was not so she seemed convinced that she was somehow responsible for being unable to follow through. That she was not a good enough lover somehow.

Then I also was privy to the worst experience that any man could ever have. After having gone soft on her once she then waited almost an hour and then tried to arouse me again.

All she got was a limp penis and more excuses.

I felt just awful. I told myself later that I had "performance anxiety", that I was just nervous, and that I had too much to drink. But somehow I could not shake the feeling that I had somehow "broken" my penis for good. That it would never work again.

Perhaps you can relate to how awful it is to tell a girl you are a tiger in bed and then turn into a big soft cuddly pussy that is only good for being patted and not much else.

The worst thing is that she decided to chalk it up to me having a martini or two at dinner and gave me a rain check and come back for a second dose of failed masculinity.

On our second date guess what happened? My penis went flaccid again.

It was very, very, VERY embarrassing

Once again I had to reassure her that she was really sexy, that she turned me on and that my failure to get it up was not her fault at all.

However he looks on her face said it all ....

I felt my manhood and the girl I wanted slowly drifting away from me. I had anxieties about her finding a younger more fit individual to satisfy her. It seemed like I was banished to the back of the hive with the rest of the old drones.

I felt absolutely desperate to find pollution so I finally broke down and bought the little blue magic bullets. You know Cialis. Some people take Viagra instead.

Both work great.

In fact in my e-Book, Dealing with Impotency, I go to great lengths to explain how these pills works and in what situations they work best. Impotence medication is not for everyone. I am not exactly for it, but I am not against it either.

The upshot --Viagra and Cialis work.

However are they the best solution possible for erectile dysfunction?

You might be thinking - well if it ain't broke why fix it? The plain fact is that these pills got my penis working like a super hero's but other parts of me weren't meshing with the sexual power that comes with this drug.

The problem with these pills is that they worked just a little too efficiently. Sure my girlfriend was impressed by my new sexual prowess and yes she was gratified to know that she could turn me on.

However I started to ask myself - is it really me turning her on?

First of all there was nothing natural or spontaneous about taking these pills. I was always concerned about what time I was going to take my "erectile dysfunction medication." My sex life was focused all around the pills and waiting around an hour or so before sex so they would work.

Another worry was my dependency on the things. I felt like I was becoming a sex junky waiting for my next fix of drugs followed by sex.

The Viagra and Cialis works but -

I Wanted a Real Solution - One That Made Me Feel Like Myself Again

Furthermore I felt like my health really was at risk and that nobody knew the long term effects of these types of pills.

The fact is that I felt like I might be abusing my health. I felt like over the long term that these pills would take their toll on my liver and kidneys.

It made me wonder if other guys felt the same way as the drug has a success rate of around 65% to 70%. That means there is a lot of guys out there using chemicals as a crutch to try and get their penis up!

Also there are very real risks of known side effects which are printed right on the labels of these drugs. The companies that make these drugs admit that if you have high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes or any other medical conditions these drugs are not advisable for you.

I just felt like my passion, my pride, my sensitivity and my spontaneity were gone! Sex was no longer sex.

It just wasn't about the girl anymore! It was all about the pill.

As anyone who has taken Cialis or Viagra knows it can take one hour or more for the stuff to kick in so you end up lying around waiting for the drug to start working.

They also admit that they can cause unpleasant or even dangerous side-effects such as headaches, backache, stuffy or runny nose and even temporary blindness or deafness.

Furthermore I felt deceptive like my body was lying to the woman that I loved by chemically inducing an erection that made me feel like a machine that could last forever. However I was not feeling the sensuality of my youth.

It Just Wasn't the Same ...

I finally decided to put an end to the chemicals and try some other methods. I tried everything you can imagine including the pumps, the straps and the gas station style jitters.

I also tried every snake oil ever marketed to an impotent man including those that warmed, chilled and tingled my penis and NONE of them worked.

After some intensive research I did find a number of safe but natural cures which I put together in my e-Book Dealing With Impotency Naturally.

However before wrote the ebook I had to do some extensive research especially around the area of --

What Causes Impotency?

Although erectile dysfunction was originally thought to be caused by old age it can also be caused by a wide range of conditions.

In Dealing With Impotency you will learn the basics -

  • The prevalence of age related impotence and whether or not it is just a myth or something that can eventually cured
  • The differences between psychogenic impotence and organic impotence and how the medical field odes about telling the difference between the two
  • How narrowing blood vessels can cause the condition of erectile dysfunction
  • The role that eating too much cholesterol or saturated fat rich food plays in strangling the arteries in the penis so that you cannot achieve a good ejection
  • The role that hypertension can play in impotence and how medications for that disorder can also cause impotence
  • The role that pharmaceutical drugs have been known to play in making a man impotent
  • How alcoholism can kill erections forever and how it can prevent erections in the short term
  • How he overconsumption of alcohol or tobacco can make your penis limp by hindering blood supply to the pelvic and groin area
  • How the natural abuse of recreational drugs can cause erectile dysfunction in males who are actually taking the stuff because they think it is making them more confident and relaxed! The result is almost always a disaster.
  • How impotence can be a symptom of prostrate problems and even prostate cancer
  • The poor lifestyle choices that we all make that can eventually increase the chances of suffering erectile dysfunction.
  • How being prescribed antidepressants can make erectile dysfunction even worse
  • The role that a healthy sense of self-esteem plays in achieving rejections
  • How a lack of nitric oxide in the body can cause impotence to occur by causing the vessels in the penis to narrow
  • The sharing of this personal knowledge that I managed to garner does not stop here. As I did try Viagra and all of those other devices I decided to give you a rundown in this e-Book of how they work.
  • Where to buy cheap Viagra online instead of spending a fortune per pill in a pharmacy
  • In Dealing with Impotency I give you reviews and explanations of -
  • How the vacuum functions in impotence pumps work to "inflate" the penis
  • A description of the types and models of pumps available
  • Why the pump is beneficial for older males and some men with medical conditions
  • How using injections to generate erections can be an effective treatment for impotence
  • How penile implants work
  • Just what exactly is in those erection cocktails
  • The dangers of penile implants
  • A discussion of MUSE aka the medicated urethral system for erection which was developed y the Vivus Company in 1997 and which consists of a bead that injected into the system that then dilates the blood capillaries of the penis.
  • A discussion about the three main types of penile implants available
  • Natural treatment for mental or psychological conditions that cause impotence...including the one must herb that is especially good for both stimulating the genitals and the mood
  • A short list of herbs and supplements that may assist with the condition
  • The special supplement that can really help cases of erectile dysfunction that are caused by depression.
  • What role stress and anxiety is likely to play when it comes to erectile dysfunction
  • The difference between "performance anxiety's and the inability to maintain an erection
  • How sleep deprivation contributes to erectile dysfunction and an inability to perform
  • The psychological causes that cause cases of 'Performance anxiety."
  • The herbs and commercially produced herbal compounds that are beloved to help control the blood sugar levels that can affect diabetes related erectile dysfunction
  • The role that adapt gens, founding certain herbs or berries can play in helping you maintain an erection
  • The herbs that can help lower the high blood pressure that can cause impotence
  • How a common Chinese herb from China is one of the most effective substances for slowing down age related ED
  • A list of the herbs that when synergized can help clear the kidneys and therefore assist the penis in getting an erection in individuals that are suffering from kidney disease.
  • How a herb named after a goat can make you horny thanks to a chemical that inhibits an erection inhibiting enzyme called AChE
  • What unique supplement from Brazil has been used for many generations as a natural aphrodisiac and central nervous system stimulant that can help cure impotence.
  • The amino acid that occurs naturally in the body that once depleted can cause a loss of erection and how it can enhance blood flow to the penis by relaxing the muscles surrounding the appropriate blood vessels.
  • What herb from an evergreen that hails from West Africa contains alkaloids that can help cure the condition?
  • Which berries from China are used as a tonic agent to help males achieve erections
  • What South American herb is believed to be an aphrodisiac that has been used to treat sexual problems and impotence for many hundreds of years?
  • Which plant from India has been used in India and China for centuries to help counter low libido, erectile dysfunction and male fertility.
  • Which plant root from Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia can be used for medicinal purposes and has therefore been nicknamed the Asian Viagra.
  • Which Caribbean shrub that contains the neurotransmitter L-dopa is used to increase libido and sexual activity.
  • What plant from the Andes of Bolivia and Peru increases blood flow to the penis and helps maintain strength, stamina and virility.
  • Which of the herbal supplements for erectile dysfunction are actually toxic to the human body if not taken in measured doses?
  • Why taking the herbs and supplements that have a more cumulative effect can better for you in the long run and give you more long lasting support for the erectile dysfunction condition.
  • Which herbal product compounds intended to remedy erectile dysfunction is the absolutely safest and best quality to buy!

At the end of my intense research in this area I was gratified to find out that are many natural remedies that you can try in an effort to overcome your impotence problems and so I put them all in my e-Book

Are You Ready to Learn The Best Ways To Deal With Your Erectile Dysfunction Once and For All!

There is no shortage of stuff to cure impotency on the market and I have tried them all out.

There mechanical devices such as the impotence vacuum pump as well as a long list of natural substances and herbs, plus a few herbal compounds.

The main thing I found out from here is no shortage of natural impotence treatments on the market.

Given the choice, I would imagine that the vast majority of people would always rather choose something that is natural and known in preference to chemical-based solutions that may well have unpredictable side effects.

For this simple reason, if you suffer from impotence, I recommend that you consider all of the natural impotence treatments listed in Dealing with Impotency before running out and getting prescription for all of the commercially produced pharmaceutical magic bullets like Calais or Viagra!

Although there is no doubt that these chemical-based drugs do work extremely well, there is also little doubt that many of the natural alternatives can be equally as effective, and they are also considered to be a lot safer.

Although erectile dysfunction may be a problem for you at the moment, but you do not want to compound the severity of your problems by taking drugs that could cause other problems with your health.

Think about it this way.

Most of the leading impotence drugs (for example, those mentioned in this report) have only been in use for a few years, and there are already reports of extremely serious side-effects, such as permanent blindness.

Can we say with absolute, 100% certainty that there are no other even worse side-effects for these are not going to be discovered for another 10, 20 or even 50 years?

I for one like my body and want to be responsible for it.

The bottom line is, treating your input is using natural substances is likely to be safer, but it does not necessarily have to be any less effective than using drugs.

So if you are looking for -

A Simple, Natural, Downright Cheap Cure That Solved My Erectile Dysfunction Good and That Will Give you Back the Passion, Power and Pride That You Were Longing For Then You Want to ...

Order My Ebook!

  • Do you want to have sex just as if you were on your honeymoon night after night?
  • Do you remember how it feels to give the love of your life orgasm after orgasm?
  • Do you remember how showing the ladies just how hot you could be by displaying an incredible amount of stamina.
  • Do you want to wear baggier pants in order to accommodate those larger erections that sometimes become visible in your pants.
  • Do your remember the pride that you had knowing that you were more potent than guys twenty years younger than you.
Ebook cover: Dealing with Impotency Naturally
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