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Creating your first e-commerce site Ebook

Creating your first e-commerce site
Category: E-Business


Title: Creating your first e-commerce site

Is your competition beating you out of business because they have an ONLINE presence and you don't?

If you don't have an e-commerce site by now, it's TIME TO MAKE THE LEAP!!!

Your Plan B for dealing with the Recession is Creating Your First e-Commerce Site

Creating your first e-Commerce Site has all the strategies that you will ever need for setting up an internet presence that will position your business as a serious player both locally and globally.

Do you want to be immune to the economic downturn?
Do you need cold hard cash? Money for medical bills?

Here is a great but simple electronic way to improve your customer awareness of you so they keep coming back to shop at your business and only your business again and again!

Dear Small or Big Business Owner -

If you are not online yet with a website that represents your business, then you are seriously behind the times!

Consider this -

In 2008, online retail trade turnover in the US measured somewhere around $230 billion, which represented some 10% of total US retail sales!

That's right - 10%! Those of you who sell physical goods know that this is nothing to sneeze at.

Furthermore, setting up your business online can make you recession proof! Statistics show that even with the recent economic downturn, the percentage of retail online trade keeps growing throughout the world.

There are many reasons for this -
People are no longer afraid of online transactions

First of all, people have lost their fear of doing business on the internet. They no longer fear having their credit card number appropriated or being charged for items that are never delivered. The entire shopping experience has become absolutely seamless, efficient and easy.

People find shopping on the internet to be faster

People are more pressed for time than ever, so they turn to the internet to shop! This saves them gas and possibly a couple of hours strolling around looking for they want. By simply surfing online and finding your business, they can find exactly what they want.

People find more information about the product online

Customers also now associate the internet with knowledge. Many people associate buying from a site more private and more convenient, because they are not constantly being hassled or upsold by a sales agent. Also, everything they need to know about a product is online - a reprint of a product brochure. Usually there is a very thorough description of what they are about to buy with photos of the product.

People associate online buying with cheaper prices

For years now, people have perceived the World Wide Web as being a place where goods or services can be procured at cut rate prices.

People are more likely to take advantage of specials and offers

When you have an online presence you are also able to offer the public more. You can put your discount items or deals right on the front page. This saves customers from asking about it online.

Views of products have improved

Nowadays there is no need for your customer to be wondering what the product looks like. You can enlarge photos of your product and offer them in 3D views.

You may have also heard about a phenomenon called Web 2.0. Web 2.0 is all about how to make your website as user friendly and appealing as possible to both old and new customers.

Online delivery methods have improved

Nowadays nobody waits weeks and weeks for something that they have ordered over the internet to come to them. Now these items arrive within a few days or even less!

  • Did you already create a business site but it does not do much for you except act as a fancy online business card?
  • Are you thinking about starting a business that sells goods online but have not yet done so?
  • It is time to put the latest online business strategies and business technology to work for you.

Buy Creating Your First e-Commerce Site

And get a glimpse of what your competition knows that you don't!

I wrote this ebook because I know that there has not a better time in history to upgrade your existing website or put up your first online store.

If you get in now you are still way ahead of the game, because so far we have only scratched the surface when it comes to the money making potential of e-commerce.

Here are some of the advantages of running an online business:

  • Your advertising costs are lower because you are not publicizing yourself in old fashioned expensive ways such as advertising your business in the phone ebook, putting out fliers or putting an ad in the newspaper
  • You can trade across borders - you can trade with China every day if you want. You can garner new customers within minutes of setting up a website from half way across the world. The impact on your sales will amaze you!
  • If you are thinking of launching an online business you may not even need inventory
  • You may not need a bank loan if you get into a business like drop shipping, where the goods are delivered for you by a third party
  • You do not need a lot of startup capital (like renting a store) to start up some types of online businesses
  • You get paid very quickly by online payment methods
  • Nobody will be able to tell how big or small your business really is ... as long as you market it like big business it will be treated by your customers as such. This is really different from the real world, where people associate the big name chains with quality and low prices.
  • As you are not dealing with customers directly, you get rid of a lot of time wasted in your life making agreements with people, or even extending credit to local people that you would rather not have to

Afraid that opening an e-commerce site will cause some kind of drag on your business? Need some more convincing?

Facts and figures from Forrester Research revealed that far from having their business dragged down by opening an e-commerce business that complimented their brick and mortar business, most businesses noticed an increase in activity and profitability in both!

My point is - the quicker you discover the skills you need to set up an online site, the more of an edge you will have in general by the year 2010. By then, it is predicted that all kinds of businesses will simply be abandoning expensive "old century" ways of doing business like selling goods out of a store!

The innovations that have come with the Web 2.0 revolution make it easier than ever for people to chat, send manual and also publicize your site than by telling their friends via email or other methods.

In Creating Your First e-Commerce Site, I go to great lengths to explain to you how you can save thousands on advertising by putting your customers to work for you spreading good "word of mouse" (a play on "word of mouth", which is of course the old fashioned way of spreading the news about your business.)

Also, the savings that you incur while running a site as opposed to a store are immediately passed onto your customers! No wonder they will keep coming back to you again and again.

The secret is - your floor costs are lower - which in turn also lowers the price you can offer interested customers!

So just exactly what do you need to get started in with your e-commerce business?

In Creating Your First eCommerce Site, I outline exactly what you need to do to get your site up and running.

First off - I will tell you what you don't need - and that is a great deal of start up capital.

Most people start their online businesses with just a few hundred dollars in capital!

However it is not just about having a little money to get started. In Creating Your First eCommerce Site, I also give you information about -

  • Setting reasonable goals for yourself to make profits as you design the site
  • Finding your passion when it comes to selling and build a business around something that has always fascinated you
  • How to do some market research to find those all important "gaps in the market" so that you can sell to people who are in need and create a demand
  • How to tell when you are in a state of being a true business planner rather than just a wishful thinker
  • How to look at the planning of your business with a critical and discerning eye so that it succeeds from the start.
  • How to assess whether or not your existing business is able to be converted to a business online
  • How to study the competition and make the best use possible of what you can glean from their mistakes and successes on your own website
  • How to create a site based on the skills and interests that you have right now today and make the best use of them possible.
  • How to demonstrate to customers that dealing with you is a much better idea than dealing with your competition
  • How to come up with an incentive or a perk that will also inspire your customers to buy from you
  • How to give people a concrete reason to buy from you as opposed to someone else
  • How to make a long term commitment to your site and honor it every day with professional time saving practices
  • How to design a site that is no ordinary fly by night operation, but rather one that keeps making money for you with very little fixing up or maintenance for the next twenty, thirty or even fifty years!
  • How to create a site that can be passed down from generation to generation just like any piece of valuable property!

Are you ready to start building your successful e-Commerce business right now?

Are you ready to download the one guide that will give it to you straight when it comes to explaining exactly what it takes to run this business?

Other guides about how to start an internet business will fudge the reality of what it takes to actually run and be successful at e-Commerce. I give it to you straight.

In Creating Your First eCommerce Site, I let you know exactly what you need to do in order to -

  • automate your business and keep this in mind at the very first steps of conceptualizing what exactly it is you are going to sell
  • Get your business running seamlessly and smooth twenty four hours a day seven days a week with no hassles
  • strategize just how goods are going to go in and out of your business
  • decide whether using a web template is a good idea for you when designing a website or whether or not you should hire a professional designer to help you out
  • deal with the common frustrations that we all experience when we try putting together a site like this
  • find the best HTML editor on the web
  • outsource certain skills and chores so that you never have to worry that your site is not babysat
  • decide who is going to deal with any orders that may come into your business, and what to do if you get a flood of orders
  • keep an outsourcer or freelancer who is working for you happy, so they give you the best service possible
  • determine if you even want to globalize or if you want to keep your internet business local - in some situations it is definitely wiser to do the latter!
  • figure out exactly who your audience is and how you will market to these individuals
  • find the right payment solutions for your customers
  • integrate a shopping cart into your customer's experience
  • find out all about Paypal and 2CO and how they offer incredible convenience in terms of payment to your customers
  • find the one thing that will turn your customers off from ever returning to your site to buy anything from you ever again!
  • convince your customers to pay for shipping costs
  • configure those shipping charges and make sure they don't nudge their way into your profits
  • choose a domain name that makes sense and also contains phrases that your customers might be looking for ...
  • discover all about keywords and how you can employ them to make your website infinitely more searchable on the Google search engine, and save yourself thousands in advertising costs as a result
  • register a domain name!
  • find the company, that offers the very best in web hosting!
  • find the key to keeping everything on your new site as simple and user friendly as possible
  • physically design a site that will grab your visitor's attention
  • find the one thing that your homepage needs to make it an irresistible read to your customers
  • find what has proved itself to be the very best online shopping cart plug in on the internet and ALSO what I consider to be the second best software as well
  • create a great online catalogue of your products
  • handle a 24 hour hotline for your customers and acquire one easily and cheaply for your site
  • establish why it is a bad idea to inflate the delivery charges
  • prevent your site from loading so slowly that nobody will want to visit it
  • decide why you need a good customer service policy and why it needs to be in place 24/7
  • install your own WordPress blog on your site, and keep your customers interested in it
  • avoid the trap of the 24 hour chatline
  • add ezine articles from other sources to make your site a more interesting and informative place for your customers to visit
  • find the names of the very best five sites online that can act as marketing resources for you so the general public finds what you have to sell impossible to ignore!
  • decorate your site with informative videos you can find for free on YouTube!

Nothing to Sell?
No Problem!
In Creating Your First eCommerce site
I teach you exactly how to find things to sell.

You don't have to have an existing business to get into eCommerce. Finding things to sell online is called Product Sourcing and in this e-Book I tell you the ins and outs of this lucrative activity including:

  • How to carve yourself an identity as a supplier for certain products and genres
  • How to identify a green field activity that can make you lots of money
  • How to affordably undercut your competition when you are first starting out in this type of business.
  • How you can use a drop shipper to make an extremely lucrative living
  • How to set your price points so you can easily compete on a global, national or local stage
  • How to identify a quality drop shipper
  • How to advertise drop shipped products on your site
  • How to decide whether or not to use a surplus drop shipper
  • How to make drop shipped products seem exotic and interesting to your surfers, and make them want to pull out that credit card and make a purchase!
  • How to make money by buying in bulk from overseas
  • The financial advantage of dealing with drop shippers in Asia as opposed to America, England or Australia
  • How to search for the exact right drop shipper you need by using Google
  • How to understand and profit from the concept of order fulfillment

Are the virtues of making your business a virtual one beginning to become obvious to you?!


  • Yes! I want to discover all about how to get myself up and running online using the very best proven tools available, right now
  • Yes! I want to compete with my competition both globally and locally
  • Yes! I want to discover all about how to conceptualize my business so I can pass down a money making site to the next generation of family
  • Yes! I want to know how to figure out price points that will keep me rich
  • Yes! I want to know how to create my own catalogue pages for my products
  • Yes! I want a website that will run by itself and make money for me without too much input
  • Yes! I want to know the very latest techniques for creating and automating videos and posting them on YouTube to create business.
  • Yes! I want to know how I can attach a blog to my website!
  • Yes! I am ready and able to discover what it takes to make my business so friendly that my website constantly brings back more visitors month after month
  • Yes! I am committed to making a significant change to my financial and business situation by putting these plans into action right away.

BUY Creating Your First eCommerce Site Now!

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