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Craft Fair Goldmine Ebook

Craft Fair Goldmine
Category: Crafts
Ebook cover: Craft Fair Goldmine


Title: Craft Fair Goldmine

"Tired Of People Walking By Your Stand At The Craft Fair And Barely Notice That Your Crafts Are There?"

Never Have That Problem Again. With Craft Fair Goldmine You Can Increase Your Craft Sales Greatly.

Dear Crafter:

Do you love making unique gifts and keepsakes with your hands? Have you had people ooh'ing and ahh'ing over your creations for years? Do you wish you had more time so that you could do more crafting and maybe make money doing it? If so, this could be the most wonderful letter you've ever read. Why

Because We Can Show You How!

Craft shows are everywhere in nearly every town at one time or another. Perhaps these shows are attached to town festivals. Perhaps the festivals themselves are what make the town famous. Either way, these shows are money-making possibilities for the serious crafter.

It's a huge step when you decide to take a hobby to the next level and start trying to make money off of it. It's scary, it's difficult, but it can be so very rewarding. The key to making your crafting business a success is being prepared and armed with information. You have to know what you're doing before you can start.

That's why I'm offering you this wonderful ebook, "Craft Fair Goldmine" to help you along the way! This is more than just a guidebook, it's a training guide designed especially for you - the beginning craft business.

When you start your own business, the advantages are huge. Consider the following:

  • Work out of the comfort of your own home
  • You make your own schedule - work at night if you want to
  • Spend a few weekends away from home and count your money
  • Do something you love to do and gain the satisfaction of being your own boss
  • Make your own decisions instead of having someone make them for you

And those are just a few reasons why you should take the time to not only read this ebook, but also put it's valuable suggestions to work in your life right now!

If you're a crafter who's thinking about taking this step, we know who you are! You've been crafting for years. Your friends and relatives are thrilled when they receive a gift you've made yourself. Your co-workers ask if you can make them one of your custom crafts for a gift. They even offer to pay you for it! Everyone comments about how unique and well-made your creations are. Someone, at some time has said "You should sell these".

Then you begin to think, "Maybe I should sell these!" An idea has been born. You start to ponder the possibility, but you realize that without a steady paycheck, you're more than scared. It's alright! You don't have to be scared. Not when you order "Craft Fair Goldmine".

What's in this ebook? More than you can imagine! Check out some of our chapters:

  • Marketing Your Story
  • Saving on Supplies
  • Finding the Best Shows
  • Setting Up Your Space
  • How Much Inventory

These are just a few of the topics we cover - and there's so much more inside the pages of this amazing ebook! We've taken all the best advice from crafters who have made a success out of their home business and put it all in this ebook. "Craft Fair Goldmine" contains some of the best advice around to help you put your fears aside and become the success you know you can be!

There are many others out there doing what you want to do! Don't let them have all your business!

"Everyone always told me I made the best crafts. They would compliment me every time they say something I made. We really needed my paycheck, though, so I didn't feel like I could actually make a living by doing this.

Boy, was I wrong. I read this ebook, found my first craft fair, and made a $2,000 profit - that's after expenses! Since then, I only work one show a month and make more than I did when I had an office job!"

Deanna found success with her crafts, so can you! Now, we're not advocating you running out tomorrow and quitting your job. What we are telling you to do is take a moment and consider the possibility that you could become self-sufficient just by crafting! Wouldn't that be amazing?

Discover What You Need To Know - With This Incredible Ebook!

Crafting as a business is a possibility that really is within reach. It doesn't have to be a dream that you think you can't achieve. With our help, you can and should achieve it. What else do you need to know? We've covered it including:

  • Pricing your work
  • Organizing your records
  • Staying safe at your shows
  • Tax and accounting tips
  • Making every show your best show

And so much more!

We figured, well, the big stores make a profit, maybe we can too! We were surprised beyond our beliefs! We spent $400 for the fabric to make the scarves, and four days sewing the scarves. When the show was over and we counted our money, and were completely shocked to find we had over $6,000 in our cash box.

First, we freaked out that we had so much money and didn't really notice it. We were so very busy both days, we didn't pay that much attention to making bank drops and such. We sneaked to the car very carefully and drove like heck to get home and figure out our profit.

$6,000 - Cash Box

$ 400    - Expenses

$ 40       - Constructing Product: 4 hrs. @ $10/hr

$ 50       - Booth Space
$5,510   - Net Profit

That's nearly $3,000 a piece for two day's work! WOW! We were happy - wouldn't you be?"

Well, Wouldn't You Be?

Of course you would. My author has made a great living selling her crafts for a tidy profit for years. That's why I wanted her to write this ebook - from an expert's point of view! She did it and so can you!

You can find all sorts of advice and information about how to make money selling your crafts. In fact, there are all sorts of how-to manuals out there that claim they will make you a professional with just a little know-how. We're not like those other people.

What We Tell You Actually Works!

"Craft Fair Goldmine" will take what you already know and expand it into thinking of yourself as more than just a crafter. You'll be a business after reading this ebook. That's right, a real bonafide business.

Table of Contents:

Finding Your Product
Saving Money on Supplies
Mistakes to Avoid
Marketing and "Your Story"
Finding the Best Shows
Getting to the Show
Setting Up Your Space
Making Each Show Your Best Show
How Much Inventory Do You Need
Setting the Right Price
Necessary Bring-Alongs
Safety at The Show
After the Show
Where the Shows Are
Online Craft Shows
Shopping at Craft Shows
Ebook cover: Craft Fair Goldmine
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