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Bearded Dragon Secret Manual Ebook

Bearded Dragon Secret Manual
Category: Animals
Ebook cover: Bearded Dragon Secret Manual


Title: Bearded Dragon Secret Manual

Here are some of the things I cover in my manual just about choosing bearded dragons to help you make the best decision:

  • The danger of getting a baby bearded dragon... and how you can overcome this problem by simply doing some measurement
  • Whether you should get more than one bearded dragon
  • How to tell in 5 minutes whether a bearded dragon is unhealthy (Hint: If you see any one of these 9 telltale signs... stay away from the bearded dragon!)
  • Whether you should get a baby, or an adult bearded dragon
  • The 2 main varieties of bearded dragons... and which one you SHOULD choose for easier care (Most people who don't know better choose the other species for the wrong reason!)
  • 1 reason why you should NEVER buy a bearded dragon from a pet shop that exhibits this "sign"... no matter how much your heart tells you to! (You'll be throwing your money down the drain.)
  • 9 signs of a healthy, growing bearded dragon (Never buy a bearded dragon who does not meet ALL of these 9 important signs!)
  • 2 sources where you can potentially get your bearded dragon for free
  • Whether you should get a male, or a female bearded dragon (This decision will affect how you care for it later on)
  • 6 questions to ask to determine if you're ready to own a bearded dragon (It's not just about the money, but another factor that will bleed you dry if you don't take note of it.)
  • 4 other, little-known sources besides your local pet store where you can get your bearded dragons from (usually at a cheaper price and in even better condition... if you know where to look)
  • A checklist of 17 items you should prepare before buying a bearded dragon (Don't make the mistake of frantically looking for these items AFTER purchasing your bearded dragon!)
  • How you should look at your bearded dragon during its 1st week in your home (Ignoring this will mean a very stressful relationship later on...)
  • 3 things to look out for at the pet shop you're going to buy your bearded dragon
  • 7 ways to identify for sure whether your bearded dragon is male or female (Some pet shop attendants even get this wrong, leading to unexpected problems later.)
  • One deadly mistake most new pet owners make, when bringing their bearded dragons home for the first time (resulting in their death!)
  • What you should definitely do during the 1st week of owning your bearded dragon (The answer may shock you.)
  • How to identify the age of a bearded dragon like an expert just by looking at its length



Learning how to understand your bearded dragon's body language is crucial in ensuring that you are giving them what they want!


  • What to do if your bearded dragon refuses to drink water, and how to get it to drink water "naturally"
  • The myth about adjusting the light periods to adjust to changing of the seasons (Knowing this can save you lots of time and energy...)
  • What is the first signal you MUST recognise from your bearded dragon and what it conveys
  • What the bearded dragon is trying to do when it flattens itself even further
  • 2 ways to save money when purchasing any equipment for your bearded dragon (Never pay full retail price again after you know this secret!)
  • How to give your bearded dragon a proper bath and scrub
  • How to deal with a bearded dragon that is a picky, fussy eater using this trick
  • The right decorations you should place in the cage
  • How to accurately determine the size of your bearded dragon's enclosure or cage without any guesswork
  • One shocking fact about fluorescent light bulbs and when you should change them... (Most bearded dragon owners don't know about this, and end up depriving their beardies of light!)
  • How to avoid causing undue stress to your bearded dragons
  • Why you should be very careful when catching live insects from your backyard for your bearded dragon
  • What you should do if you accidentally injure your bearded dragon while trimming its nails
  • How you can easily improve the mental health and agility of your bearded dragon, by including this kind of "ornament" in their cage (It costs almost nothing to build.)
  • Why you should NEVER release your bearded dragon in your house (Almost all of the bearded dragon owners I know make this mistake... putting their own lives in danger!)
  • The right way to clean the cage of your bearded dragon to make sure that no parts are missed out (I show you the potential problem areas that pet owners miss... potentially leading to diseases later on.)
  • How expert breeders like myself set up the enclosure to prevent overheating (Most bearded dragon owners don't do this additional step... inadvertently killing their beloved pets!)
  • Why you should never use any fluorescent bulb lying around your home to provide your bearded dragon with light... and the exact kind of light bulb you should use
  • What kind of thermometer you should get to monitor the temperature of the enclosure (Hint - It's the cheapest kind with this particular function!)
  • The secret additional step to trimming your bearded dragon's nails, to ensure a relaxed bearded dragon instead of an agitated one
  • How you should carry your bearded dragon in the palm of your hand (Ignore this and you risk injuring your bearded dragon.)
  • 42 types of vegetables that are safe for your bearded dragon, and provides it with the MOST nutritional value
  • Where to position your bearded dragon's cage at home and 1 deadly position most people place it at unknowingly
  • The shocking truth about most veterinarians (vets) and why they are not suitable for your bearded dragon
  • The best substrate I use to line the bottoms of my cage (It's inexpensive, convenient and non-toxic.)
  • Why you should never grab your bearded dragon from above or kiss it, no matter how cute it looks
  • How you can look at a bearded dragon's tail direction to determine its relationship with other animals or beardies
  • How you should NEVER set up the heating equipment in your beardie's cage (Just last week, I saw this mistake being made on video by a supposed "expert" in bearded dragons...)
  • How to read the bearded dragon's eye movements like a pro (These are 2 distinct eye movements you must learn to recognise...)
  • How to tell if your bearded dragon is suffering from excess heat
  • What a bearded dragon does when it is curious
  • How to tell if a bearded dragon is offering a "friendly greeting" or is being aggressive, by using these 2 point guide
  • Why your bearded dragon is not using its litter box (and how you can solve the problem)
  • The truth about keeping your bearded dragon outdoors, and the conditions that must be fulfilled to do so (Most owners just keep their bearded dragon outdoors because they wrongly believe it is more convenient and better for the bearded dragon!)
  • One golden rule you should use to determine if a piece of food is too big for your bearded dragon (Most bearded dragon owners feed their pets food that are too large for it to handle... This rule should always be used!)
  • How to set up a litter box for your bearded dragon
  • A cheap trick you can use to make your beloved bearded dragon feel safe and secure... (It takes just 5 minutes and costs nothing... using supplies you have at home, yet most bearded dragon owners don't do it!)
  • The truth about commercial pet food and why most experienced beardie owners will NOT feed their bearded dragons ONLY pet food, even if it claims to be "nutritionally complete"
  • 5 body language experiments you should do with your bearded dragon, to build up a "mental database" that accurately maps its feelings with what it does
  • What is the proper temperature for the "bath water" of your bearded dragon and what soap to use when cleaning it
  • 5 kinds of deadly insects which should never be given to your bearded dragon
  • How to choose a vet who specialises in caring for bearded dragons and 9 questions to ask any vet before hiring him / her
  • One mistake owners make when handling bearded dragons, resulting in their pets being almost impossible to handle! (Learn this and you'll handle your bearded dragon like an expert.)
  • Why it is important that your bearded dragon receives enough UVB rays
  • A high-tech substrate you can use for the cage that is little-known, and is actually beneficial for your bearded dragon
  • How you can "trick" bearded dragons to exercise using this technique used by zoos
  • How to prevent a bearded dragon from escaping when setting up an outdoor enclosure
  • The exact steps to effortlessly trim the nails of your bearded dragon, without any resistance or struggle
  • One thing your bearded dragon should never see or come into contact with (make sure you do not have this item anywhere near its cage)
  • How you can save money using this method, instead of buying live insects for your bearded dragon (Using this technique, you can even make a small profit!)
  • Why it is important for your bearded dragon to receive the right amount of heat
  • 3 types of substrate you should NEVER use in the cage of your bearded dragons (If ingested, these could cause instant death.)
  • One place you should NEVER put your bearded dragon at, no matter how cute it looks
  • The exact solution you should use to scrub down the cages and enclosures of your bearded dragon to prevent germs or bacteria (Don't be tricked into buying expensive soap from pet stores... This works the MOST effectively and is found in almost all households!)
  • One kind of "junk food" you should avoid giving your bearded dragon unless it is sick or unwell... although it may seem that your bearded dragon is enjoying it!
  • What to feed your bearded dragon if it loses its color or does not look as radiant as before
  • How to design your own cage, and 1 thing you should definitely take note of when building your own cage (Most people neglect this and come to regret later!)
  • How to "gut load" the insects you are feeding your bearded dragon
  • How to accurately tell what your bearded dragon's mood is by learning how to read its "beard" (The beard conveys a huge range of emotions.)
  • What you have to do if you want to release your bearded dragon from its cage
  • 13 do's and don'ts when handling your bearded dragon (These are essential ground rules for ANY bearded dragon owner.)
  • What you should do before feeding your bearded dragon with prepared commercial food even if it means ignoring the packaging... (This is vital to your bearded dragon's well-being.)
  • What your bearded dragon means when its mouth is constantly gaping
  • Vitamin supplements and how you should choose the right one for your bearded dragon
  • 46 kinds of deadly plants you should NEVER put in the enclosure of your bearded dragon (Warning - These are not exotic plants... but very COMMON household plants found in most homes! Make sure none of these come into contact with your beardie.)
  • One method to ensure that your bearded dragon consumes its supply of vitamins
  • How to handle a bearded dragon who is trying to run away, but "tricking" them with this techniques the pros uses
  • Why bearded dragons wave their arm, and what it signals
  • The shocking truth about obesity for bearded dragons
  • The right amount of heat to supply to your bearded dragon and 4 ways you can do so without buying any of those expensive equipment
  • How children should be supervised to handle bearded dragons
  • Another technique to get your bearded dragon to move around by building an item that costs less than $5 from your local hardware store
Ebook cover: Bearded Dragon Secret Manual
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