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Acquire An Honest Attorney! Ebook

Acquire An Honest Attorney!
Category: Law and Legal
Ebook cover: Acquire An Honest Attorney!


Title: Acquire An Honest Attorney!

How To Recruit An Honest Attorney And Protect Your Intellectual and Financial Property

How To Find A "Pit-bull" Attorney That Will Fight Like An Animal For Anyone Trying To Go Up Against Your Business!

Discover How To Find The Most Reputable, Honest & Brutal Attorney To Fight On The Good Side: Yours!

  • Have you ever thought of the fact that you may need an attorney in the future for a business situation?
  • Have you ever considered the fact that most last minute attorney choices are always bad ones?
  • What would you do if someone sued you and you had absolutely no idea what to do next?


If you've ever had one of these questions race through your head along with visions of losing everything you've worked for, this letter will help you gain "peace of mind"...

Take Back Your Business & Asset Security And Protect Yourself From A Business Disaster!

Dear Friend,

This letter is going to go over an often neglected and always underestimated tool that you need to have in your business no matter how big or small.

Did you know that business disasters happen every day to good people just like me and you?

This doesn't make us a bad person but what happens when a legal issue comes into play is usually a pretty sad and gut wrenching experience.

More often that not, business disasters result in the business owner losing everything! I'm not just talking about the business and all their inventory.

I'm talking about their home, cars and even the money directly out of any retirement, savings or investment accounts that they may have had.

In many situations people are left with less than nothing.

How can something like this happen?

The business owner didn't have any legal advise or anyone looking out for them and their interests! And even if they do get legal representation at the last minute, the attorney is usually not a very good one and just the slickest advertiser that got their attention.

I'm here to tell you that this doesn't need to happen to you! You can find a legal advisor that will protect you 24 hours a day and you don't need to pay him until you use his services! Even if you never use him, you still have him there ready to pounce like a pit-bull.

A good Internet business attorney is your ticket to helping you protect the money and the time you've already put in to your business now and in the future!


Everything You Need To Know About Business Attorneys Is Contained In My New Manual!

What exactly should you be looking for in an attorney?

There are many characteristics you should be searching for when choosing an attorney

You are about to discover the most important information you could possibly get your hands on when beginning a business! "Acquire An Honest Attorney" shows you step by step exactly how to find these incredibly important facts you must know, when talking to prospective attorneys and how to make those facts work for you in the form of a competent, professional attorney that will do a great job for you.

Are you ready to discover exactly how to protect YOUR money & your business?

Then you're ready for "Acquire An Honest Attorney!"

You may have never thought about needing a lawyer, but I promise that by the time you finish this ebook you will be an expert at finding one, using one effectively, and letting them go if you find they're not working for you.

Before this ebook came along, people just like you were using basic ways to find a lawyer... like the Yellow Pages. They were even taking the first attorney they talked to. Then they wonder why their business is in legal hot water down the road.


Everything you need to know is contained in "Acquire An Honest Attorney" so why wait any longer?

Acquire An Honest Attorney Contains The Step By Step Guidance That Will Protect Your Business!

Inside this amazing ebook you will find a complete collection of information you need to find and retain a great attorney, such as:

  • Selecting the best one for your business...
  • Understanding what a good attorney does...
  • The most common mistake people make when selecting attorneys and how to avoid it...
  • The most important steps to avoid in working with an attorney...
  • Exactly what an attorney can do for your business...

This is just a sampling of the critical information NOBODY ELSE CAN PROVIDE!

Only "Acquire An Honest Attorney" contains EVERYTHING you need to get started, choose the right attorney, and run your business effectively!

Other manuals might promise to teach you about using attorneys, but they simply cannot deliver on that promise in the same way that "Acquire An Honest Attorney" has been tested and proven to deliver. In other words, their promises are misleading and empty.

Do you want to know the real truth?

Do you want to discover the how, why, and what about attorneys and what they can do for you?

Can An Attorney Really Help Me? And Can This Manual Really Show Me Every Thing I Need To Know?

The answer is Absolutely, Positively, Completely, YES!

Before you do anything, though, there is one very important thing you MUST understand:

This is NOT a substitute for real legal advice from an attorney.

There is no one that is qualified to give legal advice besides an attorney. That's why you need one.

The truth is that with the right information and the right guidance you can make THE RIGHT CHOICE using this ebook to find and retain an excellent attorney for your business.

Are you ready to achieve success?

Are you ready to protect your business?

Then I'm ready to show you step by step exactly how to get there. It's easy, it's interesting, and it's a lot of fun to see just how much an attorney can help you.

Let's not waste another moment - get started protecting your money right away!

What Valuable Secrets Are Contained In Acquire An Honest Attorney?

Just take a look at the actual Table Of Contents from this amazing ebook..

Table Of Contents:


Chapter 1 - Why a Lawyer?

  • They Know the Drill
  • Why Does My Business Need a Lawyer?
  • They Are Professionals
  • They Keep Good Records
  • They Take Care of the Paper Work
  • They Can Help You Avoid Trouble
  • They Are Available for Consultation
  • They Can Help You Hire Others
  • They're Up On Financial Matters, Too
Chapter 2 - What Type of Lawyer Do I Need?
  • Business Litigators
  • Business Lawyers
  • Transactional Lawyers
  • Environmental Lawyers
  • Go For A Firm
  • Intellectual Property Lawyers
  • The Types of Services You May Need
  • Labor and Employment Lawyers
Chapter 3 - Where To Look For An Attorney
  • Hit The Web
  • Go To Those You Know
  • Contact Your State Bar Association
  • Good Old-Fashioned Print Directories
  • Legal Assistance Services
Chapter 4 - What To Look For In An Attorney
  • Are Your Opinions Respected?
  • Are You Comfortable?
  • Do They Know What You Need?
  • Have You Looked Around Enough?
  • Are They Flexible?
  • Do You Know What They Will Be Doing?
  • Do They Get Back To You Quickly?
  • Are They Open With Information?
  • Are Their Fees Reasonable?
Chapter 5 - Interviewing Potential Attorneys
  • Do You Have Any References?
  • Questions To Ask When You Meet
  • How Long Have You Been Practicing?
  • Do You Have Specific Experience Related To What I Need?
  • What Are Your Areas of Specialization?
  • Have You Ever Found Yourself Subject to Disciplinary Action?
  • What Sorts of Fees Will I Incur?
  • How Long Will This Case Take?
  • How Often Will I Be Billed?
  • How Often Will You Keep In Touch?
  • Will I Be Charged For Phone Calls?
  • Avoiding Bad Lawyers
Chapter 6 - Developing A Working Relationship
  • Be Courteous
  • Be An Effective Communicator
  • Be Prompt
  • Evaluating The Work You're Buying
  • Be Specific.
  • Their Willingness To Talk To You
  • Request Copies of All Paperwork
  • Presentation of Work Completed
  • Their Ability to Follow Through
  • How They Notify You of Your Options
  • How They Notify You of The Timeline
  • How They Bill You 22
  • What To Do When It Doesn't Work Out
Chapter 7 - It's Time To See A Specialist
  • Why Are Specialists Beneficial?
  • When Do I Need A Specialist For My Business?
  • They Understand Your Situation
  • They Have Knowledge
  • They Have Focus
Chapter 8 - Doing Your Own Footwork
  • One-On-One Legal Training
  • Benefits of Getting Involved
  • Gain A Better Understanding of Your Business
  • How You Can Become Involved
  • Save Money
  • Write Your Own Contracts
  • Maintain Control
  • Research Your Legal Decisions
  • When To Back Off
Chapter 9 - Saving Money On An Attorney
  • Types of Attorney Fees
  • Determining Attorney's Fees
  • The Hourly Rate
  • The Contingency Fee
  • The Flat Fee
  • Referrals
  • Don't Be Afraid To Negotiate
  • How Can I Save Money?
  • Find An Expert
  • Hire Them As A Coach
  • Take On Some of the Work
  • Be Completely Honest
  • Keep In Contact
  • Make Use of Your Time
  • Pay Close Attention To Your Bill
Chapter 10 - Information Resources
  • Why Should I Use These Resources?
  • What Are Attorney Information Resources?
  • Where Do I Find Attorney Resources?

Here's just some of what you're going to discover...

  • The Relationship - The relationship you have with your attorney is crucial. If you can't work with the person you select, you'll only be hurting yourself.
  • Why You Need An Attorney - Using real life examples, we'll show you the value of having an attorney on board.
  • Select The Right Provider - With those things in mind, what kind of attorney would work with you and your business?
  • The E-Course - This is a tested and proven strategy for building a relationship with your attorney.
  • The All-Important First Impression - The initial meeting with your prospective attorney is the most important!
  • The Importance Of Extra Value - What should your lawyer be doing for you? What should you be expecting?

I'm sure you can see the huge benefits to having a good attorney and using him to help with the legal aspects of your business. Are you ready to take the easy steps necessary to make the choice to protect your assets??

Acquire An Honest Attorney is jam packed full of the kind of priceless information you have only wished you knew to start protecting yourself now!

Everything you need to know is in this incredible ebook, laid out for you in a logical, easy to follow series of steps so you simply cannot fail.

Don't you deserve to be protected?

Don't you deserve to live the life of a successful business owner?

Of course you do!

Ebook cover: Acquire An Honest Attorney!
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Price: $7.00
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