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A-Z of Super-Effective Sales Pages Ebook

A-Z of Super-Effective Sales Pages
Category: SEO and Promotion
Ebook cover: A-Z of Super-Effective Sales Pages


Title: A-Z of Super-Effective Sales Pages

Is Your Sales Page a Profit Sucking, Dead- in-the-Water, Band-Width Eating, Online Dud?


Spruce Up That Sales Page and Start Selling Now!

Discover the fine art of persuasive copywriting and make thousands of more dollars in conversions, sales, affiliate enrollment and pay per click income every month!

Discover the Tricks of All of the Greatest Gurus When It Comes to the Grand and Daring Art of Shameless Self Promotion...

A-Z of Super-Effective Sales Pages

Are you sick of spending a lot of money on a super-sleek website only to have nobody ever visit it?

Perhaps you want to write your very first sales landing page and do it right the first time by learning the secrets of marketing pros!

Either way you have found the right copywriting resource for you!

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer!

Launching your own product or service on the internet is not easy nowadays. It seems that everybody has their own website and trying to sell one thing or another.

In these rough economic times it also seems that every absolute beginner has the same idea - "why not start my own part-time online business to make a bit of extra money?!"

Of course if you already have an online product or service that you are trying to sell then you are well aware that this usually does not happen overnight and that you have a lot of competition out there that wants the bucks from the same people that you do!

Has the following happened to you? --

You spend a lot of money on a glitzy website, read up on web 2.0, line up your auto responders and other doodads and do everything the big marketing gurus tell you to do in their $97.00 How to Manuals and in the end you sit there with no sales wondering what you are doing wrong.

Of course when I am talking about myself and chances are you have had a similar experience.

And if you have not had the above happen just yet because you are a newbie I predict that you will experience it unless you discover how to avoid it all by reading my new e-Book -- A-Z of Super-Effective Sales Pages

Let me tell you my story and about the hard and expensive lessons I learned about selling online and commissioning sales letters.

About a year ago initially started what was supposed to be a stellar little income generating online business based on a single keyword. I created an excellent informational product complete with bonuses and offered it at a special price.

I had high hopes that this self-created product would be the niche that made me rich but this just did not happen!

I also noticed that I had two rivals online mining the same niche topic. One was doing as lousy as I was when it came to selling the product but the other competitor was killing us both. He was just raking the sales in while the rest of us gasped in awe at how ruthlessly he was knocking us out of the sales ring.

Just this one guy online seemed to have all the sales no matter what we did to try and hijack even just the tiniest bit of his business. He also continued to monopolize the market long after both I and the other "loser" online lowered our prices to almost zilch!

So what were we doing wrong and what was Mr. Internet Money Bags doing right?

I made it my business to spy on my successful rival to see how he was managing to exalt his profit margins in so profoundly. In the end it was evident that the secret to his success was the well-written, compelling copy on his sales landing page.

Seriously this sales page was a real work of art. I hope he printed it out and framed it. It was an absolutely compelling creative work that I personally could not stop reading until I reached the Buy Now Button!

Of course I decided that what I needed was a savvy, super-selling sales letter just like it to be my landing page!

So then I went ahead and tried to find a sales copywriter to write this super-selling masterpiece for me.

Soon I discovered that the good ones just don't come cheap. In fact the best in the world can cost thousands of dollars to hire.

You might be thinking right now that no writer is worth thousands of dollars. However consider this --the best copywriters in the world can also bring a web master over a million in sales on the very first day of a launched product.

A very good example of the kind of famous copywriter who can create this raging success is Michel Fortin who wrote copy for John Reese. He made a million for this internet guru every single time a product was launched. He charged a five figure sum for each sales letter and Reese was willing to pay for it because he just knew he was good for the money after Fortin completed the copy!

Employing the services of a top copywriter makes sense if you are rich but if you do not have money to burn then you have two options -

  • The first option is to find someone else who will do the job for you for considerably less than thousands of dollars
  • The second option is to create the sales copy yourself

The potential downside of the first option could be that the copywriter is charging far less than anyone else for writing simply because he or she not that good at it in the person. In this case you may have saved a little bit of time but you may not make thousands of dollars in sales!

This may not always be true (because sometimes a sales letter catches fire for no special reason at all) but it only stands to reason that if someone you are employing for $200 could ask for a fee of $2000 or even more per sales letter they would!

Also as with most things in life you get what you pay for in this situation. The less you pay the less you get ...the less sales!

The second option is to create the sales copy yourself and of course there are several drawbacks to doing it yourself.

For one thing you could have no talent as a writer. Yet another challenge is the amount of time it can take you to actually get the sales letter done!

However, talent or not, writing sales copy is a skill that can be mimicked or learned and if you follow the guidelines in this e-Book there is every chance that you will definitely be able to a better job than someone to who you would pay a few hundred bucks to from elance.com or guru.com

Also if you do discover how to write your own compelling sales letter you can save yourself a lot of money.

Trust me. I know. I have been there with the bad writers who are late with their copy, run off with the advance and who...ahem ...can't WRITE!

I hired five writers in a row off of elance.com to redo my sales letter. In the end I probably spent about $1400.00. Two of them took the advance and ran. Two of them produced sales letters that were barely comprehensible. I was able to use the fifth sales letter which seemed compelling and well written but GUESS WHAT. The letter just did not succeed in selling products to my site's visitors. It just wasn't a superseller!

I wrote this e-Book so you could discover to write your own sales letter!

You are probably shaking your head right now and saying "That is all very well and good but I just am not a writer."

I am here to tell you that -

You Don't Need Talent to Compose A Super Selling Sales Letter!

Such a skill is one that is in great demand. Trust me. I went from someone who was hiring incompetent and desperate moonlighters to one of the most sought after copywriters on the internet.

I am so good at copywriting I do not even have to advertise my services. People have heard of my success through word of mouth and they simply find my email through my many successful websites.

How did I get to be so good? How do you get to Carnegie Hall? The answer is "Practice, practice, practice!"

How much better off would you be if were pocketing $200 or $500 or even $5,000 for every sales letter, rather than giving that money to other people to do an inferior job?

That is exactly what this ebook is all about - teaching you to write outstanding sales copy even if you have never considered yourself to be capable of doing so before.

However I also want you to keep this in mind...

This is NOT just an e-Book about copywriting. It is about conceptualizing a product that can accommodate a great sales pitch in the first place! In the A-Z of Super-Effective Sales Pages I discuss such creative and conceptual matters as --

  • How validate your initial brainwave for the product or service so that it will sell well in the marketplace
  • Conceptualizing an idea that will sell in the first place
  • Why a period of intense market research must always follow your initial brainstorming session to establish whether or not this is a realistic topic for making money
  • How-to come up with a basic description or name for the product or service you are considering creating and how to make it as accurate as possible so people can find it on the internet
  • How to avoid creating a product that nobody wants, nobody needs and nobody wants to buy
  • How to use Google Alerts to keep an eye of what is going on in the market
  • How to conceptualize the best format for your product or service to be delivered in
  • How to use Word Tracker as a keyword research tool
  • How to deliver a product package so you can command a higher price!
  • How to ensure that the sales letter you are writing accurately reflects your product
  • How to deliver value and quality so that you can charge a lot of money for your product creation
  • How to discern the benefits of your product or service so you can underline these points and emphasize them to your customers

... and many more issues that are absolutely pertinent to having a product or service that can actually support the content of a great sales letter!

It might seem to you like you are "putting the cart before the horse" by putting the salesletter BEFORE the conceptualization of your business but that is EXACTLY what a lot of very rich internet gurus do to make money.

One thing that I did not realize until I had really researched the art of writing newsletters is that there is just not one single super successful way of writing a salesletter.

In fact one of the most daunting things about writing these sales letters is that there are som any different types of styles to choose from - so many that it makes you want to throw up your hands in the air with frustration.

That is what I did at first until I settled down and realized that I absolutely had to discover to how to identify all of the different styles of persuasive sales letter writing and master them or I was always going to be poor.

The result is a chapter in this e-Book that helps break down the elements of the different styles so that you can make decisions about what type of persuasive copywriting is best to use to sell your stuff!

In A-Z of Super-Effective Sales Pages I discuss such crucial things as -

  • Short or long? How many pages of persuasive copy are needed to sell your product or service
  • How to make an outline for creating your sales page
  • Why you no longer need a longer sales letter to sell a more expensive product and how this recently became such a stale and old fashioned approach
  • Why it might be a good idea to include video on a sales page
  • Why using a premade template for a newsletter is not such a great idea
  • When it is a bad idea to include video on your sales page
  • How you can use video to write a shorter sales letter
  • How you can embed video in your sales page to make yourself seem more human and connect with your customers so that they trust you enough to buy from you
  • How to discover from ClickBank landing pages by studying their formats and layouts
  • Where to find free web page editors online for physically constructing your web pages
  • How to use Quantcst.com to figure out exactly who your audience is supposed to be and conceptualize a salespage that suits their tastes
  • Where to find free sales page templates for writing newsletters if you do not know a single thing about HTML
  • How to add meta-tags for your page so that your site can easily be found on the search engine pages
  • How to check the validity of your page (which means making sure that everyone who lands on your web page can see it in their browser) after you have uploaded it to your website


And much, much more! Believe me I leave no stone unturned when it comes to how to construct these salespages. Each lesson in this e-Book is also replete with images, screen shots and step-by-step manual so that you cannot get confused, exasperated or go wrong in any way!

Do You Want a Number One Product Selling Like Hotcakes On Clickbank?
Discover How to Write the Salesletter That Sells It!...

I discuss a lot more than the types of structures that your sales letter can take in the A-Z of Super-Effective Sales Pages.

I also get into the nitty gritty of how to communicate with your customers so that they will want to get out that credit card and buy from you!

In this e-Book I teach you --

  • How to come up with the one most important message that you want your customers to hear
  • How to talk the language of your customer in your newsletter
  • How to understand the visual components of an advertising message and how they can affect how your customers perceive you
  • How to keep information on your page consistent so that it does not confuse people or the search engine bots from Google that assess your page for where it should be ranked on the search engine pages
  • How to use a graphic on the front page to get across your message swiftly and effectively
  • How to write sales copy that matches the customer you cater to in order maximize sales
  • How to write headers for your sales page that appeal to your "ideal customer" who will repeatedly buy from you once they buy from you once
  • Why you should never make the mistake of writing copy that appeals to everyone
  • How to find the language and jargon that your customers use by researching their comments in blogs and forums
  • How to visualize triangles that can help you lay out your content correctly on the page
  • How to write hard hitting headlines and sub-headlines
  • How to create copy that tells a story from the top to the bottom of the page and lay it this content out so that it pushes your reader to keep reading to the next section
  • Who are the real movers and shakers when it comes to writing copy and how you can imitate them
  • Why it is important to keep every story you tell in your sales copy as plausible as possible
  • How to understand the "leaders are readers" theory of copywriting that is subscribed to by some of the greatest copywriters in the world including Bob Bly, Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, John Carlot and Daniel Levis
  • Why it is important to include the promise of a refund in your sales page

And many other things you should consider to create the most effective sales copy letter including the advisory to warn PayPal just before you launch with your new salesletter.

This is because sometimes PayPal will freeze an account that suddenly receives an unexplained influx of cash! In fact that is exactly what happened to me after I deployed my first successful saleletter! It was easy to straighten this out with PayPal but I wish I had warned them first!

Time to ask yourself --

Are You Ready to Write Salesletters That Actually Sell?

Ebook cover: A-Z of Super-Effective Sales Pages
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