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124 Lip-Smacking Good Jam Recipes Ebook

124 Lip-Smacking Good Jam Recipes
Category: Cooking
Ebook cover: 124 Lip-Smacking Good Jam Recipes


Title: 124 Lip-Smacking Good Jam Recipes

Make great tasting and inexpensive jams, easily, at home without the preservatives and chemicals you will find in the store-bought brands. 124 Lip-Smacking Good Jam Recipes is full of easy to make recipes for preserves as well as a section covering the basics of jam making. Enjoy these delicious jams on toast, in sandwiches or to top off your favorite ice cream.


Roasted Garlic Jam

4 heads garlic, large roasted
1 and peeled
2 teaspoon olive oil
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
1 tablespoon Italian parsley, coarsely
1 chopped
1 cayenne pepper, pinch
1 ground pepper, fresh
1. Chop garlic with knife until it forms a paste. 2. Place in a bowl, add remaining ingredients. Stir to blend. 3. Use for bruschetta, pizza or grilled meats. Yield 2/3 cup.

About Jams, Jellies & Preserves

The less sugar you use the greater the flavor impact of the fruit.
If honey is used there will be a flavor change and the jellies/jams must be cooked longer. If you use artificial sweeteners use only the Cyclamate type to avoid bitterness and follow the manufacturer's instructions. Cooked down jellies in which the juice is extracted by the open kettle method contain 60% fruit versus commercial products
[pressure cooked to extract more juice but pectin destroying] with only 45% Jelly: has great clarity from dripping the cooked fruit through a cloth before adding sugar and finishing.
Jams, Butter and Pastes: are whole fruit purees of increasing density.
Marmalades, Preserves and Conserves: are bits of fruit in a heavy syrup.
High Pectin Fruits: Apples, Crabapples, Quinces, Red Currants, Gooseberries, Plums and Cranberries. These need no additional pectin.
If you get syrupy jelly you used too much sugar or did not cook the juice long enough after adding the sugar.
Low Pectin Fruits: Strawberries, Blueberries, Peaches, Apricots, Cherries, Pears, Blackberries, Raspberries, Grapes, Pineapple and Rhubarb. These require combining with high pectin fruits or adding a commercial pectin.
To Test Pectin Content: Put 1 tbl cooled fruit juice in a glass. Add an equal amount of grain alcohol and shake gently. The alcohol will bring the pectin together in a gel. If a large amount of pectin is present it will appear in a single mass or clot when poured from the glass. Use equal amounts of juice and sugar. If the pectin collects in several small particles use have as much sugar as juice.
To sterilize jelly glasses: fill jars 3/4 full of water and place them in a shallow pan partly filled with water. Simmer 15 min and then keep hot until filled. If the lids are placed on the steaming jars they will be sterilized simultaneously.
Tips: -Use enamel or stainless steel pots not aluminum or copper.

  • Very acid fruits can tolerate a whole c of sugar.
  • On average, use 3/4 c sugar to 1 c fruit or juice depending onpectin content[see above].
  • Sterilize jars and seal tightly.
  • Keep in a cool dark place but do not refrigerate.
  • For fruit that tends to discolor add lemon juice or Ascorbic acid.

Making Jam: is easiest and most economical as it needs only one cooking step and uses the pulp. Measure the fruit. In putting it in the pan, crush the lower layers to provide moisture until more is drawn out by cooking or add a little water. Simmer the fruit until it is soft. Add sugar and stir until dissolved. Bring to a boil, stirring to avoid sticking. Reduce heat and cook until thickened- up to 1/2 hr.
Making Preserves and Conserves: Place fruit in a pot with an equal amount of sugar in layers ending with sugar on top and allow to rest overnight. Bring slowly to a boil and simmer until fruit is translucent. Drain fruit and put in sterile jars. Simmer syrup longer if necessary to thicken it and pour over fruit. Seal and store.
Making juice for jelly: Wash and drain fruit. Prick or crush the fruit. Add water if fruit is not juicy enough eg. apples. Add enough to the kettle that you can see it through the fruit but the fruit is not floating. Cook uncovered until the fruit is soft and loosing its color. Have ready a jelly bag [several layers of cheese cloth] . Wet it, wring it out and line a strainer with it. Let the juice drip through without squeezing it as this muddies and flavors the jelly.
This juice can be kept up to 6 months before proceeding by freezing or canning it.
Making jelly: Measure the strained juice and put it in an enamel or stainless steel pan. Simmer 5 min. Skim off froth. Measure and warm sugar in a pan in the oven and add it. Stir until dissolved. Cook at a gentle simmer until the point of jelling. To test, place a small amount of jelly on a spoon, cool it slightly and let it drop back into the pot from the side of the spoon. As the syrup thickens, 2 large drops will form along the edge of the spoon. when these two drops run together and fall as a single drop the "sheeting" stage has been reached- 220 to 222 deg F and the jelly will be firm when cooled. It can take anywhere from 10 to 30 min for jelly to reach this stage depending on the fruit and the amount of sugar. Take the jars from the sterilizing bath and invert on a cake cooler. They should be hot but dry when filled. Fill to 1/4" from the top. Cover with melted paraffin 1/8" deep.


Table of Contents

  1. Ambrosial Jam
  2. About Jams Jellies & Preserves
  3. Apple Maple Jam
  4. Apricot Jam
  5. Apple Preserves
  6. Apricot Lite Jam
  7. Apricot, Orange & Almond Jam
  8. Apricot Preserves
  9. Apricot-Date Jam
  10. Apricot-Raspberry Jam
  11. Apricot-Raisin Jam
  12. Apricot~ Orange & Almond Jam
  13. Berry Christmas Jam
  14. Banana Jam
  15. Blackberry Jam
  16. Blaeberry Jam
  17. Blackberry Preserves
  18. Blueberry Jam
  19. Blueberry-Cherry Jam
  20. Blueberry Or Huckleberry Jam
  21. Blueberry-Lemon Jam
  22. Cantaloupe Jam
  23. Blueberry-Rhubarb Jam
  24. Carrot Jam
  25. Cherry And Raspberry Jam
  26. Cherry & Raspberry Jam
  27. Cherry Freezer Jam
  28. Cherry Pineapple Jam
  29. Cherry Jam
  30. Cherry Pineapple Jam 1
  31. Citron Preserves
  32. Cherry Preserves
  33. Concord Grape Jam
  34. Cooked Strawberry Jam - Certo Liquid
  35. Cooked Strawberry Jam
  36. Cranberry Preserves
  37. Cranberry-Raspberry Preserves
  38. Cranberry-Orange Jam
  39. Dried Fig Jam
  40. English Jam Tarts
  41. Dutch Apple Pie Jam
  42. Fig Jam
  43. Fig Preserves
  44. Fig Jam With Honey
  45. Fig Preserves (Syko Glyko)
  46. Framboise Raspberry Jam
  47. Fig-Strawberry Jam
  48. Freezer Strawberry Jam
  49. Fresh Strawberry Jam
  50. Freezer Strawberry Jam 2
  51. Fruit-Sweetened Strawberry Jam
  52. Ginger Peach Jam
  53. Garlic Jam
  54. Gooseberry Jam
  55. Grape Jam
  56. Grandma Howard's Tomato Jam
  57. Greek Sour Cherry Preserves
  58. Ground Cherry Jam
  59. Green Tomato Jam
  60. Honeyed Peach Preserves
  61. Instant Raspberry Cordial Jam
  62. Hot Pepper & Tomato Jam
  63. Island Jam
  64. Lebanon County Rhubarb Jam
  65. Kiwi Daiquiri Jam
  66. Low-Sugar Refrigerator Strawberry Jam
  67. Microwave Cherry Preserves
  68. Mango Jam
  69. Microwave Jam
  70. Mock Raspberry Jam
  71. Microwave Strawberry Jam
  72. Mock Strawberry Or Raspberry Jam
  73. Muscadine Habanero Jam
  74. Mrs. Johnson's Peach Preserves
  75. Nectarine And Raspberry Preserves
  76. No Cook Peachy Orange Jam
  77. No Cook Blueberry Strawberry Jam
  78. No Cook Strawberry Kiwi Jam
  79. No-Cook Georgia Peachberry Jam
  80. No-Cook Apple Raspberry Jam
  81. No-Cook Light Bananaberry Jam
  82. No-Cook Strawberry Freezer Jam
  83. No-Cook Peach Jam
  84. No-Cook Strawberry Jam
  85. Peach Jam
  86. Oriental Rhubarb Jam
  87. Peach Preserves
  88. Pear & Ginger Jam
  89. Peach Rhubarb Jam
  90. Pear-Apple Jam
  91. Pineapple-Apricot Jam
  92. Pineapple Apricot Jam
  93. Pumpkin Jam
  94. Putting Up Your Preserves
  95. Pumpkin Preserves
  96. Quick Spiced Peach Jam
  97. Red Raspberry Jam
  98. Raspberry Jam
  99. Rhubarb And Fig Preserves
  100. Rhubarb-Strawberry-Jam
  101. Rhubarb, Rose, & Strawberry Jam
  102. Ripe Grape Jam
  103. Roasted Garlic Jam
  104. Ripe Tomato Jam
  105. Rose Hip Jam
  106. Sambuca Romana Jam
  107. Rose Petal Jam
  108. Sherried Pear & Cranberry Jam
  109. Spiced Cherry Orange Jam
  110. Smetanik - Berry Jam & Sour Cream Pie
  111. Strawberry & Apple Jam
  112. Strawberry Jam
  113. Strawberry Gooseberry Jam
  114. Strawberry Liqueur Jam
  115. Strawberry-Kiwi Jam
  116. Strawberry Preserves
  117. Sugar Free Strawberry Jam
  118. Sweet Onion Jam
  119. Sweet Banana Jam
  120. The Georgia Peachberry No Cook Jam
  121. Watermelon Preserves
  122. Tomato Jam
  123. Watermelon Rind Preserves
  124. Zucchini Jam

Making your own jams is easier than you thought with the help of 120 Lip-Smacking Good Jam Recipes. Order now and get immediate delivery and you can be making deliciuos jams for your family today!

Ebook cover: 124 Lip-Smacking Good Jam Recipes
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Reviewed by on 2018-10-28
My Rate 5
I will give 5stars to this book "124 Lip-Smacking Good Jam Recipes"because it tells various types of Jam recipes which even anyone one cant find outside . Therefore it is very helpful to all people who like jam.

Reviewed by on 2016-09-19
My Rate 5
This e-book is filled with a lot of yummy, unique and rare jam recipes(garlic jam, rose petal jam etc. . )
If your someone who loves experimenting with food you will love this e-book:) The recipes are Awesome and very easy to make.

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Reviewed by on 2018-10-28
My Rate 5
I will give 5stars to this book "124 Lip-Smacking Good Jam Recipes"because it tells various types of Jam recipes which even anyone one cant find outside . Therefore it is very helpful to all people who like jam.

Reviewed by on 2016-09-19
My Rate 5
This e-book is filled with a lot of yummy, unique and rare jam recipes(garlic jam, rose petal jam etc. . )
If your someone who loves experimenting with food you will love this e-book:) The recipes are Awesome and very easy to make.

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