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101 Tips For Overcoming Addiction Ebook

101 Tips For Overcoming Addiction
Category: Self Help
Ebook cover: 101 Tips For Overcoming Addiction


Title: 101 Tips For Overcoming Addiction

Announcing A New Battle Plan For Overcoming Addiction...

Who Else Wants To Say "NO" To Your Addiction And Never Look Back?

Does you addiction have a stranglehold over your life?

If you're desperate to relieve some pressure, arming yourself with 101 addiction fighting tips, tricks and tactics may just be your ticket out.

With your Addiction Battle Plan you'll be ready to:

  • Recognize the stages of addiction and recovery.
  • Clutch a firm grasp of what addiction really is all about.
  • Prepare for the detox process.
  • Meet important personal goals.
  • Choose between treatment programs.
  • Find balance in your life.
  • Get fit physically and mentally.
  • Confront and overcome denial.
  • Learn your own personal power.

If overcoming your addiction is important to you, then this may be the most important letter you ever read.

Dear Only-Human,

Do you want to know the secret all people learn on their road to recovery?

It doesn't matter what your addiction. Whether it be drugs, illegal or otherwise. Alcohol, food, sugar, sex, the Internet or anything else.

Everyone who finally reaches independence discovers that they first had to confront their addiction face-to-face. And the most successful recoveries apply time-tested methods to seek and destroy the inner causes of addiction.

The more you understand about the nature of addiction (and how it applies to you) the more you can empower yourself to fight it. That's why I know you'll increase your chances of success tenfold with...

101 Ways To Confront, Fight And Destroy Your Addiction

I don't know you, so I'm not sure what you're struggling to gain dependence from. (Maybe it's more than one thing.) But that doesn't matter.

You see, most people become addicts to different types of behavior for very similar reasons. The same driving forces seem to show up over and over again. And it often has a lot to do with self esteem.

Because the causes of addiction are often the same (even when the substance itself may be highly addictive), confronting and fighting your addiction usually follows a very similar path.

A battle plan for seeking out the root causes, dealing with the physical aspect, and preparing for recovery. Are you ready to travel down this path?

One of the most important things you need to learn is...

What Triggers Your Addictive Impulse?

Finding out what triggers the spark inside you, the impulse that makes you feel like you truly NEED something, is very important.

Even if you're addicted to a substance, after your body no longer needs that substance to feel normal - there are many things that make you STILL feel like you NEED to fulfill your addiction.

Discovering what triggers this impulse, and learning to stay away from or ignore it is one of the ways you can immediately gain a little relief.

But that's just one way to find relief.

Inside my 52 page e-book, "101 Tips For Overcoming Addiction," I detail a battle-plan-like strategy for recognizing, confronting, and defeating your addiction. You can download the e-book in just minutes from now straight to your PC. is just SOME of the Addiction fighting techniques you will find inside:

  • Hidden side effects of Internet addictions.
  • 4 big problems alcohol addiction is adding to your life.
  • The lethal danger of Gambling addiction.
  • 16 sure signs you're addicted.
  • The most successful way to battle addiction.
  • 5 stages to recovery, no matter what your addiction.
  • How to use family and friends as your secret weapon.
  • The first step to quitting (it's also the easiest).
  • The root cause of most addictions.
  • The secret to planning escape routes from situations where you know you're most likely to break and relapse.
  • How addictions sneak up on you (so you can recognize it before it happens).
  • 4 little-known elements that may effect your success in fighting addiction.
  • How to prepare for and successfully defeat your detox period.
  • 6 ways to lower stress on your new journey.
  • What is Rapid Detox? And how does it work?
  • How to cleanse your body with a Liver Detox.
  • Why Alcohol Detox is different and when you should seek professional help.
  • The lifesaving, life-changing power of Detox Centers (and who you should trust).
  • What to do if you're addicted to Oxycontin or Vicodin.
  • How to choose a Detox program that's right for you.
  • What is the Alexander Technique, and how can it help you.
  • How to defeat negative thoughts that knock you off track.
  • 4 ways to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and improve where necessary.
  • The secret to discovering your inner power that enables you to beat down your addictions with confidence.
  • The incredible power of walking for fitness and fighting addiction.
  • 5 less painful ways to add fitness to your life.
  • Simple nutrition tips that will leave you feeling stronger and better about yourself.
  • How to painlessly ease into a fitness plan.
  • How Alternative Health may be your ticket to feeling normal.
  • One of the most important things you can start TODAY to give relief to your body and extend your life.
  • Simple tricks for defeating denial.
  • The reality of eating addictions and how to confront them.
  • Are you staying awake all night? 6 ways to help you fall asleep.
  • A powerful technique for generating a positive attitude - even in the midst of negative environments.
  • The secret to better understanding yourself, your inner cues, and the way they effect your behavior.
  • 3 essential elements for beating your addiction.
  • How to build a support system to help carry you through your fight.
  • Rewarding yourself for doing a good job (without forcing a relapse).
  • Learn the triggers that build desire for your addiction, and eliminate them.
  • The trick to keeping alcohol out of your life and daily routines.
  • Strategies for keeping your commitment.
  • 5 ways to improve your self image.
  • The truth about teen addiction.

And there's MUCH more - guaranteed!

Learn Your Inner Strength Hidden Inside You

If you are serious about beating your addiction starting today, "101 Tips For Overcoming Addiction" is your best bet to have by your side through the whole process. (And I guarantee it, more in a second.)

Ebook cover: 101 Tips For Overcoming Addiction
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P.S. How much longer do you want to let your addiction rule your life? Are you ready to stomp it out now and release yourself from the stranglehold?

Click the link below to download my e-book now. There are just a few questions for you to answer first and I'll walk you through the process! Start your journey to recovery today.

Grab Your Copy Of "101 Tips For Overcoming Addiction" Now!


P.S. How much longer do you want to let your addiction rule your life? Are you ready to stomp it out now and release yourself from the stranglehold?

Click the link below to download my e-book now. There are just a few questions for you to answer first and I'll walk you through the process! Start your journey to recovery today.

Grab Your Copy Of "101 Tips For Overcoming Addiction" Now!


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