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101 Facts About the Human Body Ebook

101 Facts About the Human Body
Category: Body, Health
Ebook cover: 101 Facts About the Human Body


Title: 101 Facts About the Human Body

Discover 101 Facts About the Human Body

If you are a parent, a grandparent or just plain curious about your body, you must read on then zoom to the download page immediately! What a way to get the answers to the questions you've always wondered about.

Did you know that children have more bones than adults? Does that mean that bones just disappear when reaching adulthood? What a mystery!

  • What determines the sex of a person?
  • Why do sportsmen eat bananas during their most strenuous activity?
  • Is the right side of our body bigger than the left side?
  • Can people get shorter in the evenings?

We all have questions about our bodies. Children especially are naturally curious and ask questions we are often not prepared to answer. Sometimes we grasp at straws trying to come up with answers that are easy for a child to understand.

And that's when we even KNOW the answer. More frequent than not, we have no idea what the answers are and dismiss the questions as unimportant.

Our children deserve better. It would be pretty ridiculous to believe we all need medical training just to answer questions from our children. However, there is good news.

For all of you who have ever wondered why we get "goose bumps" or which of your five fingers is the most important, we give you "101 Facts About the Human Body!"

Armed with this guide you are prepared to answer those difficult questions. Plus, you'll be impressed with the simple illustrations for the more difficult descriptions.

Never again be at a loss for words when you must have an accurate answer to any sensitive question about our body.

"101 Facts About the Human Body" is guaranteed to answer those hard questions. Not just because it will help you respond to your children, but there are a multitude of questions that will satisfy your curiosity as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your copy now!

About The Author

Radhika Venkata

Dr. Radhika is a Pathologist by profession and likes to share her medical knowledge with others.

She loves to spend time with family and her computer.

She used many of the questions asked by her own two children as the basis for this, her third book published by eBookWholesaler.

She wrote '101 Facts About the Human Body - Simply Explained and Illustrated!' for you to learn from and to share with your children, so that they have accurate information to help them be comfortable with their own bodies and understand why it is so important to eat the right foods, exercise and generally look after themselves.

Dr Radhika has also studied Web design using the php/MySQL language.

Dr Radhika's favorite saying is, "God doesn't require us to succeed; he only requires that you try" - Mother Teresa"



Our Eyes and Vision
  • Can our Eye be compared to a Camera?
  • Why do we have to constantly blink our eyes?
  • Why do our eyes water when we cut onions?
  • Why are people with Color blindness advised not to drive vehicles?
  • Why can't we see well when we go from bright light to a dark room?
  • Can we walk straight with our eyes closed?
  • Where do we get the water for our tears when we cry?
  • How do our eyes interpret a moving object in a movie?
  • Why are tears useful?
  • What is the advantage of having two eyes?
  • Is crying necessary?
  • How do our eyes distinguish different colors?
  • What is long-sightedness?
  • What determines your eye color?
  • What is Short sightedness?
  • What is Astigmatism?
Our Ears and Hearing
  • Is there a Hammer in our body?
  • Why do some people get pain in their ears in an aircraft?
  • How do we hear?
  • Which part of the tongue is sensitive to different tastes?
  • Why can't we appreciate tastes if our mouth is dry?
  • Why can't we smell the same odour after a while?
Blood and Circulation
  • Why do you sometimes feel dizzy when you get up?
  • Why should we avoid sitting too long?
  • What are the Odd Artery and the Odd Vein in our bodies?
  • Which organs in our body get the most blood?
  • How does our body stop bleeding from a cut?
  • Why does your heart beat faster when you run?
  • What do I need to know about Hemoglobin?
  • Why is Blood red in Color?
  • Who are the universal donors and universal recipients?
  • Why do we feel 'pins and needles' are in our arms and legs?
Breathing and Related Topics
  • Why can't people breathe and swallow at the same time?
  • Which specialized part of a cell is called the 'Powerhouse"?
  • Are all cells in our body the same?
  • Can the cells in our body talk to each other?
Digestion and Nutrition
  • Why do the 4 types of teeth have different shapes?
  • Why are some of our teeth shaped differently from others?
  • Should you take water soluble vitamins every day?
  • Why do sportsmen eat bananas during their strenuous activity?
  • Why do we have to chew our food properly?
  • Why can't some people eat dairy products?
  • Why do you hear growling sounds when you are hungry?
  • Where do we get our energy if we skip our breakfast and lunch?
  • What causes bad breath?
  • Is belching inevitable after eating?
Skin and Related Topics
  • Why does our skin wrinkle in our old age?
  • Why do we get pimples?
  • What is the largest organ of the human body?
  • Why are boils dangerous in the central area of the face?
  • Why is clipping our nails painless though it is growing tissue?
  • Why do hot things burn the skin?
  • Why do we get "goose bumps"?
  • Why does burnt skin become white?
  • Why do our lips, palms and soles get chapped in cold weather?
Hygiene and Related Topics
  • How are germs killed in our body?
  • Why should we wash our hands with soap before eating?
Skeleton and Related Topics
  • Why are bone fractures more common in old people?
  • Can people get shorter in the evenings?
  • What is a collar bone?
  • Why is the first vertebra called the 'Atlas'?
  • Why are our bones so strong?
  • What are Sesamoid bones?
  • What does, "Muscles act as Agonists and Antagonists to carry movements" mean?
  • What might happen if we didn't have a skeleton in our body?
  • Why does a child have more bones in their body than an adult?
  • What is the smallest bone in the body?
Internal Organs and Related Topics
  • Why is our urine sometimes yellow?
  • What is 'The Master gland' in the human body?
  • How does a doctor measure your heart rate?
  • Are there millions of germs in our intestines?
  • How and why does your doctor listen to our heart sounds?
  • How are waste products removed from the body?
  • Is the absorption surface of a small Intestine as big as a Tennis court?
  • Are stones actually formed in the body?
  • Can the acid in our stomach dissolve razorblades?
  • What is an Appendix?
Health and Related Topics
  • Should you take water soluble vitamins every day?
  • Is sun light enough for your daily dose of Vitamin D?
  • Why is cigarette smoking bad?
  • Are Hiccups dangerous?
  • Is sneezing a good thing?
  • Why do you get Vaccinations (shots) from your doctor?
  • Why is Cancer compared to a Crab?
Men, Women and Related Topics
  • Do men have a uterus (the sac that holds a developing baby)?
  • Why are men affected by baldness more than women?
  • What determines the sex of a person?
  • Can some diseases affect only boys and men?
  • Why are children's and women's voices softer than males?
Our Brain and Related Topics
  • Why cannot our brain feel pain?
  • Why does the brain use a larger area for hands than our whole trunk?
  • So, why do we get headaches?
  • Which part of our Brain determines our personality?
  • Why can't we move our ears towards a sound like animals do?
Other Questions
  • Why are our fingers not equal in size?
  • Is the right side of our body bigger than the left side?
  • Why do some people have flat feet?
  • Why do we feel sleepy after a meal?
  • Why do we stop growing at a certain age?
  • Why do your grandparents have gray hair?
  • Does the human body generate electricity?
  • Do we need our belly button?
  • Why do people shiver in cold weather?
  • Why are some Twins not identical?
  • Which of our five fingers is most important?
  • Does our body have Living tissue with NO Blood supply?
  • Why is it easy to wake people in early mornings?
A Few Words from the Author
Ebook cover: 101 Facts About the Human Body
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P.S. Never again be at a loss for words when your children ask an important question about their body. Grab your copy now!

P.S. Never again be at a loss for words when your children ask an important question about their body. Grab your copy now!

Price: $17.00
Ebook Type: PDF
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